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By Mark Etheridge - March 24, 2007

LSU's Sean Ochinko just hit an apparent two-run walkoff home run down the leftfield line. Third base umpire Jeff Head called it foul. Home plate umpire Dennis McComb called it fair. Ochinko rounded the bases as the home team and fans went nuts. As did Kentucky's bench - but for different reasons. But what was the call?

After about a ten minute discussion that seemed like an eternity, the hit was ruled foul. Ochinko stepped back in and popped to left setting off a chorus of boos.

Two outs now in the ninth.

Posted by Mark Etheridge at 08:08 PM on March 24, 2007
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I found it interesting that the field umpire (Head) didn't make a call until the home plate umpire came out to talk to him- and he was the same guy that tossed Mainieri on Friday...

Garbage! Saying that the guy was the "third base umpire" is a little misleading. Read the play-by-play on this inning: K. Wiley to rf for M. Brown. Hollander grounded out to 1b
unassisted (2-1). Dean singled to center field (1-1). Jackson pinch ran for
Dean. B. Baber to p for A. Lovett. Jackson stole second. Ochinko flied out to
lf (1-2). If there's a man only on second, where the umpires? First and second bases. So the umpire standing near second overruled the call from the home plate umpire. It's the home plate umpire's call, and he called it fair. End of story. Game Over.

I would have just posted the above and let it be. But reading into the NCAA rules a little further, the base umpires (umpires other than the plate umpire) are allowed to stand wherever they want. Also, there's a whole appendix in the 2006 NCAA rules about "Getting the Call Right." The calling umpire has the ultimate responsibility with changing a call, but another umpire who is 100% certain they have additional information may approach unsolicited.

Either way, that was Kentucky's first ever series victory in Baton Rouge. Bad times for the Tigers.

Uhh Justin , wrong on the placement of the umpires. Runner on 2nd only? 3 umpires? One umpire is in the middle, to watch for any back pick on the runner. The other base umpire is on the 3rd base line, for a steal. So, he would have a view of the home run. Also, wrong again, the umpires cant "stand wherever they want". There are a couple specific instances where the umpire can position himself, different than is what is called for. The best example would be R1. Inside umpire can stand either on the first base side of 2nd or the 3rd base side of 2nd, for a steal. However he feels most comfortable.

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