One hit, you're out...

By Lara Boyko - February 17, 2007

Arizona pitcher Dwight Childs had been struggling, but after hitting Fullerton's Jake Vasquez, we have a pitching change.

Arizona's Brett Lorin is getting a shot in hopes of getting the Wildcats out of this inning before more damage is done. By damage I am referring to the two runs that Fullerton has scored this inning off of a single by Harris.

The pitching change may have been needed, but now Lorin is struggling to get out alive. Fullerton's Davis just hit a single to right field which enabled run number three for the inning by Curtis. However, the hits keep coming for Fullerton. Hardman's single to right-center field helped Harris and Vasquez score while run number six came from Davis.

Stay tuned as the game and my yeller's comments are far from over...

Fullerton: 9
Arizona: 0

Top of the fourth

Posted by Lara Boyko at 09:58 PM on February 17, 2007
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How are the pizzas at Goodwin Field?

Or is it a chicken breast night tonight?

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