Rice takes an early lead

By Amber Obermeyer - February 23, 2007

I think fewer than 500 people are at the park today, probably from a combination of factors: dreary (overcast and sometimes drizzling) weather, inconvenient 4:30 start time, a glut of early-season home games for Rice, etc.

Both of the pitchers-with-gratuitous-'e's-in-their-last-names have looked excellent so far, although Storey has gotten a bit lucky. Of Rice's three hits, one was an infield single by a guy (Henley) with great speed and another was a good pitch that Luna very athletically golfed for an opposite field (where RIce has been hitting far too rarely this season) double, The only mistake he made was a change up in the zone that Seastrunk lined just over the right-field wall, and to be fair, Storey struck out the next hitter (Lembeck) with a similar pitch. Kelley struggled a little bit with his control in the first, walking one and almost hitting another, but regrouped in the second.

Posted by Amber Obermeyer at 06:00 PM on February 23, 2007

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