May 27, 2007

C-USA Tournament: Final thoughts

Rice's 15 hits led the Owls to their fourth C-USA championship in 2 years( 2 regular season, 2 postseason). Top-seeded Rice beat second-seeded ECU 16-8.

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C-USA Championship: Rice repeats

Top-seeded Rice just won its second consecutive C-USA Tournament champioinship with a 16-8 win over second-seeded host, ECU.

The tournament awards are being announced on the field, I'll have quotes, notes and a final thought from the C-USA Tournament after the postgame festivities.

C-USA Championship: Free tacos!

With ECU down 13-8 and runners on first and second in the 8th, Rice's ace Ryan Berry struck out three straight batters, ending the Pirate threat and inching the Owls closer to a C-USA Tournament championship repeat.

Rice's Jared Gayhart also hit a three-run homer in the bottom of the 8th, hitting the taco bell sign in rigth field that gives all 3,810 in attendance a free taco if they visit a local taco bell!

Rice 16, ECU 8 as we head to the ninth.

C-USA Championship: Rice builds cushion

Rice's 3 runs in the bottom of the seventh sort of took the wind out of ECU and this stadium's sails. Rice is now up 13-8 as we head to the 8th.

Aaron Luna, who will probably be named tournament MVP about an hour from now, and Joe Savery have continued to mount RBIs as only they can do. This Rice is team is very talented, and should make some noise in the NCAA Tournament, as it usually does. With Ryan Berry in the game and Cole St. Clair in the bullpen, a ECU comeback will be hard to come by.

C-USA Championship: Attendance record

The 3,810 people in Clark-LeClair Stadium today set a new record for an on-campus C-USA tournament game. The crowd has been great and the game hasn't dissapointed either, Rice is winning 10-8 in the seventh inning.

C-USA Championship: Things tightening up in Greenville

Things at the C-USA Championship have setted down after a slew of runs in the first couple of innings. It's Rice 10, ECU 8 after six innings.

Both teams have now brought in guys who have actually pitched a lot this season (hence why the runs have gone down). Neitz pitched well, stopped the bleeding for ECU, and Bailey Daniels is now in for the Pirates. C-USA Freshman-of-the-Year Ryan Berry pitching for Rice. Daniels has pitched in every game of the tournament for ECU, allowing no runs and Berry has a 10-2 record and 2.77 ERA.

Rice 10, ECU 8 as we head to the 7th.

C-USA Championship: Regional sites announced

The 16 Regional sites have been announced for next weekend's NCAA Tournament.

Host teams are: Arizona State, Arkansas, Coastal Carolina, Florida State, Long Beach State, Missouri, North Carolina, Ole Miss, Rice, San Diego, South Carolina, Texas, Texas A & M, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Wichita State

As for the C-USA Championship, the game has settled down a little...Rice 9, ECU 8 in the 5th inning.

C-USA Championship: How did the leadoff guy not get on?

Diego Seastrunk of Rice flew out to ECU centerfielder Harrison Eldrige to begin the bottom of the third, marking the first time all game that the leadoff batter of a half inning didn't get on base. C'mon Diego!

Rice went down in order, yes in order...I repeat in order in the bottom of the third. We have 15 runs, 15 hits and 5 errors after 3 innings.

Rice 9, ECU 6

C-USA Championship: Anybody and everybody to the bullpen!

Rice and ECU are already both in the NCAA Tournament and seeds probably already determind, so neither team is willing to waste valuable pitchers today, as next weekend is more important for both teams.

Rice scored 8 runs in the bottom of the 2nd to take a 9-4 lead, yes 13 runs in only 2 innings and 9 in the second inning alone. This game will merely be a test of which depleted pitching staff can give up less runs. Rice has the upper hand, ECU had to use 3 pitchers in the first 2 innings.

I hope the game ends before tomorrow's selection show, so these teams will know where they will be playing next weekend!

C-USA Championship:Runs galore

We're off to a fast start here in Greenville, ECU scored three in the top of the first, and Rice reponsded by scoring one in the bottom half. This game is probably going to feature a lot of runs and a lot of different pitchers.

