June 14, 2006

Atlanta: Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends

Clemson vs. Georgia Tech. Yellowjackets vs Tiger. And guess who will square off again to start the 2006 College World Series. If you guessed these two ACC foes, give yourself a blue ribbon!

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June 10, 2006

Atlanta: Omaha, Meet the Yellowjackets

It's official. Tech is the first participant in the College World Series this year.

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Atlanta: Impromptu Send offs

Top of 9, Cougars change pitchers. Runners at 2nd and 3rd, and the fans start a slow clapp, then more join in, and finally a standing ovation. Steven Blackwood is a senior at Tech. Making his last appearance before the home crowd, he is afforded a standing ovation in his last home at bat. And he comes through, with a sacrifice to drive in the 10th Tech run of the day. So long Steven.

After a walk to Wieters, it's senior Jeff Kindel. Kindel walks to load the bases.

Murton singles to drive ina run. 11-3 Tech.

Atlanta: Hyde and seek

Just as I get set to blog about Hyde getting a little sloppy, and pen action migh be imminent, The runner at first is picked off, and Hyde is ahead of the count 1 and 2. And then K's the hitter. So much for what I think! We head to the 9th, Tech 8, CofC 3.

Atlanta: Great Defensive Play

While the last couple of innings have been dvoid of any spectacular offense, the defense has risen to the occasion.

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Atlanta: The Sleeper Awakens

After Monsma gives up the two run bomb to Kindel, the floodgates open.

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Atlanta: Cougars open Pen again

After getting the final out in the 4th, Quinn Monsma is struggling in the top of the 5th. Cougars send to down to the pen. Too late. Kindel Drops bomb on Techwood Avenue. 5-2 Tech.

Atlanta: Cougs place call to the Pen

Charleston has made the call to the pen for lefthander Quinn Monsma.

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Atlanta: Ignore the knocking sound on your TV

IF you lost your picture for a moment on the Tech - College of Charleston game, do not blame the network.

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Atlanta: He says, I says

Garabedian at bat for Charleston. 2 outs in the inning. First pitch in the dirt. Garabedian takes off to first.

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Atlanta: He says, I says

Garabedian at bat for Charleston. 2 outs in the inning. First pitch in the dirt. Garabedian takes off to first.

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Atlanta: Cougars leading

Duces wild, and Tech begins their contortions again.

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Atlanta: Looks like it's gonna be a long day

Cougars were rocking right along. 2 outs and nothing remotly resembling a hit for Tech.

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Atlanta: Cougars Clawing and scratching

After pitching a hitless first inning, CofC is making noise in the bottomof the first.

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Atlanta: What a day for a ballgame

Five minutes to first pitch, and the fans are streaming in.

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Atlanta: Saturday Morning Musings

It's Saturday, and over breakfast, I was just sitting here thinking.

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June 09, 2006

Atlanta: Tech takes Game 1

In what became a cakewalk, the Jackets beat the COugars 5-0 in game one of the Atlanta Super REgional.

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Atlanta: Placing the nails in the coffin....

Charleston placed the nails in the coffin, Tech is nailing them in.

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Atlanta: Play it again, Matt

Matt Weiters was at it again. Driving a ball into centerfield to drive in one run, then advancing to second on the throw to third.

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Atlanta: Both starters relieved

The 7th inning proved to be the wall today for both starting pitchers.

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Atlanta: Strike em out, throw em out.....kinda

Bottom of 6, and the Cougars shut down the Jackets one, two, three. But not without the aid of a double play.

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Atlanta: Boom shaka laka

Seems the Tech hitters like to run around a well maniaucred infield.

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Atlanta: Four gone at the Rusty Chain

Tech matches the goose egg that CofC posted in the top of the inning to keep it a 1-0 game

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Atlanta: Cougars on the prowl

Top of 4, Cougars load the bases.

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Atlanta: Watching from the Cheap Seats

After scoreless first, second inning becomes eventful for both teams.

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Atlanta: Done deal

All the formalities are out of the way. Teams introduced. National anthem sung. Umps and coaches talked. Now it's time for baseball.

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Atlanta: Things to do in Atlanta

Well, I got in to Atlanta on the redeye. Which means I drove in after work today, and just go to the hotel!

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June 08, 2006

College Of Charleston: Pitching Prowess

The College of Charleston made it out of Lexington for one simple reason: pitching.

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June 07, 2006

Georgia Tech: Catching A Ride

Catcher Matt Wieters was the nation's hottest player last weekend. Wieters reached base 14 of 15 times, mashed three homers, and finished two Tech wins (he was credited with one save).

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