June 10, 2006

Clemson: Tigers advance

David Kopp got two ground-outs and a fly-out to ninth to end the game.

The crowd is going nuts, and a mob scene has ensued around the pitcher's mound where teammates are piling on Kopp. Fireworks are going off in center field, as the crowd stands and chants "C-L-E-M-S-O-N!"

It wasn't Clemson's best baseball, but they have beaten a tough Oral Roberts squad that finishes 41-16. ORU blew a ninth-inning lead yesterday, and blew one in the eighth today.

Clemson: Kopp starts the ninth

After David Moskus struggled to close the game yesterday, Clemson Coach Jack Leggett has elected to leave David Kopp in the game to start the bottom of the ninth.

The Tigers lead 6-5 and will face the 5-7 slots in the ORU order. Moskus is warming up in the pen just in case.

Clemson: ORU small-ball gone awry

Oral Roberts got Tim Torres on to lead off the inning, and had #3 hitter Jake Kahaulelio bunting. Unfortunately for the Golden Eagles, Kahaulelio bunted the first pitch straight in the air, and reliever David Kopp had an easy first out.

Torres returned to first in time, but hefty cleanup hitter Chad Rothford chopped a ball to shortstop Stan Widman, who stepped on the bag at second and threw to first to beat a lumbering Rothford.

6-5 Clemson, Tigers ready to hit in the 9th (top).

Clemson: Tigers rallying

Sometimes, it's the inability to do the really, really small things that cost teams baseball games, and one of those circumstances may wind up costing ORU dearly.

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Clemson: Bullpens getting it done

After ORU got six good innings from starter Chris Ashman, the Golden Eagles brought Erik Crichton, who pitched a good bit yesterday, in for releif. He got CU's 7-9 hitters down in order in the seventh.

On the other side, CU's Sean Clark has been fantastic since relieving Faris in the third. Clark has not allowed a run in 3 1/3 innings of relief and has struck out six.

Still ORU 4, Clemson 3 going to the ORU half (bottom) of the 7th.

Clemson: ORU dodges D'Alessio's bullet

Clemson had runners at first and second with two outs for Andy D'Alessio, who hit a line drive to deep right off ORU's Chris Ashman.

The crowd erupted and came to their feet at the "ping" of the bat, thinking the ball would either leave the park or caroom off the wall for a double. But the winds in left, still blowing towards home, didn't help D'Alessio's cause, as right fielder Brendan Duffy extended his glove over his head and caught it just short of the fence for out three.

Still 4-3 in favor of the Golden Eagles as they hit in the bottom of the sixth.

Clemson: Creeping along

Much to the chagrin of the Clemson fans, the Oral Roberts hitters are stepping out and checking signs quite frequently. As a result, it's taken just over two hours to play the first five innings here. Hitters are also working the counts for six and seven-pitch at-bats, which doesn't help, either.

ORU's Chris Ashman has been very effective with the omission of the three-run homer in the third. Still 4-3 ORU.

Clemson: Faris pulled after defense fails him

Jack Leggett has pulled starter Steven Farris for Sean Clark in the third after Clemson's defense has had yet another awful inning.

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Clemson: No love for Casanova

The Clemson fans got on catcher Adrian Casanova when the Clemson catcher didn't hustle in getting to a ball in the dirt on ball four to cleanup hitter Chad Rothford with Travis DeBondt at second and one out.

The miscue proved costly, as Jake Kahaulelio singled DeBondt in the next at-bat for a 3-0 ORU lead. So far, ORU's Chris Ashman has faced the minimum through 2 1/2/

Clemson: Pitcher's haven

Clemson's Andy D'Alessio just gave a ball a ride to the gap in deep right-center towards the flag that yesterday would have easily left the park. But today the ball sliced into the teeth of a fierce wind which held it in long enough for ORU center fielder Kelly Minissale to catch it just shy of the wall.

After 1 1/2, it's still ORU 2, Clemson 0.

Clemson: D'Alessio's blunder costly

With a man on first and no out, Oral Roberts' Tim Torres hit a ball to Clemson first baseman Andy D'Alessio that should have been an easy double play with D'Alessio standing no more than six feet from the bag.