There's more fans here than I expected, possibly around 3400-3500, and they're loud! The atmospere is great, as ECU was pouring in runs off of Rice pitcher Bryan Price, who faced 9 batters in the top of the first, the stadium and the ECU dugout was rocking, byfar the loudest its been all tournament.

Rice has been in Omaha and is used to hostile enviroments, but the ECU fans and 3 runs in the top of the 1st has to put some type of pressure on the Owls.

ECU 3, Rice 1 after 1 inning.

C-USA Championship: Setting the scene

The C-USA Championship game is about 30 minutes away from starting, and the game features the top two seeds, No. 1 Rice and No. 2 ECU.

Fans are starting to pour into the stadium, I expect around 3,000 here today. The top crowd in Clark-LeClair history is 5,523, which came earlier this season against hated rival N.C. State. I don't think today's attendance will come to close to that mark. It's hard for C-USA games to have 5,000 people for a game because the teams are so spread apart, and there are no natural rivalries (except for Rice/Houston).

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May 26, 2007

C-USA Tournament: Rice-ECU championship set...finally!

Rice finally won this 3 hour and 10 minute slugfest 20-9, eliminating the fifth-seeded Memphis Tigers and claiming its spot in tomorrow's championsip game.

"Well they're young guys and if they get a good night's rest, everything should be alright," coach Graham said of the fact that his team played so much baseball today.

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C-USA Tournament: ECU should be loving this

ECU Head Coach Billy Godwin joked after ECU won, saying that we would love to see Memphis and Rice wear eachother out today, and i'm sure he's pleased with the results.

Rice and Memphis continue to score runs and waste pitches here at Clark-LeClair Stadium, and the second-seeded Pirates have to be loving it. Rice brought in its closer Cole St. Clair in the seventh inning because Memphis was trying to make a game of things, and St. Clair has thrown a lot of pitches today. Rice is probably going to win this game, but Memphis is getting people on base and raising St. Clair's pitch count and lowering the numbers of rest hours Rice will have before tomorrow's championship game at 1 p.m. This has been a long day for Rice, which surely benefits ECU.

Rice has 13 runs and 14 hits, Memphis has 9 runs and 17, repeat 17 hits, as we head to the ninth.

C-USA Tournament: Game continues, Memphis not quitting

Memphis scored 3 runs in the sixth and 1 in the seventh to eliminate the 10-run rule possibility and extend the day of baseball, much to the dismay of all the people in the press box that have been here since 8 a.m. this morning.

Memphis has had a stong offensive game with 7 runs and 13 hits, the problem is Rice has the same number of runs as Memphis hits.

Rice 13, Memphis 7 after seven innings, in a real "fast-paced, pitchers duel" here at Clark-LeClair Stadium.

C-USA Tournament: Just a matter of time

Aaron Luna just hit a grand slam in the 6th that was the longest home run all week. Luna's blast, which extended the Rice lead to 13-3, went well over the raised fence in straight away center at Clark-LeClair Stadium. Rice scored 6 runs in the 6th inning, and it looks like Rice will win this game, the question is now is whether it will last the full 9 innings, the 10-run rule could come into effect.

C-USA Tournament: No runs for Rice in the fifth, still in control though

Rice had a scoreless inning for the first time all game in the fifth, but is still winning 8-3 in the sixth inning.

It's only a 5-run deficit for Memphis, but Rice is cleary in control. Memphis has simply run out of pitching. The pace of the game and the sun is lulling the hundreds in the stands and the dozens in the press box to sleep.

C-USA Tournament: Rice scoring at will, or maybe at Neil

The top-seeded Owls' had their way with Memphis starter Neil Schenk. Rice scored 2 runs in the third to push its lead to 6-2.

Schenk lasted 2 2/3 in his first start of the season, allowing 6 runs and 6 hits in the hot sun against the No. 2 team in the nation.

We're only two and a half innings in, but Rice is certainly looking like the superior team after a very sluggish offensive performance this morning.

C-USA Tournament: Memphis is here too

Memphis responded after Rice took an early lead. A RBI single by Kyle Norrid and a RBI double by Josh Irvin gave Memphis 2 runs in the bottom of the first.

