ACC: Sometimes spectacular effort goes unrewarded

By Glenn Tanner - May 26, 2007

It just did for Wake Forest left fielder Brett Linnenkohl.

With two out and a man on, Miami's Richard O'Brien crushed a ball to left. Linnenkohl took off after it at full speed, slowed a bit at the warning track, reached his glove up above the wall, and caught the ball.

Unfortunately for Linnenkohl, the play didn't end there.

He crashed into the wall a split second later and his glove, ball inside, fell off his hand and over the wall.

Two-run homer. 2-0 Miami at the end of two innings.

Jack Leggett is whooping joyously somewhere. Or maybe he's just smiling.

Posted by Glenn Tanner at 09:00 PM on May 26, 2007

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