June 05, 2006

Charlottesville: So Long, Farewell

It's all over here in Charlottesville. The final press conferences are in the books, and I'm wrapping things up here, before I go off in search of a bar where I can watch the Mets game at 10 p.m. ET, as if I haven't had my fill of baseball over the past four days.

A few final thoughts before I ride off into the sunset...oh wait, the sun set a while ago. Ah well, so much for the sunset...

Anyway, about those final thoughts...

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Charlottesville: Getting Their Phil

The All-Regional team was just announced, and indeed, Phil Disher is your Most Outstanding Player. He's joined on the All-Regional team by fellow Gamecocks Wynn Pelzer, Mike Cisco, Chris Brown, and Neil Giesler. Matt McBride from Lehigh is the All-Regional catcher, and UVa puts two players on the team in first baseman Sean Doolittle and outfielder Brandon Guyer. Evansville has three representatives on the team: Kern Watts, Jim Viscomi, and Robbie Minor.

Not identical to my ballot, but it's hard to argue against these picks.

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Charlottesville: Wynn's a Winner

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our regional champion here in Charlottesville, and it is South Carolina. Wynn Pelzer goes a complete game, throwing a staggering 121 pitches, striking out nine, and allowing eight hits and a walk.

Sick stat of the regional: In the Gamecocks' three wins, the starting pitchers threw a total of 380 pitches. That's one heavy workload, but they got the job done, and South Carolina has a date with the Georgia-FSU winner next weekend in the Super Regionals.

Charlottesville: Last Licks

Here we go, folks. Evansville comes to bat in the bottom of the ninth, trailing 5-1. Three outs separate the Gamecocks from a trip to the Super Regional, and a date with the Florida State-Georgia winner. Pelzer is back out there with his high pitch count, but that's nothing we haven't seen a lot of this weekend from the Gamecocks.

Charlottesville: A Bit More Damage

Well, the pitching move worked, in that Phil Disher went down swinging, but Brinkmann gives up his first run of the regional, as South Carolina can't quite turn the double play with one out, and Justin Smoak scores from third.

Given how deadly Disher has been in this tournament, though - he entered the game with an OPS of 1.000 (by sheer force of will of a friend of mine, I pay attention to OPS numbers) - it's a small price to pay, as the Aces are still within striking distance, and Pelzer has thrown over 100 pitches in the bottom of the eighth.

Charlottesville: Top Jimmy

Evansville gets on the board in the bottom of the seventh, thanks to an RBI triple by Jim Viscomi. The ball was misplayed in center by Andrew Crisp, who wasn't in good position, but it stands as a hit.

Evansville has eight hits, compared to seven for the Gamecocks, but Disher's three-run homer is the difference maker. If this one stands up, Disher is your MOP. Meanwhile, Matt Brinkmann is the new pitcher for the Aces.

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Charlottesville: Who's Hurting More?

Wacky play to end the sixth, as South Carolina keeps getting out of jams. With runners on first and second, Robbie Minor makes solid contact and sends the ball back at Wynn Pelzer. Amazingly, the ball hits Pelzer on the fly and bounces high into the air, and is caught for an out by second baseman Chris Brown, who alertly makes the double-play at second to end the inning.

After having things come pretty easily yesterday, Evansville's certainly having a rough time tonight. Although, that was a pretty hard shot Pelzer took...ouch!

Charlottesville: Timing is Everything

Through five innings, the Gamecocks have five hits, the Aces four. However, South Carolina is stil up, 4-0. Wynn Pelzer has been getting himself out of trouble for the Gameocks, and the Aces aren't getting the hitting in a timely fashion, hence the goose eggs on their half of the scoreboard.

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Charlottesville: Dish at the Dish = Trouble

There's plenty of time left in this game, but you have your regional MVP here, folks, and his name is Phil Disher. The freshman DH just hit his third homer of the regional, going deep to left field off of Murray. It's now 4-0 Gamecocks, as we head to the bottom of the third.

Disher is quickly making a name for himself down here, and could be one of the hottest players in the country heading into the Supers, provided the Gamecocks hang on and win this one. However, it's early yet, and we've already seen one total meltdown from the Cocks here in Charlottesville.