Rice is up 3-2 after 1 inning, yes 5 runs in the 1st inning. I'm pretty excited about a lot of runs and a slow pace in the last game of the day...not really.

C-USA Tournament: Where'd everyone go? Rice is certainly here

As the Rice-Memphis elimination game starts, I've noticed that about two-thirds of the 3,164 people that watched the ECU-Tulane game are gone.

Rice scored 3 runs in the top of the first. Aaron Luna hit a 2-run triple and scored two pitches later on a wild pitch.

Memphis has had a good run in this tournament and a dramatic win earlier today, but it will have to score a lot of runs against a very good pitcher to win this one.

Rice 3, Memphis 0 after the top of the 1st.

C-USA Tournament: Tought spot for a first start

As with the case in most late-round elimination games, Memphis is pitching a first-time starter against Rice in the day's final game.

Memphis is pitching left-hander Neil Schenk, who has a 5.25 ERA in 16 appearances this season, all of which came out of the bullpen.

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C-USA Tournament: ECU punches ticket

One of the teams in tomorow's championship game is decided, the East Carolina Pirates. ECU, the tournament's host team, beat Tulane 9-4 to eliminate the Green Wave and advance to the championship game.

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C-USA Tournament: Highest attendance

The announced attendance of 3,164 for the ECU-Tulane game is now the highest attended game of the tournament, the championship game tomorrow could very well break it though...especially if its ECU-Rice.

ECU 9, Tulane 4 as we go into the bottom of the ninth. Barring a lengthy comeback, the Pirates are first to punch their ticket to the C-USA championship game.

C-USA Tournament: Pirates inch closer to championship game

No. 3 ECU scored 3 runs in the top of the 8th to extend its lead to 8-4 over No. 7 Tulane.

The Pirates got RBI singles, one after another, to make a Green Wave comeback a much tougher feat. Tulane has two chances left, down 8-4.

C-USA Tournament: Energetic Dowdy first to congratulate

ECU's emotion-filled starting pitcher Josh Dowdy bolted out of the dugout to chest-bump reliever Bailey Daniels after he preserved Dowdy's and ECU's 5-4 lead.

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C-USA Tournament: Offense to the fans liking

ECU's Drew Schieber just hit a opposite field solo home run to start the seventh inning and give the Pirates a 4-3 lead. Corey Kemp followed with a looooong out that was caught by Tulane left fielder Anthony Scelfo at the wall. This ignited the ECU faithful, who started Purple and Gold chants that got pretty loud. The Pirate fans, and the Tulane fans that are here, are both making their presence felt despite the humid conditions.

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C-USA Tournament: Industrial use

The humidity is high here at Clark-LeClair Stadium, and just looking around the stadium, the fans have gotten clever. The thousands in attendance are using game programs, hats, parts of popcorn boxes and about anyting they can get their hands on to fan their faces, attempting to cool down as they watch a very good baseball game.

ECU 3, Tulane 3 at the end of six innings.

C-USA Tournament: Tie game, wierd slide

Tulane got a RBI single from Tim Guidry in the fifth to tie the ECU-Tulane game at 3. As Tulane's Grayden Granier slid into a home for the run, it looked like his leg didn't actually touch the plate and the ECU fans were yelling at the ECU players to appeal the play, but the home plate umpire confirmed his call by signaling safe and informing the ECU players and crowd that Granier did infact touch home plate. So now we have a tie game, 3-3, heading into the sixth.

C-USA Tournament: Starting to warm up

It's getting hot here in eastern North Carolina. says it's 84 degrees, but the humidity is high so it feels hotter. The press box is air conditioned well, but with the windows up you can feel the heat coming in, its got to be tough for the players out there.

Tulane's bats are starting to warm up as well, a solo home run in the third and another in the fourth have cut the deficit to 3-2 after four innings. This is a good game between two good programs, in a lively atmosphere both in the stands and on the field.

C-USA Tournament: Mollenhauer tests his arm

ECU's injured shortstop Dale Mollenhauer has been warming up right fielder Ryan Tousley inbetween innings.

