Tech-UT: Chris Hall is hating Austin

By Glenn Tanner - April 14, 2007

After four innings in cool, windy Austin, Texas still leads Texas Tech 5-0.

Poor Chris Hall. The Tech leadoff hitter came into this weekend with only 19 strikeouts in 142 plate appearances, but he is in a deep, deep funk. Last night he struck out his first three times, then was lifted for a pinch-hitter. Today, he fanned to lead off the game, then fanned again to start the fourth.

The Red Raiders did break up Adrian Alaniz's perfecto in the fourth when Kyle Martin blooped one into no-man's land behind third base. He was immediately erased on a double play, though, so Alaniz has still faced the minimum with five K's through four innings.

Paul Gonzales is doing an excellent job in relief for the Red Raiders. He's up to 3.2 innings of work and has allowed only two hits and has struck out four.

Posted by Glenn Tanner at 04:34 PM on April 14, 2007

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