Charlottesville: Bye-Bye Kai

After giving up four hits and a run in 2.1 innings of work, Kai Tuomi is history, and Mark Murray is in for the Aces. The Gamecocks have runners on second and third with one out in the top of the third.

Charlottesville: Gamecocks Strike Early

South Carolina gets a run in the top of the first, courtesy of an RBI single from Andrew Crisp. Of course, scoring first has not meant all that much this weekend, but it is an early lead for the Gamecocks.

Evansville coming up to bat in the bottom of the first, with the familiar lineup of Jim Viscomi, Kern Watts, and Kasey Wahl due up to bat. Evansville's lineup has been pretty constant this weekend, while South Carolina has not had the same leadoff hitter for any two games in a row.

Charlottesville: One More Time

Good evening from Davenport Field in Charlottesville, as we get set for the seventh and final game of this regional, as the Evansville Purple Aces take on the Gamecocks from the University of South Carolina.

We've got a bit of early confusion here in Virginia, as the Aces are wearing their purple road unis, and the Gamecocks are in their home whites, but Evansville is the home team again.

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June 04, 2006

Charlottesville: Still At Six

So much for moving the game time...it'll be a 6 p.m. start tomorrow between the Gamecocks and the Purple Aces, with the winner claiming the regional title. That wasn't a popular choice with the South Carolina writers, who'd like to get out of town early, but since I'm still here tomorrow night no matter what, it's fine by me.

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Charlottesville: See You Tomorrow

Julian Cory gets the Gamecocks to go quietly in the ninth, and we're going to have ourselves one more game here tomorrow. The game time is currently set for 6 p.m., but with UVa out of it, Coach Schrage and Coach Tanner may agree to move the game up. I'll give you an update on that after the press conferences.

Charlottesville: An Odd Choice

Kyle Smith walks in the bottom of the eighth, and Ray Tanner brings in Alex Farotto to finish this inning, which he does, in short order.

You know, for a guy who's arguably overworked his starters in this one, Tanner sure picked an odd time to be liberal with his staff. The Gamecocks are three outs away from playing tomorrow, and I'd want to have as many arms ready as possible, given the way Evansville has swung the bat here. Curious, very curious.

Charlottesville: High Numbers

Three more runs for the Aces in the bottom of the seventh, as Pat Tumilty brings a run in with a double, and Robbie Minor brings two more in with a single.

There is some serious offense going on here from the Aces. After being held to two runs in their first game this weekend, they've scored 40 runs in their last three games. If South Carolina wants to win this thing tomorrow, they're probably going to need some bigtime pitching, and it's looking like they've run out of that.

Charlottesville: A Lot to Be Prout Of

Prout is done after the Gamecocks get another run. Matt Brinkmann is in, he gets the last batter, and we're stretching at Davenport, and I can actually hear some singing tonight.

Prout's numbers for the evening: 6.2 innings, 29 batters faced, 94 pitches, and five runs on eight hits and a walk. Not fantastic stuff, but good enough to win tonight, provided the Aces don't have a total meltdown.

Charlottesville: Crisp Chips Away

They're doing a ton of other things wrong - walks, errors, a hit batter, etc. - but South Carolina is scoring with the long ball tonight. Andrew Crsip goes yard for the fifth time this year, and his solo shot makes it 12-4.

You know, if you forget that third inning, the Gamecocks really aren't playing that badly. Of course, that's one of those classic, "Otherwise, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?" statements.

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Charlottesville: Still Getting Soaked

Well, the rain delay didn't help Mr. Jeffords get his act together at all. He comes back with a walk, a batter who reached on an error by Reese Havens at short, another walk, a passed ball that scored a run, and another walk. That's the end of the night for Mr. Jeffords, who went a third of an inning, giving up a hit and four walks. Of course his defense didn't help.

Brandon Todd finally gets the Gamecocks out of the inning, but the damage has been done: a 12-run third inning puts the Aces up 12-3.

Charlottesville: A Cute Coincidence

There's a Washington Nationals calendar in the press box bathroom here at Davenport.

