ACC: Bathroom Surprise

By Glenn Tanner - May 24, 2007

After three and a half innings, UNC leads NC State 3-2.

UNC broke the 1-1 tie in the top of the second. Tim Fedroff singled and moved to second on a HBP. With two out, Reid Fronk ripped his second hit of the game to right, this one an RBI single.

NC State tied it in the third. The first two hitters of the innings singled, and two outs later, Ramon Corona singled to tie it.

But in the top of the fourth, UNC again got to lefty Eric Surkamp. With one out, Fedroff was hit by a pitch and moved to third when Kyle Seager ripped a double into the right field corner. After a HBP, Reid Fronk made it 3-2 on a fielder's choice.

So I just went into one of the press box restrooms (all restrooms are one-holers) to freshen up, and for some reason, this was the first time I noticed the curious metal box on the wall opposite the sink.

It was stainless steel with no stickers or colors at all on it, except for at the bottom, where there were two slots that said "50 cents."

I flashed back to my days as youngster when, on a cross-country family vacation, I saw one of these boxes in a truck stop restroom that offered "toys" such as "Trojan Thunder" and "French Tickler." Being a mischievous young lad, I bought the French Tickler to torment my sister with. Unfortunately, the French didn't know a damn thing about tickling, because the French Tickler was just a freakin' balloon. I figured a balloon wouldn't be very good at tickling, so I just blew it up and carried it out to the car.

But for some reason, my parents weren't very pleased with my balloon and took it away from me and yelled at me a lot.

Anyways, upon further inspection, the box in the press restroom actually had words engraved on it -- "napkin" and something that looked like "tarpon."

Oh. Unisex restroom. Got it.

I felt like Kevin from "The Office."

So *THIS* is what the other restrooms look like...

Posted by Glenn Tanner at 11:21 PM on May 24, 2007
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That was hilarious.

I've got a question of my own on that. Here in S'field, men and women have the seperate bathrooms up in press row. However, there are actual cup holders in each stall. Do people really take their drinks to the can with them? Wild and crazy stuff.

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