Miami-FSU: Part Two

By Denis Brown - April 28, 2007

Similar starting lineups tonight, with only FSU starting Ohmed Danesh in left field.

Miami will try and rebound from a disappointing game on their side. The Hurricanes had the number one team in the nation down three runs in the ninth at home and blew the game. That is about as bad of a loss as one can have.

I am currently enjoying an Omaha Express, which is a famous milkshake here at Mark Light Field. The milkshakes at "The Light," is one of the things that makes the experience of watching a game here special.

Rain and Thunder delay, could be a delay of up to a half hour. I will be back with delays when I figure out what is going on.

Posted by Denis Brown at 06:57 PM on April 28, 2007

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