ACC: Game four wrap

By Glenn Tanner - May 26, 2007

Tomorrow 1pm, North Carolina vs. Wake Forest for the ACC Tournament title

UNC will start Luke Putkonen (7-1, 4.55 ERA in 59.1 innings) while Wake will give Charlie Mellies only his fourth start. Mellies has pitched only 11 innings all season and is 1-2 with a 7.36 ERA.

Not exactly a marquee pitching matchup, but Wake has pulled off two stunners in a row, so why would you think they couldn't do it again?

Post-game quotes after the jump...

"We pretty much pulled a no-show tonight. I don't know what happened. We didn't concentrate. We didn't play defense. We walked people. We hit people. We didn't hit with men on base. We didn't do anything it takes to win a game. This was a very poor effort." -- Miami coach Jim Morris

"It's just great to be in this position to be in a position to play for an ACC title. It's your goal every year, you're trying to get a ring. It's amazing to get to go against one of the top teams in North Carolina, and it'll be a little Tobacco Road matchup down here in Jacksonville." -- CF Ben Terry

Me: You actually managed to make it through the night without getting hit by a pitch. How'd you do that?
"You know, the umpire actually said something to me. I guess I leaned into one a little too much. I'm just trying to get on base anyway I can, and they've been pitching me inside, and when they miss their spots I get hit. I'm just trying to set the table for our special players like Allan Dykstra." -- Terry, who has 21 HBP's on the season

"It was a frustrating night for us. We didn't do a lot right. We just sort of circled the wagons. We just started playing loose and came out with an air of confidence, and thought 'Why not us?'" -- Terry on coming back from the 11-2 opening game loss to FSU

"You talk about wins, RPI, and strength of schedule, and now the last 10 games. Last year it was the last 10 games that kept us out of it. Now, everything's identical except the our last 10 games are a lot better. I gotta believe this one's gonna help. I'm hoping that they look at what we've done a little closer, coming in 8-seed and playing well at this juncture, and that's what they're looking for -- teams playing well." -- Wake coach Rick Rembielak

"Man, Ben Hunter, he looked so much in control. He was getting his slider over and throwing a great changeup early, complimenting his fastball, which is not overpowering, but those complimentary pitches made it better. He was around the plate and stayed there and used all three of those pitches." -- Rick Rembielak on his starting pitcher

"I was thinking damage control. If we get out of it allowing one run, that's an accomplishment, to get out with no runs, that was a morale booster for all of us." -- Rick Rembielak on getting out of a bases-loaded none-out jam in the sixth without allowing a run

Posted by Glenn Tanner at 11:38 PM on May 26, 2007

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