Mollenhauer leads the Pirates in batting average and started ECU's first 44 games at shorstop and batted second in the batting order prior to breaking a bone in his throwing wrist. Mollenhauer pinch-ran in ECU's last game, but hasn't played in the field or batted in about a month. Coach Godwin said earlier this week that Mollenhauer took ground balls in ECU's final practice leading up to the C-USA Tournament, but was only throwing at 40-50%.

After 2 innings, ECU is winning 3-0.

C-USA Tournament: Problems in the outfield

ECU scored 3 runs in the top of the first against Tulane, but only got 1 hit and the runs didn't come off a 3-run homer, how can that happen?

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C-USA Tournament: Offensive lineup

ECU coach Billy Godwin has shifted around his defensive alignment a little, hoping to create a little more offense. ECU has needed late game heroics to make up for its offensive struggles this week.

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C-USA Tournament: Unfamiliar territory, Memphis jubilation

Because of C-USA rules, ECU will be in the visitor's dugout of Clark-LeClair Stadium for the first time ever when it plays Tulane at 12:30 p.m. today.

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C-USA Tournament: Mr. clutch, Matt Yokley

Memphis closer Matt Yokley entered the game with the bases loaded, 1 out in the 8th, and Rice's 20-game winning streak in tact. 1 2/3 innings later, Yokley ended the Owls' C-USA record winning streak and extended Memphis's tournament life.

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C-USA Tournament: History is made

Memphis just beat No. 1 Rice 2-1, handing the Owls their first ever C-USA Tournament loss. Rice went 4-0 in last year's tournament en route to the title, and it looked like this year would be a repeat, but fifth-seeded Memphis had other plans.

Memphis got great pitching from starter Will Hudgens, setup man Dusty Davis and closer Matt Yokley. Hudgens got the win, Yokley got the save, and Rice's Chris Kelley suffered the loss despite a solid performance.

More to come about Yokley

C-USA Tournament: Drama in the 8th, Yokley saves the day

Rice had 3 hits, 1 run and was in danger of losing its first ever C-USA Tournament game as it headed into the bottom of the eighth, down 2-1 to No. 5 Memphis.

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C-USA Tournament: Memphis goes to the pen

Memphis coach Daron Schoenrock must have sensed a Rice rally coming after the Owls put up a run in the fifth, he took out starting pitcher Will Hudgens prior to the sixth inning, in favor of setup man Dusty Davis. Hudgens alowed three hits and one run in five innings.

Davis has a 7-3 record and 4.29 ERA in 19 relief appearances this season. Davis retired the first three batters in the sixth, good decision.

Memphis 2, Rice 1 in the top of the 7th.

C-USA Tournament: No. 1 Rice finally gets going, but still losing

After four innings of little offense by the Owls, the top seed finally came alive.

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C-USA Tournament: No more perfect game, no-hitter, shutout

Rice's Chris Kelley was dominating with 2 outs in the 4th when disaster struck. Kelley had a perfect game going, with 7 K's. Memphis's Bill Moss blasted a solo homer, tying him with teamate Joey Lieberman for the conference lead in home runs with 13. Senior Adam Amar then sent Kelley's first offering over the right field fence for back-to-back solo shots.

Rice is coming to bat in the 4th, down 2-0.

C-USA Tournament: 2,2,2.

Rice pitcher Chris Kelley is dominating right now, as he struck out two batters in each of the first 3 innings (that's 6 total for the math majors out there). Memphis has yet to record a hit, and Rice only has one.

Still no score, we've played three complete.

C-USA Tournament: Anybody else wanna play?

I guess all Rice needs is its pitcher, catcher and right fielder on defense.

Pitcher Chris Kelley has struck out 4 of the 6 batters he's faced after the first two innings, and the other two outs were flyouts to right fielder Jared Gayhart.

No score as Rice comes up to bat in the second.

C-USA Tournament: Osborne firing up the troops

As "Bring 'em out" was played over the PA system right before first pitch between No. 1 Rice and No. 5 Memphis, the Memphis dugout ignited a little and Assistant Coach Allen Osborne high-fived all the the players lined up in the front of the away dugout with emotion. As I said yesterday, Memphis is not intimidated by Rice and has a lot of confidence going into this game. Joey Lieberman told me yesterday that he thinks they have enough confidence to beat Rice.

