Pizza at Goodwin

By Lara Boyko - February 17, 2007

Tuffy -

As you are well away, there is no pizza for purchase at Goodwin Field.

The only pizza inside the stadium is the home run pizza that sits to my left and fills the air of the press box taunting me with the smell (and thought) of now semi-melted cheese and whatever topping that has surely permanently attached itself to the cheese.

They may not give the press pizza, but they will let us eat (funnel) cake.

Keep your eye on the game and off the pizza sitting behind you...

Posted by Lara Boyko at 10:27 PM on February 17, 2007
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Just wondering when you are cool enough to get your mugshot on the right side.. like Eric Sorenson? Glenn Tanner? Lindsay Schnell?? Justin Alderson????

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