This would not, under normal circumstances, be particularly noteworthy. However, this weekend, it happens to be.

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Charlottesville: After the Rain Has Fallen

They're back out on the field in Charlottesville, and we look to be back up and running fairly soon. Meanwhile, I had a nice rain delay, partly since I, unlike the fans, didn't have to evacuate the stadium.

Here are a few sights from the rain delay.

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Charlottesville: Here Comes The Rain Again

The Aces got another two runs off of Jeffords, and we head into a rain delay here in Charlottesville. Man, is it coming down!

This will really liven things up.

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Charlottesville: Lead Er-Aced

It's a 6-3 ballgame at Davenport, as the Evansville bats are getting to Mr. Beverly.

Of course, it also doesn't hurt that the Gamecocks have had some very shoddy field work as well, with two errors in the inning.

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Charlottesville: Be Aggressive, B-E Aggressive

One thing is for sure here: neither team is holding anything back. The Gamecocks' Trent Kline was just thrown out trying to get to third on a single by Neil Gleiser, the second SC player to pay for trying to take an extra base in this game. Meanwhile, in the first inning, Joe Viscomi was caught stealing.

The feet are certainly moving here in Charlottesville. Meanwhile, it's still 3-0 Gamecocks heading to the bottom of the third.

Charlottesville: Phil of the Future

For a guy who hasn't hit a lot of home runs playing in a park where home runs are hard to come by, Phil Disher is having quite the weekend. He sends a towering shot over the scoreboard in left to put the Gamecocks up 3-0 in the top of the first

Talk about coming up big with two outs!

Charlottesville: Arms Race

We're about 10 minutes away from South Carolina and Evansville, as the Purple Aces look to survive the night and force a winner-take-all game on Monday.

Forrest Beverly will be on the hill for the Gamecocks, bringing a 5.55 ERA and .286 opponent batting average into the game. He's 6-2 in 15 appearances (12 starts) this season. If the Gamecocks are vulnerable on the mound, we're about to find out.

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Charlottesville: Lights Down, You Up And Die

It's all over for the Cavaliers. They get a run in the bottom of the ninth, but your final is 15-4 Evansville. They get a bit more than an hour and a half, then they face South Carolina in an attempt to force a winner-take-all regional championship game tomorrow.

The Hoos fans gave their team a nice ovation right to the end, which they deserve after a 47-15 season. They had quite the year, just didn't have it at the end.

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Charlottesville: We're Heading For Venus, But Still We Stand Tall

That's the start of the second verse of "The Final Countdown," which is playing on the PA at Davenport. Yes, that song even has a second verse.

It's the "final countdown" on Virginia's season, so it's kind of appropriate that this song is playing...except that the song is about the "final countdown" to a takeoff. Of course, few people realize that, since they only hear the keyboard part, but I'm here to tell you folks the truth. No thanks necessary: someone had to do it.

Charlottesville: Hoos On First

With two out s in the bottom of the eighth, Patrick Wingfield was hit by a pitch, and went to first.

This is noteworthy only because I've been wanting to use the above headline all day, and thanks to Matt Berstine's popout to end the inning, I'm three outs away from being out of opportunities.

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Charlottesville: Good News, Bad News

Well, the Cavaliers finally managed not to allow a run in an inning, holding Evansville scoreless in the seventh, but couldn't gain any ground themselves in the bottom half of the inning.

Thoughts continue to turn to the Evansville-South Carolina rematch. The attendance for today's game was announced at over 2,000. Somehow, I don't think they'll have that for the nightcap.

Charlottesville: Don't Stop Me Now

The Cavs may have gotten their act together at the plate - we'll see this inning - but they still can't stop the Evansville bats, as the Aces get four more runs in the top of the sixth to make it 15-3.

Now, the question becomes, can Evansville stay this hot in the nightcap, and force a winner-take-all game tomorrow? Or is a lot of this due to UVa simply not being in top form?

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Charlottesville: Purple Reign

It's now 11-1 Evansville, as a throwing error by Lambert allows Viscomi to score, and a single to right by Kasey Wahl scores Kern Watts from second.

It's starting to look more and more like an Evansville-South Carolina rematch in the nightcap.

