June 12, 2006

Pac-10: That's all from Corvallis

A lot of the time in college sports, you have to wonder if the game is as "pure" as it once was. It seems more and more like athletes play for the glory instead of the love of the game and get caught up in win-loss records instead of using the game to teach them life lessons.

Then you meet a kid like Stanford shortstop Chris Minaker.

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Pac-10: Omaha, Part II

Beavers flew out of the dugout when Turpen tossed the final strike and fans began singing, "We Are the Champions."

For the second consecutive year, Oregon State is headed to the midwest for a chance at a national championship.

And mark my words: They might not have Jacoby Ellsbury and Andy Jenkins anymore, but these Beavers will do some damage in Nebraska. There's a difference from last year's team and this year's -- this one expects to win EVERY GAME. And if there was any doubt about who was tops in the Pac-10, Oregon State sent a message with a 15-0 drilling of Stanford.

I'll post more after the press conference.

Pac-10: Turpen in to close

Closer Daniel Turpen has just entered the game to finish it off for the Beavers. Fans are standing up and cheering and there is quite a bit of celebrating going on outside the ballpark, much of which involves alcohol. (Don't worry, I'm sure they're all legal.)

Everyone is pounding on the bleachers now. Oregon State needs just two more outs and Turpen already has two strikes on Stanford's J.J. Jelmini.

Pac-10: Nodding off in the press box

Do you think Domino's delivers to the ballpark?

Here on press row, we're all pretty bored.

A fly ball popped up and one Stanford outfielder fell trying to catch it, but his teammate made a spectacular diving catch to get the second out of the seventh inning.

Oregon State first baseman Bill Rowe hit a double that flirted with going over the fence but dropped inside at the lasat second. Rowe scored a batter later when Tyler Graham hit him home. Beavers now up 13-0 in the top of eight.

The pitching struggle continues for Stanford -- the Cardinal brought in Sean Ratliff, but things are still not going very well.

You gotta feel for Stanford shortstop Chris Minaker. Last night in the press conference Minaker talked at length about not getting down because of the loss and promised the Cardinal would come out aggressive. Every time Stanford has come to the dugout before batting Minaker has tried to pump up his teammates, but it's just not working.

June 11, 2006

Pac-10: Beavers continue dominance


Maybe I should have titled that entry "Beavers kicking a lot of butt."

Oregon State has already scored five runs this inning, the last coming off an RBI double by Tyler Graham. The Cardinal has no outs.

Davis' time on the mound was short-lived. Stanford has already brought in Austin Yount who is 4-0 on the season with a 2.42 ERA. Davis' ERA was 3.82 before that last inning; numbers will probably need to be adjusted.

Oregon State catcher Mitch Canham just popped up a sacrifice fly that scored Bill Rowe. Beavers now up 10-0.

Pac-10: Santschi rips one over fence

So much for the bottom of the batting order.

Oregon State rightfielder Scott Santschi just ripped a shot deep over the centerfield fence, scoring Shea McFeely and putting the Beavers up 6-0.

Stanford has brought in pitcher Erik Davis to try to stop the onslaught.

Oregon State fans can't stop cheering -- including the ones on top of a parking structure just southwest of the stadium.

Pac-10: No change after 3 innings

Stanford turned a nice double play to get out of the top of third with two runners on, bu the Cardinal is still without offense, going three up/three down in its next at-bat.

Oregon State still up 4-0 going into the fourth.

The Beavers look poised for a return to the World Series. In fact, OSU is the only team from last year's World Series still playing...

Pac-10: OSU leads 4-0

I'm thinking Stanford might have used up all it had in Texas.

Oregon State scored four runs in the top of the first inning, starting with first baseman Bill Rowe's line to center that scored Chris Kunda. Tyler Graham then loaded the bases when Stanford recorded an error at first base. Two batters later with two outs, OSUwalked in another run when catcher Mitch Canham was hit by a pitch. Third baseman then smacked a 2 RBI shot to centerfield to put the Beavs up 4-0. The inning ended with a force out at home.

