CWS: Yikes! Beavs up 2-0

By Lindsay Schnell - June 26, 2006

My my, this is one exciting game.

Oregon State just got on the board on a double error by UNC and then scored again off an RBI single from McFeely.

Coach Casey jumped the highest in the dugout when Tyler Graham reached out to touch and ran out to wrap his centerfielder in a hug.

Graham is having one hell of a postseason and I know it's got to be that much sweeter for him. Last year the redshirt junior turned down a pro contract from the Chicago Cubs to come back for a chance at a championship. And now look where he is. (He loves to make everything dramatic too, diving and having his hat fall off every time he goes for a catch.)

Earlier today OSU closer Kevin Gunderson (remember him? He's a closer but came in during the fourth last night to try to salvage the season ... hey, it worked) told ESPN's Harold Reynolds, "This is really neat, this is the 16th game of the World Series and we have played eight of them, so we've played in half the World Series."

That is neat and I have to wonder: aren't they tired yet?

Posted by Lindsay Schnell at 08:21 PM on June 26, 2006

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