Very different dugout moods

By Mark Etheridge - March 09, 2007

Coaches never like losing. They really don't like getting shutout. They really, really don't like getting dominated.

Nebraska head coach Mike Anderson is an unhappy man tonight.

"I am extremely surprised at our lack of competitiveness," Anderson said. "I heard a lot of adjustment talk. Unfortunately it is just talk. Until we start putting things in action, we are going to have a lot of nights like this."

He went on to talk about his disappointment in his team's effort but wasn't ready to push the panic button.

Meanwhile in the other dugout, Alabama is ecstatic. They limped in after a pair of tough losses, got a quick start and piled on with seven extra-base hits.

"We really didn’t play up to our potential this week,” said Emeel Salem who added his third home run of the season. “We realized we didn’t have any emotion or aggression. That is all it is. We came out here today and before the game decided we were going to play with emotion. It paid off.”

"That was nice,” Alabama coach Jim Wells said of the extra-base hits. “That tends to make people go around the bases faster. We’ve had a lot of base hits and have a real nice batting average but it seems like a lot of singles. The doubles, triples, and the base-clearing triples are nice. The big hit -- you want them to compete for nine innings and they did. We had that one (big) inning and then we added to it.”

Posted by Mark Etheridge at 11:20 PM on March 09, 2007

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