Oregon State will be at the top if its lineup to start things off next inning. Stanford better have some hot bats if they want any chance of a trip to Omaha.

Pac-10: Stanford Loses a Fan

Well, Stanford is already down one fan -- I saw a Cardinal-clad dad carrying his sleeping toddler, who looked like he hadn't had a nap in about three months, up the stairs to find their seats. The dad looked like he was in favor of a nap too.

Maybe the kid will wake up by game time and help cheer Stanford on to victory.

The Cardinal made a change to its lineup -- Cord Phelps will start at third base instead of Randy Molina. Molina has probably had better games defensively -- last night alone he tallied two errors. Phelps is batting just .202 and Molina was .305 as of yesterday. But maybe Phelps will do something impressive in the infield tonight. Or, at the least, maybe he won't screw up.

Pac-10: Sunshine Everywhere

Of course the sun comes out right before finals week -- that's how the weather HAS to work. It's absolutely beautiful in Corvallis and fans are already slathering on sunscreen.

We're about 35 minutes away from game time. Stanford's on the field warming up and OSU has disappeared into the dugout. The Beavers' Jonah Nickerson and the Cardinal's Nolan Gallagher will start on the mound for their respective teams.

Some fans are also dancing quite a bit. It's, well, interesting to watch. I guess Gloria Estefan was right -- the rhythm really IS going to get you.

Pac-10: No MVP for the Beavers

OSU coach Pat Casey says that there's no MVP on the Oregon State baseball team, because all around, the Beavers are just tough.

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Pac-10: OSU Wins

OSU finishes the inning and the game three up/three down. The Beavers get the 4-3 win for an a 1-0 lead in the series.

Pretty good game, but not too impressive on Stanford's part. They're a better ballclup and they know it, so now it's just a matter of if they can figure out what's going on (specifically their third baseman who did not look good today) and try to pull out a win tomorrow. Oregon State looked like it has the last few games -- like it expects a trip back to Omaha and is confident it'll get there.

Pac-10: 2 Out Rally

OSU had a little 2-out rally when catcher Mitch Canham hit a great, deep shot to leftfield that Stanford couldn't get ahold of in the bottom of seven, scoring first baseman Bill Rowe. OSU is now up 4-3 and Stanford second baseman Chris Lewis just popped up for the first out of the eighth.

June 10, 2006

Pac-10: Three for all

And Stanford ties it up an RBI single from first baseman Jason Castro. OSU 3, Stanford 3 in bottom of five with OSU up to bat.

Pac-10: Beavers grab early edge

Oregon State gets on the scoreboard first, but not in a way anyone expected.

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Pac-10: Tickets, anyone?

Clearly, the Corvallis Super Regional is the hot spot in town this evening. (To say there's not much else to do in this place isn't an understatement. Trust me, I live here.)

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Pac-10: Fans arriving early

It's still three hours from game time, but Oregon State fans have been staking their claim since 10:30.

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Pac-10: A rematch of Rivals

Just drove by the ballpark for the first time today. The OSU grounds crew (who has had quite a bit of work these last few weeks with both baseball and softball playing postseason games at home) was hard at work making sure the mound was perfect. I'm not joking -- there were four people on the mound clearly in deep conversation about how to make sure everything was JUST right.

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June 07, 2006

Oregon State: Hot Bats

No. 8 Oregon State beat up on Hawaii 12-3 in the NCAA Corvallis Regional baseball tournament championship, riding hot bats and steady gloves to the Super Regionals, where it will face the Stanford Cardinal.

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June 06, 2006

Stanford: Seeking Wins and Redemption

The Stanford baseball team has had an up-and-down season. Their peak (so far) definitely came last weekend, as they bashed North Carolina State twice and Texas once to sweep the Austin Regional. Those victories earned the Cardinal a trip to play Oregon State in Corvallis, which coincidentally is where the low point of the Stanford season occurred.

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