May 18, 2007

SEC: Conference Does Well in OOC Games

Here's a quick stat for the NCAA Selection Committee

The SEC went the following against the power conferences in baseball, along with the Missouri Valley, one of the top mid-major conferences going.

SEC vs. ACC - SEC 10-9
SEC vs. Big 12 - SEC 7-5
SEC vs. Big 10 - SEC 8-4
SEC vs. Pac-10 - Tied 5-5
SEC vs. C-USA - SEC 11-5
SEC vs. MVC - SEC 7-3

Among the more impressive wins...

Vanderbilt over Rice, Arizona State and Baylor
South Carolina over Oklahoma (13-2) and taking 3 of 4 from Clemson
Florida taking 2 of 3 from Florida State and Miami
Arkansas sweeping Kansas, and over Wichita State (10-2)
Auburn (12th in the SEC) taking 2 of 3 @ Arizona State
Ole Miss taking 2 of 3 from UCLA

So except for the Pac-10, which was a tie, the SEC proved to be strong against the nation's premier conferences.

April 21, 2007

Vandy/Tennessee: Vandy wins before record crowd..

The Vanderbilt Commodores baseball team clinched its fourth straight SEC series win this season with a 4-3 victory over the Tennessee Vols on Satuday night. The game, which went 2 hours and 44 minutes took place in front of a Vanderbilt record crowd of 2,654. With the stadium seating packed, hundreds of onlookers lined the outside of Vanderbilt's Memorial Gym so they can see the action from left field. What they saw was senior closer Casey Weathers strikeout two and shutdown the Volunteer batters in the top of the nineth inning to give the Commodores their 34th win of the season while Tennessee drops to 22-16.

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Vandy/Tennessee: De la Osa continues hot bat

While most of the press has been in favor of Commodores all-american third baseman Pedro Alvarez and the talented Ryan Flaherty, two of the more impact level players in SEC play for Vanderbilt this season have been junior outfielder Dominic de la Osa and junior centerfield David Macias. Last night Dominic de la Osa hit his 10th homerun of the season for a very important insurance run in Vandy's 3-1 victory. Today de la Osa has already knocked in two runs for the Commodores in helping Vandy to a 2-1 lead in the top of the fifth against Tennessee.

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Vanderbilt/Tennessee: Vandy strikes first in the first

Vanderbilt has struck first in game 2 of their series with Tennessee, scoring a run in the bottom of the first. After leadoff hitter David Macias drew a six pitch walk, Commodore second baseman Alex Feinberg singled up the middle advancing Macias to third. Commodore junior outfielder Dominic de la Osa continued his RBI pace in SEC play by knocking Macias home on a sac fly to right.

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Vanderbilt/Tennessee: Vandy leads series 1-0

The No.1 ranked Vanderbilt Commodores (33-8) took game 1 of the series with in-state rival Tennessee (22-15), 3-1 on Friday night behind a solid outing by lefty sensation David Price. Price went 8 innings, striking out 14 while allowing only one earned run. Today's matchup will feature Vanderbilt freshman standout Mike Minor (6-0) against Tennessee standout senior Craig Cobb (6-2). Vanderbilt is looking to win their fourth straight SEC series.

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Oxford: Good range

Gamecocks put together a threat in third after getting their first hit off Ole Miss starter Lance Lynn.
After Cheyne Hurst drew a one-out walk, Reese Havens perfectly excuted a hit and run as the left-handed hitter squeezed the ball through the hole vacated by Rebel shortstop Zack Cozart.
Lynn then struck out Harley Lail on a low 92 mile-an-hour fastball. Travis Jones sent a bounce over the middle that Cozart ran to his left, caught, pivoted and threw out a sliding Jones. Sliding into first.
Scorless in the bottom of the third.

May 28, 2006

SEC: Ole Miss, SEC Champions!

Ole Miss has its first SEC tournament title since 1977, thanks to the offensive firepower that sent them straight to the top of the tournament and a bit of clutch pitching from closer Will Kline, with a 9-3 victory over Vanderbilt...The Rebels are on the field, in a dogpile on the mound, blue hats scattered everywhere and the "Hotty Toddy" chant booming from the stands.

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SEC: Out of the Inning, Out of the Bathroom

With a screwdriver, a hammer and the work of an intrepid member of the event staff, unnamed Ole Miss beat writer has been freed from his tiled prison. Also, the Commodores have managed to get out of what may prove to be the ultimate disaster of an inning -- four Rebel runs, two pitchers, one hit batter, and a six-run hole to dig themselves out of.

SEC: And On The Field...

WOW. Ole Miss rightfielder Mark Wright just socked a three-run homer over dead center field, putting the Rebs up 9-3 in the top of the ninth with one out. Wright's homer breaks the SEC record for RBI in a series (he has 13)...

