KSU-UT: History Lesson

By Glenn Tanner - March 24, 2007

At the 7th-inning stretch, Texas leads Kansas State 11-0. Things are getting better for the Wildcats, because in the sixth inning, they held Texas scoreless for the first time today.

Through six innings...
Every Texas starter has a hit except Russell Moldenhauer, and he has walked twice.
Every Texas starter has an RBI except Moldenhauer and Josh Prince, and Prince has two doubles.
Every Texas starter has scored a run except Preston Clark, and he has three RBI.

Longhorn pitcher Adrian Alaniz has been almost as good as the hitting. Since working out of a jam in the first, Alaniz has allowed only one hit. Through seven innings, he has allowed only four baserunners, two of whom were wiped out on the bases.

Kansas State has only produced seven major leaguers in its history, with the most recent notables being Ted Power and Craig Wilson, but they have produced a great one -- Elden Auker. Auker was both a football and baseball All-American for the Wildcats, and though he cut short his 10-year career by enlisting to serve in World War II, Auker gained fame in his old age by being the last surviving pitcher to face Babe Ruth. In fact, the first hitter that Auker faced in the majors was Ruth, whom Auker fanned on four pitches.

Though he died last August at age 95, Auker spent the last couple of decades of his life being pretty much of a living, breathing history book of baseball. He gave innumerable interviews describing Depression-era baseball, then co-authored his memoirs at the age of 90.

Posted by Glenn Tanner at 05:35 PM on March 24, 2007

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