Rice: 12-12 in the 8th

By Jonathan Yardley - February 24, 2007

You read that right. It's now 12-12 in the eighth after a seven-run seventh inning for Florida Atlantic. Justin Martin kept one on the right side of the fair pole for a two-run homer and William Block hit a three-run triple before scoring on a sacrifice fly to tie the game. A&M-CC starter Omar Gutierrez finished with 6+ innings, 9 earned runs, 4 strikeouts, 7 walks, 1 hit batter, 2 wild pitches, and 128 pitches.

The car alarm has stopped, but we're otherwise just assigning blame for the possibility of extra innings up here in the press box. We did, however, play a full rendition of "Take me out to the Ballgame," just to prove to Mark Etheridge that we do things right around here. We followed it up with the ever-popular "Deep in the Heart of Texas" - I'm kinda surprised USA (love that acronym) didn't play "Sweet Home Alabama" during its seventh-inning stretch.

Oh, and FAU reliever Joel Schmal appears to be recovering well from surrendering a walk-off two-run homer to Joe Savery last night - he's in his second inning of shutout relief for FAU.

Posted by Jonathan Yardley at 08:49 PM on February 24, 2007

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