Somebody gets kicked out

By Mark Etheridge - March 25, 2007

My last three trips to Hattiesburg, someone has gotten the heave-ho.

Last season in a wild game with East Carolina, two USM coaches and a player were ejected in a Golden Eagle win.

Earlier this season, I witnessed Southern Miss score four runs in the ninth to beat Louisville. As the winning run scored, the teams began a bench-clearing brawl with three players each suspended for the next three games.

That brings us to today, where after a few exchanges with home plate umpire Greg Oros, third base coach Lane Burroughs was tossed after a neck-high strike call.

Rice is roughing up USM starter David Clark. They lead 7-2 in the fifth.

Posted by Mark Etheridge at 03:08 PM on March 25, 2007

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