Rice-Fullerton: Duck Hunt

By Jason Owens - March 02, 2007

I swear -- I'm not making this up for the sake interesting blog material. During the bottom of the third, a flock of ducks flew over the field near the first-base line. One of them didn't make it. I heard a gasp from the crowd and looked over to the stands to see a limp bird fall into the bleachers. Evidently it didn't see the netting behind the bleachers and bounced off for an unfortunate end. At least I think so. It never flew away. (I hope you appreciate my restraint from using any sort of fowl ball reference here.)

Oh-- and by the way; Bryan Harris knocked in Chris Jones on a sacrifice fly to right field to pad Fullerton's lead, 7-0.

Posted by Jason Owens at 11:13 PM on March 02, 2007

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