The Tigers went down in order in top of the 1st though, Rice is coming up to bat.

C-USA Tournament: Savery playing first

Coach Graham has stuck to his word, Joe Savery is not pitching against Memphis...yet. Graham told me after Rice's first game that he would not pitch the C-USA Player-of-the-Year until a Rice elimination game. This sets things up perfectly for Rice if they beat Memphis at 9 a.m. today and are able to save Savery for tomorrow's championship game. No. 5 Memphis and No. 1 Rice will get started in about 30 minutes.

Rice is pitching junior Chris Kelley (3-2, 3.36 ERA). Memphis is throwing Will Hudgens (4-2, 5.59 ERA)

May 25, 2007

C-USA Tournament: Looking ahead...

Their are only four teams left, and tomorrow could be more interesting than the seeds indicate...

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C-USA Tournament: Tulane "upsets" Southern Miss

Tulane, the seven seed, eliminated No. 3 Southern Miss tonight, winning 6-2. Even though Tulane was the lower seed, the Green Wave looked like the better team and could make things interesting the rest of the way.

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C-USA Tournament: Last chance

Third-seeded Southern Miss is coming to bat, down 6-1 in the 9th. Tulane's Preston Claiborne is still pitching for Tulane after getting the Green Wave out of a jam in the 8th. Barring a comeback, the 3rd and 4th seeded teams will be suprisingly eliminated, but Tulane's No. 7 is decieving, Tulane is a good program and isn't playing like the seventh best team in this conference right now.

C-USA Tournament: Good outing by the senior

Preston Claiborne just came in for Tulane senior Brandon Gomes with runners on first and second and no outs in the eighth. Gomes pitched very well, allowing six hits in seven innings. The senior only made one mistake all night, which was on USM's solo home run.

Tulane is up 6-1 with the Golden Eagles scrapping to make things interesting here in the top of the 8th.

C-USA Tournament: Tulane has breathing room, No. 3 seed in trouble

After Tim Guidry scored on a SAC fly in the bottom of the 6th, Tulane's Jared Dyer hit a 2-run home run that landed right infont of the scoreboard in right-center, extending the Tulane lead to 5-1. The fact that Souther Miss only has four hits in six innings doesn't bode well for its chances of a comeback. The third-seeded Golden Eagles have three innings left.

C-USA Tournament: You can do it all by yourself

USM finally got some offense going in the top of the sixth when Michael Ewing hit a monsterous solo homer to start the inning. USM's offense is starting to figure out Brandon Gomes, the Golden Eagles are making solid contact, even when they get out.

All 3 runs in this game have come on solo home runs, Tulane is winning 2-1 as it comes up to bat in the bottom of the 6th.

C-USA Tournament: Scelfo in the second spot

Tulane's Anthony Scelfo hit ninth in the Tulane batting order in its 1st round loss to ECU.

Yesterday, Scelfo hit second in the order and had a career-high four hits in a 13-5 win over UAB. Scelfo is in the second spot again today and has been the MVP of the game with it about halfway over.

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C-USA Tournament: Tulane takes the lead

Anthony Scelfo hit a solo home run in the bottom of the first to give the Green Wave an early 1-0 lead. Brandon Gomes is pitching well for Tulane, he has only allowed 1 hit in three innings. It's clear that see that USM is missing its catalyst in Trey Sutton, but there's still a lot of baseball left to play.

After 3 innings, Tulane is up 1-0.

C-USA Tournament: Megaphone guys don't take the day off

The Clark-LeClair "megaphone" crew that vacates in "The Jungle" behind the left field fence and regularly attends ECU games is at the Tulane-USM game. At the ECU games, they are usually drowned out because their is a lot of other noise in the Stadium, but today you can hear them loud and clear becaue of the lack of fans in the stadium. They are trying to get the Tulane players to comply with the 1 up, 1 down chant that the ECU players and fans usually do with the "megaphone crew."

