Miami-FSU: A nail wasn't enough, FSU is digging the hole

By Denis Brown - April 28, 2007

Three runs scored as Miami elected to let Alex Koronis go out for another inning to pitch. For FSU, Jason Stidham singled, Ohmed Danesh flew out to center, Mark Gildea was hit by a pitch, Brandon Reichert singled.

This prompted UM Head Coach Jim Morris to come out and put John Housey in the game with his 6.50 ERA.

Housey got Tony Thomas Jr. to strike out with three straight pitches over the outside corner after getting down in the count, the last of which was looking.

However, a 2 RBI single by Mark Hallberg and a RBI single by Buster Posey gives FSU a 12-6 lead.

Miami gets one back in the bottom half of the seventh.

As I wrote before, Miami simply can't match up with FSU in the bullpen. Miami has a good offense and a solid rotation, but Florida State is good in all three areas.

Seminole fans have desended on Coral Gables and have showed up in packs at these games. They are tailgating outside in the parking lot and are extremely excited about this years team. They have good reason to, FSU is a really good team that has impressed me with their ability to not make the key mistake.

FSU now 13
Miami 6
Top of the 8th

Posted by Denis Brown at 10:19 PM on April 28, 2007

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