Charlottesville: It's Ain't Pretty

It's Pitcher No. 3 for Virginia, as Andrew Carraway takes the mound in the fifth, and Beau Seabury botches another throw to second, allowing Jeff Zelenovich to steal. There's plenty of time, but Virginia just isn't looking like a team that's going to use that time to do something.

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Charlottesville: Signs of Life

The Purple Aces got two more runs before the top of the third was over - a two-run single by Kyle Smith - but Virginia is on the board in the bottom of the third, thanks to a leadoff double by Greg Miclat (who went to third on an error), and a double off the wall in left center by Sean Doolittle, who's playing first today for the Hoos.

A couple of strikeouts looking hampered the Hoos in adding any more runs, but one run put some life back into the UVA crowd.

Charlottesville: Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now

Well, no one can accuse that Cavaliers of not being generous hosts. They now trail Evansville, 5-0, and the afternoon is over for Jacob Thompson, after he gives up another homer, a two-run shot to Kasey Wahl. Call it "Wahl to Wall."

So much for Davenport Field being tough to hit one out of. The Purple Aces have three homers this weekend, Lehigh had a couple, and South Carolina had that towering grand slam by Phil Disher last night.

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Charlottesville: Curses, Foiled Again!

The Cavaliers threaten in the bottom of the first, putting runners on second and third with one out, but David Adams sends one back to the mound, and Scott Souther throws to third just in time to get Greg Miclat. With the lead runner gone and two outs, Brandon Guyer pops out to end the inning.

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Charlottesville: No Shrinking Violet

OK, so they're the Purple Aces, not the violet aces, but really, does it matter? Besides, I have a slight color deficiency anyway. But I digress (which shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone who knows me).

The important thing is that Evansvill is on the board in the first, with a two-run shot by Pat Tumilty, his 13th dinger of the year. Rough beginning for UVA starter Jacob Thompson, but the Cavaliers have come from two down once already this weekend.

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Charlottesville: Let's Get Going

Hello from Davenport Field, everyone, for the first of two games today. Evansville and Virginia are getting ready to go at it in an elimination game, with the winner taking on South Carolina at 6 p.m.

Virginia is the home team for this game, which would tend to make sense, but with the NCAA's rules about determining the home team, nothing's for sure.

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June 03, 2006

Charlottesville: Final Saturday Thoughts

Well, I'm just about done for the night here, in Charlottesville, after a long, but exciting, day of action.

Here are a few final thoughts - and a few pictures - to tide you over until tomorrow afternoon, when the Hoos and Purple Aces battle to stay alive.

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Charlottesville: Tap, Tap, Tapperoo

More trouble for the Cavaliers, as a grounder to short proves too hot for Greg Miclat to handle, which allowed Cheyne Hurst to score, but that's not the most interesting item from the bottom of the eighth.

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Charlottesville: Not Much of a Rally, But Nice Hat Anyway

One of the nice things about being in the luxury box that's being used for press overflow is being in here with a few actual fans. For example, the young man in front of me who's opted for a rally cap in the top of the eighth, with the Cavaliers needing some runs in a hurry.

UVA got one run, as the "road" team finally strings some hits together, but Jeremy Farrell strikes out looking, leaving David Adams stranded on third. The fans at Davenport are starting to make their way toward the exit, and Ryan Hudson is on the mound for the Hoos.

Charlottesville: Fresh New Face

Alex Smith takes the mound for the Cavaliers in the bottom of the sixth, and he comes in throwing strikes. Nine of them, to be exact, as Smith strikes out the side. It looks like Virginia has found a solid arm to hold South Carolina at bay, but unless they find a way to hit against this team, it'll be for naught.

Of course, after throwing 125 pitches in six innings, Harris Honeycutt is history, so that might help. Andrew Cruse is on the mound for the Gamecocks now.

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Charlottesville: The Doctor Is Out

After giving up another run in the bottom of the fifth, Sean Doolittle is done for the night. Michael Schwimer is in now for the Hoos.

Doolittle was OK, but he clearly did not have his best stuff tonight, which is tough for a top player getting what may be his only game in the NCAA tournament. Time will tell if the Cavalier bats can bail him out.

