Louisville: Wrapup And Analysis

By Doug Kroll - June 09, 2007

There's nothing better than a game where either team can go home or go to Omaha. This is what it's going to be like tomorrow here in Louisville. Each coach will throw the kitchen sink out there between the lines to stay in the game, and each team still has enough arms left out there where tomorrow shouldn't get too much out of hand. But let's get back to today real quick.

Player Of The Game:
I'm going to give co-awards to Ty Wright and Keanon Simon. Each OSU player is a senior, and facing elimination and their final collegiate games, Wright led off the ninth with a homerun to tie the game, and Simon hit a go-ahead single in the 12th that proved to be the winning run. Seniors getting the job done is such an important thing to the younger guys on the team. It's truly invaluable.

Bad Calls:
I have to say that home plate umpire Jeff Head had a very good strikezone today, but what I couldn't understand was his obsession with calling check swings for strikes. Four or five times, especially against OSU, he called check swing strikes that looked VERY questionable, and as if the batter barely even took the bat off their shoulders. He was so emphatic with the calls too, Hey Jeff, you're allowed to appeal down to third!! And as for that, a couple of times he did it himself without the catcher doing so, which I thought always had to happen. It's bad enough when the first base umpire punches someone out when the guy barely swings, but it's even worse when the homeplate umpire does so. Keep your eyes on the pitch, and let the base umpire determine if the guy went around or not. That's one part of the game I really can't stand.

And then the balks. Oh the balks, or should I say lackthereof for the most part. Yes one was called against OSU that looks legit. But it were the two that Justin Marks committed that were not called and led to the pickoff of two Cowboys on seperate occassions. Coach Anderson slightly lost it on one of them, coming out to argue both. Marks definitely balked on both the replay showed, so once again, let's get it right!

What Does All This Mean?
A whole heck of a lot! That's what this means. All players should have to think about to get into the game tomorrow is the fact that A) they've been playing for the better part of four months now for this reason, and B) if they win, they'll have Erin Andrews roaming in their dugout before each game. Option B should be enough to motivate any guy.

Asked who has more pressure on them tomorrow, Louisville replied that OSU does because they are on the road. While the Cowboys responded that both teams have an equal amount of pressure. For this guy, I agree with OSU. Coach McDonnell said that his Cards didn't play as loose as they did yesterday in their 9-0 win. Some of that could be because they are in front of their home fans and want to please them in every which way, again, they've never seen so much red at a home baseball game before. I think that could end up being a problem tomorrow too. If you come out tight, things usually don't work out too well.

Pitching-wise tomorrow, neither head coach had a plan yet. But they both have plenty of options. I'll leave the speculating until tomorrow.

Well, that'll do it from Louisville today. This reporter has to get the aloe out and start lathering it on the burns thanks to the seat outside in the crowd. Your final score one final time, Oklahoma State 3, and Louisville 2. Good night everybody.

Posted by Doug Kroll at 04:51 PM on June 09, 2007

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