Rice: Nightcaps and car alarms

By Jonathan Yardley - February 24, 2007

Quite a nightcap we’ve got here. I may need a nightcap (or three) at the rate we’re going.

As we covered earlier, A&M-CC went up 4-0 in the first. Florida Atlantic responded with a four-run third inning, thanks in part to Islander righthander Omar Gutierrez, who has walked six batters through four innings.

When the Owls scored in the top of the fourth inning and Justin Martin launched one to deep left field with the bases loaded, it looked like they would run away with the game. But the ball curved foul, to the dismay of the FAU dugout, and Gutierrez got out of the inning with the score only 5-4.

His hitters, sporting metallic blue batting helmets (this link doesn’t do them justice, but it’s the best I could find) then picked him up with a seven-run explosion in the fourth inning. While I cracked My Cousin Vinny jokes ("Were they both available in metallic mint green?"), the Islanders got six hits against FAU starter Mike Obradovich, and DH Chris Widner delivered a crushing three-run homer against reliever Chris Eberhart. Several of A&M-CC’s hits were bloops that fell in front of Florida Atlantic outfielders, many of whom were recruited to play other positions. At 11-5 in the fourth, we’re settling in for the long haul up here in the press box, gallows humor and all. I imagine the 500 or so fans (I’m being generous) in attendance are thinking the same thing.

It’s a great evening for baseball, so it’s not a bad time to be at a game, but there is a car alarm in the parking lot driving most of us insane. If the game doesn’t drive us to drink, this thing might. Rumor has it the car was struck by a foul ball, setting off the alarm, which just sounds like intermittent car honking. It’s more than slightly annoying. 11-5 A&M-Corpus as we go to the bottom of fifth. And despite walking six, Omar Gutierrez is still here.

Posted by Jonathan Yardley at 07:42 PM on February 24, 2007

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