Instead, D'Alessio somehow had the slow roller skip off his glove and into right, giving ORU men at first and second with no out, and then Clemson pitcher Stephen Faris walked #3 hitter Jake Kahaulelio. Faris struck out hot-hitting Chad Rothford, but Andy Bouchie's fly to shallow left-center scored a run and Torres took third on the back end. Torres then scored on Kelly Minissale's single to right.

2-0 ORU, as we've just started the second. Clemson's the visitor in this one.

Clemson: Soaking it in

This is my first time to the Clemson campus, and I didn't know what to expect. Having been once, I'll gladly look for an excuse to come back.

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June 09, 2006

Clemson: Colvin's walk-off slam sinks ORU

Tyler Colvin has just hit a one-out, bases-loaded homer to end the game here in Clemson to cap a dramatic come-behind win for Clemson off ORU closer Sean Jarrett.

Clemson got a one-out single from Herman Dimmink, followed by Brad Chalk's bunt single, and Marquez Smith's infield single. Colvin then hit his blast to right center to end it.

What a game... final is Clemson 11, ORU 8, next game tommorrow at 4 Eastern.

Clemson: Moskos can't close it

Clemson's Jack Leggett brought closer Daniel Moskos on in the ninth to protect a 7-5 lead, but Moskos couldn't do the job.

The Golden Eagles got singles from McQuigg and Warfle to lead off the ninth, then leadoff man Brandon Duffy sacrificed them overa base. Tim Torres flied out to right to score McQuigg, but two were gone.

Then, Jake Kahaulelio hit a soft single over third, tying the game. Andy Bouchle singled to put runners at first and third, then Rothford delivered with a big bloop single to left for an 8-7 ORU lead.

Sean Jarrett (7-1, 1.98 ERA) is on to close for ORU in the bottom of the ninth.

Clemson: Mitchell delivers again

Clemson's D.J. Mitchell does it again.... this time, a two-out, two-stike single that nearly took the ORU pitcher's head off as it passed the mound scored an insurance run for the Tigers. That was Mitchell's third RBI single today.

Clemson leading 7-5 heading to the top of the ninth, David Kopp still on the mound for the Tigers.

Clemson: ORU takes lead in ninth

Oral Robers has three runs in in the ninth, men at first and second. More to come later...

Clemson: Kopp protects Tiger lead

With two on and one out in the top of the seventh for ORU, Clemson's Jack Leggett pulled reliever P.J. Zocchi in favor of big right-hander David Kopp. On the first hitter Kopp faced, he got a tapper back to the mound, fired to second for a force, and the throw to first was just in time for the inning-ending double play.

Clemson still on top 6-5 as the Tigers bat in the bottom of the seventh.

Clemson: Rothford rips homer

ORU's Chad Rothford just let off the fifth with a no-doubt homer to right. The 6-foot-5, 250-pound first baseman got every bit of a bad pitch from Clemson's P.J. Zocchi, putting ORU back in the lead, 5-4. We're in the bottom of the fifth.

Clemson: Berken hurt?

Clemson starting pitcher Jason Berkin is down just past first base, the victim of a collision with an ORU baserunner on an attempted 3-1 flip at first. Berken has been down for a couple of minutes and is finally up on his feet. I'll keep everyone updated if this looks serious.

Clemson: ORU strikes first

Oral Roberts got a couple men on in the first, and scored off a wild pitch off Jason Berken, the CU starter.

As I blog, Clemson's DH, Herman Demmink, just smacked an 0-2 pitch to right-center for a leadoff homer to tie it.

June 07, 2006

Clemson: Looking at the Tigers

After having the chance to watch the top seeded and number one ranked Clemson this past weekend, I have come away with an abundance of respect for the Tigers.

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June 06, 2006

Oral Roberts: Team on a Mission

Rob Walton has had his sights set on Omaha since he took the reins of the ORU program three years ago. Now, the Golden Eagles stand two wins away from their first trip to Omaha in 28 years.

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