Charlottesville: Cavs On the Board

Virginia gets a run in the top of the fifth, unearned, as Tim Henry's single brought Jeremy Farrell home from third. The orange-clad crowd finally gets something to cheer about from the UVA bats, although the fielding prowess that helped get the Gamecocks into this one isn't showing nearly as much here. Farrell was only on base in the first place because Andrew Crisp dropped what appeared to be a routine fly ball.

Still, South Carolina is up by four. Not time to worry yet if you're a Gamecocks fan.

Charlottesville: Cavs On the Board

Virginia gets a run in the top of the fifth, unearned, as Tim Henry's single brought Jeremy Farrell home from third. The orange-clad crowd finally gets something to cheer about from the UVA bats, although the fielding prowess that helped get the Gamecocks into this one isn't showing nearly as much here. Farrell was only on base in the first place because Andrew Crisp dropped what appeared to be a routine fly ball.

Still, South Carolina is up by four. Not time to worry yet if you're a Gamecocks fan.

Charlottesville: Don't Dis Disher

Don't make Gamecock DH Phil Disher angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

With two outs and runners on second and third, ACC Player of the Year Sean Doolittle intentionally walked Justin Smoak, to bring up the freshman DH Disher with the bases juiced. Big mistake.

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Charlottesville: 'Been Caught Stealing

The Cavaliers got a couple of hits in the top of the third - they lost a coin flip before the game to determine who'd be the "home team" - but squandered their opportunities, as both Greg Miclat and Tim Henry were caught stealing. I love to watch teams get aggressive on the basepaths, but I'm wondering if this is the right move early on for the Cavaliers. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20, I guess.

Charlottesville: This is the Main Event

We're through one inning of Virginia-South Carolina, and we have a live crowd at Davenport for this one. There was a solid "Let's Go Hoos" chant leading into the game, and this crowd is hanging on every pitch. Maybe it's because the weather is nicer, or because this is a marquee matchup, but this crowd is jacked in a way I've had yet to see this weekend until now.

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Charlottesville: Meet the Press

I love press conferences. You may find this odd, but it's one of my favorite things about covering major events like this.

Obviously, the most exciting part of this gig is the games themselves, and the dramatic events that are played out upon the field. After it's over, though, getting to sit in a room and ask these young men questions and listen to what they have to say, you get a great sense of who these kids are.

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Charlottesville: Ain't Life Grand?

What a finish in Charlottesville. Lehigh is going home, and Evansville will hang around to face the loser of tonight's third game tomorrow afternoon at 1.

Robbie Minor hits his first career home run, knocking one deep into the left field bleachers, and the Aces snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, winning this one by a final score of 10-6 on a walk-off grand slam...on a 3-2 count, no less!

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Charlottesville: Aces Out of the Hole

Hang onto your hats, folks, because this one's not over. We're all tied up in the bottom of the ninth, and the tying run is in scoring position for the Aces.

Two games, two fine battles in here in Charlottesville, with Sean Doolittle and the Cavaliers against South Carolina in the nightcap. It's a fine day for baseball in Virginia.

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Charlottesville: We're Leaving Together, But Still It's Farewell

For those of you who don't know, those are the opening lyrics to Europe's "The Final Countdown," which is currently playing over the PA at Davenport. Yes, there is more to that song than just a keyboard intro.

This is it, bottom of the ninth, Evansville down by three, and Greg Mortka out there for his third inning of work. Someone's going home...will it be the Aces?

Charlottesville: Stretching

We're stretching here in Charlottesville, after Matt McBride's double advanced iPod buddy Matt Geiger to third, and an error in left brought Geiger home.

It's 6-3 Lehigh, and I'm going to be really sick of hearing "Centerfield" by the end of the day, since, apparently, it always follows "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" here at Davenport.

Charlottesville: It Is Lehigh, It Is Le-Far, It Is Le-Gone

Lehigh remains the only team to go yard here this weekend, and they just did it again. Joe Ercolano does the honors this time, blasting one over the right field fence.

That'll do it for Evansville starter Ben Norton, as junior righty Matt Brinkmann is on the mound now for the Aces.

