Tide fans upset at "Blue"

By Mark Etheridge - March 31, 2007

Alabama rallied to tie the game in the third but the locals are upset about a pair of calls that went against them.

With a pair of runners on, hitter Jake Smith had a double-thump at bat. Either the bat hit the catcher's mitt - which would have been a catchers' interference and a free base - or a foul ball off the mitt. Smith and coach Jim Wells thought the bat hit the mitt but after an umpire conference, the call was foul ball.

A pitch later, the fans were upset again. As the runners tried to steal, Smith took ball four on a pitch in the dirt. The ball skipped away from catcher Robert Lara and rolled to the dugout. The runners raced around with one scoring and one reaching third. The umpires ruled that the runners could not take the extra base despite the steal attempt.

The umpires sent the runners back to their original bases. In this rare occurrence, LSU actually gained an advantage from the ball going into the dugout.

Alabama did get one run on a sac fly - but the second runner who would have been on third - sat at second for the rest of the inning.

1-1 in the 4th

Posted by Mark Etheridge at 08:17 PM on March 31, 2007

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