ACC: Final Wrapup

By Glenn Tanner - May 27, 2007

All-Tournament Team:

MVP -- Josh Horton, UNC
C -- Richard O'Brien, Miami
1B -- Dustin Ackley, UNC
2B -- Tony Thomas, Jr., FSU
3B -- Ramon Corona, NC State
SS -- Dustin Hood, Wake
OF -- Tim Fedroff, UNC
OF -- Marcus Jones, NC State
OF -- Reid Fronk, UNC
Utility -- Josh Horton, UNC
Pitcher -- David Copp, Clemson
Pitcher -- Alex White, UNC

Quotes after the jump...

"This is the type of game you want on championship day. In games like this what happens is it usually comes down to a mistake, a play not made, or a run scored when you get a guy in scoring position. You're looking for an opening to take advantage of, and they did." -- Wake Forest coach Rick Rembielak

"I think we've done enough to show we belong [in the NCAA Tournament]. I don't know what more we can do to show the committee that we're a contending team to go into postseason." -- Rembielak

"There's a guy you just root for. He has been sitting there waiting to get an opportunity and this was a great opportunity for him. You can see what he can add to our pitching staff and our ball club. The thing that he brings is that presence, that composure, and that knowledge of the game. You'd like to pitch him nine innings, but unfortunately we were on a pitch count with him and certainly don't want to stretch him to the point that you injure him again. That presence that he has brings a lot of boost to the ball club and we're all rooting for him." -- Rembielak on pitcher Charlie Mellies who was coming off of Tommy John surgery

"It was pretty tough last night going to sleep with the adrenaline pumping after that win. I got to bed probably around 12:30, got some food, tried to get to bed as quick as I could after a shower, but mentally I had to tell myself to go to sleep. Woke up this morning a little tired, but adrenaline took over from there." -- OF Evan Ocheltree

"This team is not much different at all from last year's team. We had a couple of guys step out and a couple of guys step in. We know exactly what it takes to get where we want to go, and we've had some freshman play unbelievable for us." -- Josh Horton

"I was just looking to make contact. I played all summer with [WF pitcher] Josh Ellis [in the Cape Cod League] and he dominated for us this summer. I fouled his fastball off, and I knew that was the pitch I wanted to hit, and then I was able to get a change-up and put the barrel on it." -- Josh Horton on his game-winning hit

"I was asking for the ball. Once we got that run, I was dying to go in." -- closer Andrew Carignan

"I didn't have anything to do with that. I don't know who called that. [Laughs] I'm kidding. I think that's the first time we've tried to squeeze, and will probably be our last." -- UNC coach Mike Fox

Finally, thanks to everyone in Jacksonville. It's a city that was criticized as an unfit host for a Super Bowl, but it's a great place for the ACC Tournament. Traffic's not too bad, the weather was great, the stadium is perfect, the people are friendly, the hotels are very affordable, and the beaches provide a nice diversion.

Thanks to the ACC staff here for their spectacular work. They kept me well-fed and well-informed all week and were a pleasure to work with.

The group of Sports Information Directors were also a pleasure to be around. SIDs are trained to be friendly and helpful, but this group was not only that, but also hilarious. There was much laughter in the press box this week.

And Omaha, get ready, because several of these teams are coming.

Posted by Glenn Tanner at 04:39 PM on May 27, 2007

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