As for the game, Southern Miss loaded the bases in the top of the 1st, but Tulane's Brandon Gomes struck out James Ewing with 2 outs, keeping the game at 0-0 as Tulane comes up to bat in the 1st.

C-USA Tournament:Injured players not in lineup

Southern Miss's best player and team leader, Trey Sutton, is not in the starting lineup again tonight. A Southern Miss spokesman said that Sutton subluxed his kneecap, and playing status for the rest of the tournament is still uncertain. You have to feel so bad for this kid, he hit a home run in his first at-bat of the tournament and has a 21-game hitting streak, but it looks like he might not be able to extend his hitting streak until next season.

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C-USA Tournament: Memphis moves on

Memphis eliminated UCF with a 12-6 win today.

I talked with the conference's premiere home run hitter, Memphis's Joey Lieberman after the game. Lieberman hit a shot in the first inning that exited the entire facility here at Clark-LeClair Stadium...

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C-USA Tournament: Attendance and excitement down

Only hundreds of fans are on hand for the Memphis-UCF game here at Greenville, NC's Clark-LeClair Stadium. I guess it's hard to keep attendance up with the host team and the No. 1 seed not playing. C-USA teams are also spread out halfway across the country and the visiting teams haven't brought too many fans with them. Tulane has had one of the stongest followings of the visiting teams, so we'll see if attendance picks up for what should be a good game in third-seeded Southern Miss and No. 7 Tulane.

As for the opening game, I have to admit, it's not the most entertaining game. Memphis is in complete control, up 11-5 in the 7th.

C-USA Tournament: UCF doesn't quit

UCF, the last seed in the C-USA Tournament, has not given up after going down 9-0 in the first two innings to No. 5 Memphis. The Golden Knights scored three runs in the fourth to cut the deficit to 9-3 as we head into the bottom half.

The winner of this game will meet top-seeded Rice tomorrow at 9 a.m.

C-USA Tournament: Costly errors, Tigers capitalize

UCF has 4 errors after 2 innings. Memphis has scored 9 runs off seven hits and 4 errors, and has a 9-0 lead. Not a good scoreboard for UCF:

UCF 0 1 4
Memphis 9 7 0

Memphis now has scored 26 runs in 20 innings at the C-USA Tournament, including 5 in 2/3 innings off the C-USA Pitcher-of-the-Year Ryne Tacker yesterday.

C-USA Tournament: Look both ways before crossing the street

Joey Lieberman of Memphis capped a 5-run Tiger 1st with a 2-run homer that went over the left field fence, over the second fence and bounced across Charles Blvd. and into the woods well behind Clark-LeClair Stadium...

Memphis 5, UCF 0 after 1 inning.

C-USA Tournament: Flying first class

Conference USA and ECU, similar to Fergie and Ludacris, have done everything first-class all week. All of the SID's have been very helpful, especially Malcolm Gray and his ECU Media Relations staff. The ECU Media Relations staff are the first ones to arrive every day, and the last ones to leave. They have had stats, quotes, and any information readily available at all times for all media. The food has also been great, and every aspect of the stadium has been run the right way.

So here's to 3 more days of great baseball, hospitality, and to C-USA and ECU for putting on such a "glamorous," first-class event!

C-USA Tournament: Elimination Day

Their will be four teams with 1 loss playing for their tournament lives today at the C-USA Tournament. No. 8 UCF and No. 5 Memphis will start things off at 3 p.m. No. 7 Tulane and No. 3 Southern Miss will follow.

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C-USA Tournament: This, that and a Recap

What a day! All 4 games offered its own uniqueness to a wonderful day of baseball here at Clark-LeClair Stadium...

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May 24, 2007

C-USA Tournament: Eldridge comments on the play

After the ECU players took a victory lap around the stadium, high-fiving the thousands of fans along the outfield fence, Harrison Eldridge talked with the media, out of breath, with a smile on his face.

"Coach Godwin came up to me at third base and 'said second pitch squeeze, no sign'...He just threw the ball and I took off," said Eldridge.

I'm going to take a breath, then write a Day 1 recap...what a game!

C-USA Tournament: What a game!

