Rice: Savery ends game with walk-off bomb

By Amber Obermeyer - February 23, 2007

First baseman Joe Savery crushed a 2-1 pitch to the deepest part of the ballpark for a very dramatic ending to a well-pitched game by both teams.

Folks, that's why I'm in the press box and Wayne Graham makes the big bucks. At least I realized Savery would make me look like a fool, right?

In all seriousness, I question Florida Atlantic coach Kevin Cooney's decision to replace Salberg with Schmal. Salberg didn't appear to be tiring--both of the hits he gave up in the ninth were at least somewhat lucky--and had pitched very well in relief. Both of them are left-handers, so that's not the reason either. Regardless, it was an excellent at bat by Savery, and perhaps one that will mark the end of his early-season slump at the plate. Rice has lost a couple of games in the late innings this season, so winning a game in this fashion should boost the team's confidence if nothing else.

Florida Atlantic acquitted itself well against a top-10 team; I imagine college baseball fans will hear from them come May and June. Rice extends its winning streak to four games, but it hasn't been easy--the offensive slump is putting a lot of pressure on the pitching staff. Rice has one of the top stables of pitchers in the country, but I wonder how long even they can hold up if they are expected to give up at most two runs per game for the team to have a chance to win.

Posted by Amber Obermeyer at 08:32 PM on February 23, 2007

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