Rice: Bad weather continues

By Amber Obermeyer - April 17, 2007

So this is my fifth game for CSTV.com and the fourth time the weather has been absolutely horrendous. Of course, the weather has been pretty horrendous across the country for the past couple months or so. Tonight's game is a sellout, but the park is only about 40 percent full right now (2,000 people or so), and I doubt that will change much as the game gets started.

Anyway, I'm able to be here because my tennis match across town was rained out, if that gives you any indication of the weather. Speaking of tennis, some of the Rice players just finished--and there is really no other word to describe this--squeegeeing the field. The worst spot is in short center field, so we'll see how Tyler Henley and Nick Peoples handle the conditions there tonight.

Also, consider yourself warned: my reaction to Travis Reagan's ninth-inning bunt on Sunday is probably nothing compared to what I'm going to be feeling today. Augie Garrido is a hard-core proponent of small ball, evidenced by his team's 85 sacrifices (bunts and flies) in 41 games. The Owls, by comparison, have 51. If Garrido has Kyle Russell (.874 slugging percentage) or Bradley Suttle (.697 SLG), I just might lose it.

Both teams' uniforms are equally bad tonight, as Texas is sporting burnt orange (ugliest color EVER) tops with gray pants down to the ankles. Rice is wearing its Yankee uniforms: all white with pinstripes and a script "R" on the left chest. Can't a university that prides itself on ingenuity come up with a uniform that isn't a direct ripoff of the most famous baseball team in the world? I'm just asking...

Posted by Amber Obermeyer at 07:58 PM on April 17, 2007

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