MU-UT: Would You Believe...Again?

By Glenn Tanner - May 04, 2007

So I'm sitting next to the Austin American-Statesman's Alan Trubow, and Kyle Russell is at the plate for Texas in the fifth.

"Does it smell like a two-homer game?" he asked.

Before I could answer, the pitch was on the way, Russell's bat let out a mighty clink, and the ball soared high in the air.

"Maybe," I said, as the ball continued to soar. And soar. And soar some more. Then it finally landed behind the 375 mark in left field for Russell's 26th homer of the season, and second of the game.

After five innings, Texas leads Missouri 4-2.

Missouri has a pretty solid baseball history.

34 players have passed through Columbia on the way to the majors. Sonny Siebert probably had the best career, although current Texas Rangers' second baseman Ian Kinsler is off to an excellent start.

The 2006 season marked the Tigers' fourth consecutive postseason appearance, and their first Super experience. But the 50's and 60's were the real glory years for the Tigers, with six College World Series appearances including the 1954 title. It was a different college baseball world back then, though. Among Mizzou's Omaha opponents during those years were Holy Cross, Northern Colorado, Lafayette, Massachusetts, Colorado State, Western Michigan, Ithaca (Ithaca?!??), Seton Hall and Maine. The 1954 championship game saw the Tigers matched against Rollins College. Yes, Rollins is a warm-weather school (Florida), but I'll buy a beer in Omaha for anyone who actually knows what their mascot is. (NO GOOGLING!) Answer next update...

Posted by Glenn Tanner at 08:31 PM on May 04, 2007
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Rollins (the home of Mr. Rogers) has played many a D-2 team in Arkansas, mostly Henderson State, in basketball. That's how I know they are the TARS.

Tanner, you don't know squat about baseball. How can you say that Carl Miles wasn't Misery's greatest major leaguer? .750 career average! Without storeids or human glow hormornes?

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