CWS: (weather delay talk) East Coast vs. West Coast

By Eric Sorenson - June 24, 2006

Just saw a handwritten sign in the Oregon State dugout that reads, "East vs. West. Who's the best? Why not the Beavers?"

That really didn't seem to register with me much until I thought about the fact that the last four national titles have been from teams west of the Mississippi River.

Three more things:
Harold Reynolds said something really interesting before the lightning delay- Now Andrew Miller's going to have to think about that last pitch to Gillespie for a longer time. Will be interesting to see how he comes back.

Have you guys noticed that UNC's Nike bats are Oregon State colors? Hmm.

Looking at the replay of last year's Texas-Florida game ESPN is reshowing during the delay reminds me, how in the world did Florida have a .500 season after returning 8 of their 9 batter's in the lineup?

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 09:06 PM on June 24, 2006

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