Harrison Eldridge did it again, stealing home with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 10th to give ECU its second emotional win in as many nights, beating Southern Miss 2-1. This was a joy to watch, the stadium was full of emotion and it was such a great atmosphere for college baseball, it's a shame one team has to lose this one...

"For anybody that was here, what a great college baseball game," said ECU Head Coach Billy Godwin. "That's what college baseball is all about, win or lose."

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C-USA Tournament: electrifying scene, tough decision

Going back to the bottom of the 9th....

As ECU was in the process of tying the game in the bottom of the ninth, Clark-LeClair Stadium was going crazy, the players on the basepaths were waving their arms and players in the home dugout waving towels in the air, attempting to heighten the ruckus.

Southern Miss's Barry Bowden pitched a great game, its a shame that he couldn't get credit for the win. Bowden was on 17-inning scoreless streak (he recorded a a complete game shutout in his final regular season start), but was taken out before the ninth, in favor or USM's closer Patrick Ezell. Bowden had thrown 117 pitches in 8 innings....very tough decision to make.

C-USA Tournament: Drama, extra innings for ECU-USM

WOW! ECU just got 1 run in the bottom of the ninth to tie the game and send it to extra innings...

Jamie Ray drove in Broc Sutton for the tying run, and ECU had the bases loaded, two outs, full count, tie game and Drew Schieber took a pitch at the knees that was called stike 3 and set the ECU fans and ECU Head Coach Billy Godwin off. Godwin argued for a minute but returned to the dugout as he knows it is too costly to get thrown out with the game headed to extras....

This 9th inning scene was the most emotional inning of the tournament so far! Both closers are in the game as we go to the 10th.

C-USA Tournament: Rundown drill

With runners on the corners and 1 out, Harrison Eldridge hit a chopper to 1st base and ECU's Drew Schieber got caught in a rundown between 3rd and home, USM tagged him out as ECU's Dale Mollenhauer was running to third, so the Golden Eagles' then got Mollenhuer out in a rundown, getting both runners out and ending the Pirate rally.

One thing I learned playing baseball growing up: always, always force the runner back to his original base. The Southern Miss players must have payed attention in little league, because they executed to perfection...Golden Eagles up 1-0 as we head into the 9th inning.

C-USA Tournament: Forget something?

Bailey Daniels relieved ECU's Dustin Sasser with runners on 1st and 2nd and 1 out in the 7th inning. Daniels got out of the jam unscathed, and then bolted to the bullpen instead of the dugout? He had to go get his coat from the bullpen and then ran back down to the dugout to stay warm inbetween innings.

The ECU batters might have forget something also...their bats! ECU only has three hits after 7 innings. Barry Bowden's changeup is keeping the Pirates off balance. Bowden has great command of his pitches, and that changeup is nasty!

It's still Southern Miss 1, ECU 0 as we head into the eighth.

C-USA Tournament: First pitch, first batter, first run

USM's Jody Blount took the first pitch of the sixth inning over the right-center fence for a monsterous solo home run. The Golden Eagles now have a 1-0 lead and Bowden pitching very well, but as we learned last night, ECU has the potential for a late comeback after struggling offensively for most of the game.

Southern Miss 1, ECU 0 in bottom of 6th.

C-USA Tournament: Ray sparks Pirates, crowd...but Bowden quiets

Jamie Ray doubled with 1 out in the fifth, sparking the ECU offense and the its fans as a purple and gold chant erupted from the Jungle to the grandstands.

USM's Barry Bowden fanned the flames quickly though, getting Jake Dean to groundout and striking out Drew Schieber, ending the Pirate surge.

Bowden has pitched awesome, allowing 2 hits in five innings. Sasser has also been great, allowing 4 hits in five innings.

C-USA Tournament: Much needed salute to the grounds crew

The grounds crew here at Clark-LeClair Stadium, headed by Joey Perry, has done a great job with the playing surface. 8 games in two days is tough, and the crew has done a tremendous job. They even got some love in the top of the 5th, gaining some cheers from the crowd and recognition from the PA announcer while raking the infield and changing the bases. Good job guys!

As for the game, no score between ECU and Southern Miss, with ECU coming to bat in the bottom of the fifth.