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SEC: Live from the Press Box

As if the ninth inning drama on the field weren't enough (Ole Miss at the plate with one out in the top of the ninth, trying to extend a very tenuous 5-3 lead), one of our merry crew of media here in the outfield box has found himself locked, trapped in the bathroom. When efforts to pick the lock were unsuccessful, Hoover Police were called in and are trying to kick in the door...Ole Miss could win its first SEC tournament since the very first tournament in 1977, and one writer may be unable to witness it in person. Updates on rescue attempts forthcoming...

SEC: All-Tourney Stars

It's a tricky thing, picking the best players of a tournament before it's even over. The rest of the media here may not agree with me, but here's the ballot I just turned in for the all-tournament team...

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SEC: Vandy Scores! Vandy Scores!

It took five innings and a five-nothing Ole Miss lead, but Vanderbilt's finally gotten on the board, and added a second run courtesy of a sac fly by Pedro Alvarez. Did Georgia's comeback magic rub off on the Commodores in two games yesterday, or is Ole Miss just trying to keep this one exciting?

SEC: This One's For All The SEC Marbles

And heeeere we go...The Met is rockin with Ole Miss fans, who seem remarkably unfazed by the mid-90s's temps and scorching sun. The few brave Vandy fans in the crowd have to have the sense they're really the underdog here, though they were only seeded one place behind #5 Mississippi. And yet, Zack Cozart and C.J. Ketchum have the Rebels up 2-0 early, so maybe the Commodores are right to be worried.

May 27, 2006

SEC: Second Time's The Charm

Vanderbilt closed out the last semifinal game, mercifully perhaps, in 7 innings by beating an exhausted Georgia squad, 11-1.

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SEC: Tide Is Out

So Georgia might've earned itself one last chance to get into the SEC tournament final, but Ole Miss staked its claim to the other final spot with a 9-2 statement victory, sending the hometown Tide fans back to their tailgates for good.

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SEC: Tide Is Out

So Georgia might've earned itself one last chance to get into the SEC tournament final, but Ole Miss staked its claim to the other final spot with a 9-2 statement victory, sending the hometown Tide fans back to their tailgates for good.

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SEC: Chickin' Dance

While Ole Miss leads Alabama 7-2 in the fifth and the stadium officials open the doors to the next session's ticketholders due to "extreme heat" I must comment on a certain jingle by a much loved major sponsor of this event that is quickly making me HATE SINGING COWS.

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SEC: Can You BELIEVE That?

Now here's a story for the folks at home -- Vanderbilt stays in control all game, rocking the socks off the Georgia pitchers early and taking a 4-1 lead -- then in the bottom of the ninth, the Dawgs load the bases twice and win it on an RBI double from Matthew Dunn -- Now these teams have to tangle again in a 5 p.m. game to determine who plays in Sunday's championship.

SEC: Rammer Jammer

Alabama native Warren St. John might've gotten a full indoctrination to Alabama fan RV culture, but I got my own little corner of the nomadic worship of the Crimson Tide last night. It was hilarious, delicious, and brought this little southern-fried road trip to an entirely new level.

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May 26, 2006

SEC: Crash, Bang, Thunk.

So that about wraps it up for the Tigers' SEC season. A rough one, to be sure, by LSU standards, and after tonight's 8-3 loss to Alabama, but you could tell by the mood of the team gathered on the field as the lights went out for the post-game fireworks extravaganza that it was a game sooner than they might have hoped to go home.

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SEC: Southern Hospitality

With all due respect to the good folks at Hoover Metropolitan Stadium and the teams duking it out for the SEC title, I found the REAL party here in Hoover between the two loser's bracket games of the day -- the Texas Pete Tailgate Zone, more accurately known as the RV park within spittin' distance of the stadium.

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SEC: Deja Vu All Over Again

Just when you think it's safe to sit on a 9-run lead, Georgia comes along and pulls the rug right out from under you. Which is exactly how the Gamecocks ended up right on their kiesters, on the bus for home.

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SEC: 'Dogs Bite Back

Joey Side just officially dug the Bulldogs out of a very, very big hole. South Carolina was up 9-0, but Side's two-run homer just gave Georgia the 10-9 lead. How'd we get here, you ask? Blink and you might've missed it...

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SEC: Home Run City

Wow, the Gamecocks seem to know how to put 'em over the wall. It's 9-0 on three home runs from the Gamecocks so far...

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SEC: Friday Is For Losers

And we're back at Hoover Met, after almost 16 hours without baseball...thank goodness, I was beginning to get the shakes.

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SEC: Hotty Toddy Ends The Party

Alright, I'll say this for the slaughter rule -- it puts a little tension into the waning moments of complete blowouts, as the preservation of Mississippi's ten-run lead became paramount for many parts of the stadium Thursday night.

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May 25, 2006

SEC: 10-0, Three To Go?

Man, they call this the winner's bracket, but so far it's looking more like the cupcake round. South Carolina and now LSU may have exhausted their mojo in yesterday's upsets. The Tigers are trailing Ole Miss, 10-0 at the end of the fourth.

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SEC: Let's Hear It For The Girls

I take my position as the only female slogger here on Touching the Bases very seriously, but some phenomena cannot be ignored -- for example, the preponderance of "bat girls" in the SEC.

