MU-UT: Pitcher's Duel

By Glenn Tanner - May 05, 2007

Even with the wind blasting out to left, we have a bonafide pitcher's duel so far.

Through three innings, Texas and Missouri are scoreless.

Missouri looked like they'd score first. John McKee led of the third with a blast to left that Jordan Danks actually ran down and had in his glove, but the ball popped loose when Danks slammed into the wall, and McKee ended up on third. But after a popup, SS Chais Fuller fielded a sharp grounder and cut him down at home on a great play.

Fuller looked like a goat leading off the third, though. He sliced a fly down into the RF corner that Ryan Lollis let drop. The ball bounced past him to the wall, but Fuller apparently wasn't running hard out of the box and Lollis recovered to throw him out at second.

The Longhorns' hard-hitting lefties usually don't have much trouble with southpaws, but Rick Zagone is a different animal. He's a big guy who throws sidearm across his body; he looks a lot like old-timer John Candelaria. The first time through the lineup, he made easy work of the lefties, striking out Kyle Russell, Jordan Danks, and Russell Moldenhauer, and getting Chance Wheeless on an easy 3-1 grounder.

The sun has threatened to pop through here several times, but for most of the day the cloud cover has been so thick that the stadium lights are on. And in Vin Scully mode, that reminds me of a story...

One of my friends dated a UT player in the 80's. She said that coach Cliff Gustafson cared about two things -- winning the College World Series title and keeping the baseball program under budget. (Maybe that's why they seemingly never play road games under Gustafson?) Anyways, the program would get charged a flat rate every time they turned on the lights, no matter how long they were on. So Gus would try to schedule practices during daylight hours, but if the team couldn't get his work in before darkness fell, Gus would reluctantly turn on the lights, but would get his money's worth by practicing the team to well after midnight.

Posted by Glenn Tanner at 03:52 PM on May 05, 2007

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