May 27, 2006

Big East: Irish Prevail and Closing Remarks

So Notre Dame came out and did what they had to do this afternoon, beating the Louisville Cardinals 7-0 for the Big East Championship crown. Here are some final thoughts from Clearwater.

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Big East: The fans are here, the fans are here

Things tend to come full circle in this world and the Big East Baseball Championship is not exception. The infamous "Mrs. #5" AND, yes AND, the Cincinnati Superfan are here at the game today. What a pleasant development.

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Big East: Notre Dame goes up 3-0

Naturally, after I start talking about good defense, Notre Dame decides to break out their bats. They scored three runs in the second, all of which were off of well-placed hits. Notre dame did leave the bases loaded however. Will it come back to hurt them?

Big East: Balanced Defense

Early in the Big East Championship Game between Louisville and Notre Dame, defense is the name of the game.

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May 26, 2006

Big East: Notre Dame comes out on top

Notre Dame managed to take advantage of some St. John's errors late in the game that resulted in an Irish victory, 5-2.

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Big East: Irish get lucky

Notre Dame has come back to tie the ballgame in the bottom of the 6th at 2-2.

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Big East: Notre Dame Fizzles in game one

Notre Dame got shell shocked in their game with St. John's this afternoon, but not to worry, they will meet again very soon. St. John's won 10-1.

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Big East: Louisville sluggers

The Cardinals beat Rutgers 13-3 this late morning/early afternoon here at the Big East Championships and the crowd goes wild.

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Big East: Louisville fans in the house

Much to my enjoyment "Mrs. #5" is back to watch the Cardinals take on Rutgers this morning in the Big East Tournament.

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May 25, 2006

Big East: Red Storm Rolling In

St. John's managed to power through the last two innings of their matchup with West Virginia tonight, sending the Mountaineers home on day three of the Big East Baseball Championship.

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Big East: Big 4th for St. John's

St. John's battled back in the top of the fourth to take the lead on West Virginia as the skies darken in Clearwater.

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Big East: Knights turn out the lights on the Huskies

As we get past the cheezy rhyme, six-seed Rutgers has managed to elimintate the UConn Huskies from the Big East tournament with their win this afternoon. Final score was 9-5.

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Big East: Knights storming the castle

Rutgers is unleashing the fury on Connecticut in the fourth inning of their matchup. They have scored seven runs and lead the Huskies 8-0.

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May 24, 2006

Big East: Notre Dame presses on

The Irish come out on top 12-4 over the West Virginia Mountaineers in the final game of today's Big East Championship.

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Big East: Cheerleaders (and those who shouldn't)

While Notre Dame appears to have early control of the Mountaineers in the Big East night cap, one thing stands out among all others.

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Big East: Somebody must be a fan....

Hitting is making a comeback here in Clearwater. The last game, featuring Louisville and Connecticut, boasted 33 hits and 22 runs. I am growing accustomed to seeing the ball fly off of the end of an aluminum bat.

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Big East: Louisville coming up huge

Louisville's Jorge Castillo hits a huge one into the right field corner driving in three runs and the Cardinals take the lead over Connecticut 8-5 in the top of the sixth. To add insult to injury, the Huskie pitcher, Joshua MacDonald beaned two batters in a row.

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Big East: St. Johns vs USF update

Despite the effort in the bottom of the ninth inning, USF dropped a 6-4 decision to the Red Storm of St. John's.

Big East: Afternoon delight

Titles can be deceiving and this one may be no different. USF vs. St. John's was not a TOTAL snoozer, but it may have something to do with the sun.

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Big East: Rutgers comes out swinging

Rutgers ended Cincinnati's tournament run today in another morning slugfest 13-7 . Thirty hits between the two teams leads me to think one of two things, poor pitching or excellent hitting.

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May 23, 2006

Big East: Crowd Control

Might not be anything as difficult as pitching under pressure. Full count, two on and a herd of ferocious bulls on your back. Tonight, Notre Dame freshman right-handed pitcher Kyle Weiland silenced the bulls and pitched past the pressure as Notre Dame wins 3-1.

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Big East: Bulls getting feisty...

A couple of questionable calls and you may think the world is ending in Tampa.

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Big East: Crowds build for the Bulls

Understandably, quite a few more fans have shown up for the last game of the day, South Florida vs. regular season conference champ Notre Dame. However, I am not sure if the growth in attendance is due to the "home town" favorite USF Bulls or the enchantment with the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

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Big East: Clearwater Revival

Under overcast skies, the Big East tournament has had its fair share of hits today in Clearwater, Florida. So much for the humidity slowing anything down on its way out of the ballpark (or in, for that matter).

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