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SEC: SC: Say It Ain't So...

Yep, looks like the Gamecocks are done for... four up, three down, as South Carolina left a man stranded on first and the Commodores took the slaughter rule victory, 11-1, in the first winner's bracket game of the day.

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SEC: Gamecocks on the Brink

From barbeque to slaughter....I hate to say it, but we're checking our rule books here for the slaughter rule. That 6-1 lead Vandy had in the third has turned into a 11-1 lead in the sixth. If the 'Cocks can't close the gap, this party's done in the 7th inning...

SEC: Barbeque and Banana Pudding

Since we merry bloggers seem to have culinary expertise exceeded only by our baseball expertise, I thought I'd throw my hat into the gastronomical tour de force: When in the Hoover Met, avoid the barbeque and head straight for the banana pudding.

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SEC: Life Lessons

Important things I've learned at the SEC tournament: "Great pitching matchup" can be just a nice way to say "complete and total lack of offense." At least that's what we had through the first six and a half innings here in Hoover, before Alabama finally took advantage of an Arkansas slip-up.

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SEC: Kentucky Krumbles

Look, if you're going to go down, you might as well go down in style. Kentucky perfected a new kind of crash and burn against Georgia. It looked like coach John Cohen was having some kind of meltdown, yanking pitchers as fast as they could get to the mound.

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SEC: Nine And Counting...

This is getting ridiculous. Top of the ninth, and the Wildcats are on pitcher number eight. Yes, number eight. Right hander Chris Rusin has been dragged to the mound in what is quickly beginning to look like a no-win situation. Wait! No! Cohen's back on the mound, and pitching for Kentucky, Adam Tennyson, the ninth pitcher for Kentucky this game.

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SEC: Wildcats' Whopping Deficiit

I made my way to the stands for the fifth and sixth innings, just to see exactly how hot it really is down there. For Kentucky, down 13-8 in the 7th, the heat is most definitely on.

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SEC: Topsy Turvy

So it's a steamy 90 degrees on the field this morning and SEC programs are being put to good use as personal fans for the scattered crowd in the stands. At least there's plenty of action on the field to distract from the heat, as every one of yesterday's top seeds is facing elimination in the loser's bracket...

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May 24, 2006

SEC: Rebel Yell

Nothing like a little vendetta to keep things interesting in the fourth and final game at Hoover Metropolitan Stadium today.

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SEC: The Alabama Idol

My sources report that Hoover native Taylor Hicks has won this year's American Idol title. While fans at Hoover Metropolitan stadium has yet to realize the news and break into utter pandemonium, the crowd has thinned out considerably after Alabama's loss. One can only suspect that the deflated Crimson Tide fans are taking some solace in their hometown-boy-made-Idol.

Oh, and Ole Miss gave Arkansas a quick two-run kick in the teeth to open the game. Bottom of the first, Ole Miss up 2-0.

SEC: Eight Seed LSU, Hear Them Roar

So it wasn't a photo finish in Hoover, but it was the third upset of the day, as top-seeded Alabama fell to eighth-seeded LSU in a wild ninth inning.

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SEC: Tiger Tale

You get the sense it's going to be a rough evening when you plunk a guy with your third pitch, which is exactly what 'Bama's Bernard Robert did to LSU leadoff hitter Bruce Sprowl.

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SEC: Underdog's Day

Forget a Dogs' day...Vanderbilt had Georgia's number, no question. Sure, the Bulldogs put a respectable four runs on the board, but surrendering nine runs on 16 hits, and not making the Commodores pay for their three errors doesn't get you into the winner's bracket.

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SEC: Doggin' It

Ouch, rough fifth inning for Georgia. Not only did Bulldogs' reliever Stephen Dodson give up three runs, but his team now trails a confident Vanderbilt team by six. Going three-up, three-down in the bottom of the inning doesn't help one bit, either.

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SEC: Kentucky's Blue

One game into the tournament, and we already have an upset: South Carolina 4, Kentucky 2. Thanks to USC's Jon Willard and his two-run homer in the ninth, the Gamecocks got an unexpected boost to the winner's bracket for tomorrow.

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SEC: At Home In Hoover

Now this is baseball country. Hoover, Alabama, home of Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, favorite site of the SEC tournament. It's sunny, a reasonably humid 85 degrees, with a few fluffy clouds and baseball caps on the fans scattered around the stadium. Feels like mid-summer baseball in May, or maybe that's just because I'm less than five hours removed from this morning's cold and cloudy New York departure. We might as well be in a different hemisphere here: Second-seeded Kentucky and seventh-seeded South Carolina are both scoreless in the top of the 7th, no one except the players on the field seems convinced this is tournament baseball. Then again, it's not even noon. Kentucky sophomore left-hander Tommy Warner just struck out USC catcher Phil Disher, so it's the regular-season champion Wildcats at bat...and with the first good ping of the day, a long home run over the right field fence by junior Sean Coughlin opens the scoring. Look out Gamecocks, the 'Cats are a-comin'...

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