Charlottesville: Schrage Rage

It's a good news, bad news situation for the Purple Aces after the fourth. The good news, if you're an Evansville fan, is that it's now 3-3. The bad news is that it very well could be - and maybe even should be - 4-3.

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Charlottesville: A Lost (and Found) Art

One thing that rarely ceases to amaze me is how many talented players there are out there who can't seem to get a bunt down to save their lives - and that includes guys in the majors. I am generally of the opinion that bunting is a lost art form.

Therefore, I take some small satisfaction in seeing Lehigh find it...in Moscow.

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Charlottesville: Good Day For Gloves

Yet another nice fielding play on a day that's seen plenty of them. Mike Sandonato scoops up Kyle Smith's grounder, tags Minor out on his way to second, then makes the throw to get Smith at first.

Lehigh leads 2-0 after two.

Charlottesville: Ouch!

Rough moment for Evansville right now. Robbie Minor grounded to Lehigh pitcher Joe Matteo, and even though Matteo bobbled the ball, he was able to throw Minor out at first...or was he?

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Charlottesville: Hot Hawks

For the second day in a row, the Mountain Hawks come out of the gate strong. They lead 2-0 after the first inning. Time will tell if they'll be able to hold onto that lead, but they're looking pretty strong so far.

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Charlottesville: Back At It

We're about 15 minutes away from getting back at it with Lehigh and Evansville in an elimination game, and I thought I'd share a few sights, sounds, and tastes from around Davenport Field.

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Charlottesville: If You Don't Mind My Saying, I Can See You're Out Of Aces

Evansville had an "Ace" up its collective sleeve, so to speak - the Purple Aces get a run in the ninth as Jeff Zelenovich hits an RBI single to score Pat Tumilty - but that's all, as the Gamecocks hold on to win, 4-2.

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Charlottesville: Not Purple With Panic

Does anyone else remember the old Pac-Man cartoon series, where the ghosts would "turn purple with panic" when Pac-Man ate the power pellets?

Well, the Aces are Purple, but not with panic, and they're on the board.

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Charlottesville: Here We Go Again

We seem to be setting into a pattern here at Davenport: South Carolina scores, then Evansville gets it together and gets out of the inning.

That's good enough for the Aces not to lose face, but they're now three innings away from losing this game if they can't figure out Cisco.

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Charlottesville: Now, This Is Baseball

This game will have a low final score. It may not be 2-0, as it stands going into the top of the sixth, but this will go down as a low-scoring game.

And someone who wasn't here may look at the score, or even the printed play-by-play, and make the mistake of calling this one boring.

That's exactly what it would be: a mistake.

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Charlottesville: Not Backing Down

It won't help them if they can't get a hit, but the Purple Aces are playing quite the game themselves, as they remain a single run behind the Gamecocks going into the fifth inning.

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Charlottesville: Unleash the Dragon...Oh Wait, Cisco, not Sisqo

The Purple Aces finally get a base-runner in the fourth, as Kern Watts drew a walk, but Gamecock freshman Mike Cisco still has not allowed a hit, thanks again to some dandy fielding work behind him.

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Charlottesville: Time To Play the Game(cocks)

South Carolina gets on the board in the first, as Justin Smoak's sac fly to deep right center scores Trent Kline. It's an unearned run, as Purple Aces starter Adam Rogers couldn't handle a tough grounder, but overall, Rogers didn't seem to frazzled, getting Phil Disher to strike out and end the inning.

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Charlottesville: Three Heads are Better Than One...er, Two

Good morning from Davenport Field in Charlottesville, for the first of three games today (we can only hope). The Gamecocks of South Carolina have taken the field, and we're ready for the rain-postponed first round game between South Carolina and Evansville.

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June 02, 2006

Charlottesville: Tomorrow, Tomorrow, You're Only A Day Away

Well, they've waited this long, they can wait another 13 hours and change. The Gamecocks and Purple Aces will play at 11 a.m. tomorrow, with the regularly scheduled Saturday games following at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

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Charlottesville: Not Going Anywhere For a While?

And we are in full-on rain delay mode at Davenport. The power is out in the press box, and with the wireless down, I'm recalling A Streetcar Named Desire and relying on the kindness of strangers, borrowing the computer of a UVA sports info staffer to send this report in. For those of you keeping score - which, technically, would be all of you - that's the second UVa computer I've used today. I wonder if I owe my pal Jessica Garrison a thank-you for how helpful all these UVa folks have been.

I'll wonder, because that's all there is to do at the moment. I have a feeling this is the last you'll hear from me until things are back up and running. Stay dry and stay safe!

Charlottesville: Here We Go Again....

So, there's two out in the top of the ninth and we're starting to see lightning flashes...again. The reaction has been the acted out equivalent of everyone in the stadium covering their collective ears and going "La la la la, we can't hear you!" They want to get this game in.

Well, it is in. Matt McBride lines out to center, and the Hoos advance, 11-5. I've heard talk that that could be it for the night, as there's another storm rolling in - it's raining again - but that has yet to be determined for sure. Stay tuned.

Charlottesville: Clipping Their Own Wings

That sense of calm has set back in here at Davenport, as Lehigh's mistakes continue to sink them. The Cavaliers got a run in the bottom of the seventh, as Doolittle crosses the plate unearned, having moved around the bases on a wild pitch and a passed ball.

The sense of calm has given me a chance to really appreciate Davenport. It's big enough to do justice to the stakes this weekend, but small enough to keep it's charm.

And talk about charm...

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Charlottesville: Wake-Up Call (to the Bullpen)

And into each life, a little rain must fall...but we already knew that, didn't we?

It's odd to say that a run to make it 10-3 is "making things interesting," but that's what's going on down here.

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Charlottesville: It Can Be Done

Well, it took six innings - and four pitchers - but there's finally a goose egg on the Virginia half of the scoreboard. For the first time this evening, Virginia leaves an inning with just as many runs as they came in with, no more.

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Charlottesville: Number Five Alive

And the Virginia run party continues...

It's only one run this time - a two-out single by Brandon Guyer that scored Sean Doolittle - but the Hawks still have not found a way to stop the Hoos, and it's really looking like they won't.

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Charlottesville: Hoos Next?

You know, now that we're going here, the weather really isn't that bad. Playing later in the day, that nasty heat has died down significantly, and I'm actually feeling a nice breeze. Of course, that might have something to do with sitting right under the fan in this improvised press box - one of the luxury suites is acommodating overflow - with the front and back doors both open for cross-ventilation.

Of course, Lehigh isn't liking the effects of the rain one little bit.

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Charlottesville: Beau is 'The Real Thing'

So much for Lehigh holding the Hoos off the board in the third. Beau Seabury hits a two-run single with one out, and the Hoos now lead by four runs.

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Charlottesville: Oops!

Think nerves are hurting the Mountain Hawks? They hurt them in the bottom of the second.

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Charlottesville: Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

The Lehigh second had a little bit of everything...except scoring.

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Charlottesville: Meet Virginia

So, that would be four straight entries pulled from song titles, huh?

Well, when Virginia came to bat, though, the sounds that were music to the fans' ears were those of bats striking balls...and there was plenty of that to be heard.

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Charlottesville: Coming Down The Mountain...

At about 4:50, we finally got underway in Charlottesville. Very solid crowd out at Davenport, with Virginia in the first game. They didn't like what they saw in the Lehigh first, though.

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Charlottesville: I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Has Gone

Hello from - at long last - Davenport Field in Charlottesville. The crowd is filing in, the skies have cleared up, and the teams are warmed up.

We're getting ready to play some baseball, but, as promised, here's that interview with Matt Geiger of Lehigh.

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Charlottesville: Rain, Rain, Go Away

We're having some nasty weather in Charlottesville...it'll be at least a half hour before we're allowed outside, let alone before anyone starts playing any baseball. The only thing "Touching the Bases" right now is a tarp!

I got here a little over an hour ago, and was told that there would be a delay because of storms in the area (there was no rain yet). I pulled out my camera to take some pictures before realizing that the batteries were out of power. I ducked into a nearby building to charge up, and was fortunate enough to be inside before the skies opened up above us.

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