C-USA Tournament: I got it, no you got it...

With 2 outs in the top of the 3rd, Southern Miss batter Jody Blount hit a towering flyball in the infield and ECU pitcher Dustin Sasser halfway started to walk off the mound thinking someone would catch it and the inning would be over.

But first baseman Stephen Batts had his arms in the air and couldn't find the ball, and the second baseman was scattering near first to get the ball as it continued to soared. Sasser noticed, took charge and ran down the line to snag the ball with his glove. Pretty funny to watch, anyway no score between Southern Miss and ECU after three innings, both pitchers are performing very well. Golden Eagle pitcher Barry Bowden has yet to surrender a hit.

C-USA Tournament: Standing "O" for the little leadoff man

When ECU's Harrison Eldridge walked up to the plate to lead off the ECU 1st inning, the fans at Clark-LeClair Stadium gave Eldridge a louder ovation than usual. I have a feeling the gesture had something to do with the scrappy centerfielder's late-game heroics last night. I still can't get over the emotion that this stadium and Eldridge showed trotting around the bases last night, knowing he gave his team such a much-needed lift.

C-USA Tournament: Rice sets record, ECU-USM underway

With the 7-5 victory over Memphis, Rice has set a new C-USA record for consecutive victories with 20. ECU held the record with 19 victories in 2004. Rice will have the day off tomorrow, and try to extend its winning streak to 21 Saturday at 9 a.m.

No. 2 ECU and No. 3 Southern Miss has just started. ECU is pitching lefty Dustin Sasser (5-4, 3.59 ERA) and USM is throwing Barry Bowden (7-3, 3.42 ERA)

C-USA Tournament: Welcome back, Matt

The last time Rice's Matt Langwell pitched in ECU's Clark-LeClair Stadium, he surrendered 4 runs in 1 1/3 innings, in his worst outing of the year. The outing came in a regular season appearance against ECU earlier this year. Langwell returned to the stadium, and fared much better....

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C-USA Tournament: Rice wins

Rice won a hard fought game with fifth-seeded Memphis, 7-5.

Joe Savery and Brian Friday each recorded 2 RBIs, and Matt Langwell pitched great in a relief of a short start by Ryne Tacker.

More to come about Langwell.

ECU and Southern Miss will start around 8:05.

C-USA Tournament: Rice takes late lead, St. Clair getting ready

Danny Lehmann singled home Tyler Henley giving Rice a 6-5 lead, and Rice added another insurance run in the 8th, so the Owls now lead 7-5. Rice's stud closer Cole St. Clair just started warming up in the bullpen so it doesn't look good for Memphis, but the Tigers have battled all game long so we'll see what happens...

Memphis is coming up to bat, down 7-5 in the bottom of the 8th.

C-USA Tournament: 5-4-3

Rice loaded the bases in the top of the 6th and coach Graham pinch-hit Chad Lembeck for Jared Gayhart with 1 out, but things didn't quite work out the way he had planned...

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C-USA Tournament: Crunching some numbers

Rice has the No. 1 RPI in the nation, Memphis is at 60. Rice only lost 2 regular season conference games, Memphis lost 12. Memphis is not backing down though.

Game is tied at 5 after 5 innings.

C-USA Tournament: No runs in an inning, no way!

Neither Rice nor Memphis scored in the third inning, we even saw a good defensive play in the third frame.

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C-USA Tournament: Tacker out already?

The C-USA Pitcher-of-the-Year Ryne Tacker only retired 2 batters in the first before being pulled in favor of Matt Langwell.

Tacker Line: 2/3 IP, 5 runs, 4 hits

Memphis 5, Rice 2 after only one inning....i thought this was going to be a low scoring game!(sarcasm)

C-USA Tournament: Heads up out there!

As the Rice-Memphis game started, a group of ECU football players started running drills on the practice field behind the right field fence. With the home run capability that these two teams have, they might want to watch out!

C-USA Tournament: Joe "slash" Savery

ala Kordell Stewart, Rice's first baseman/pitcher/desingated hitter/C-USA Player-of-the-Year/All-American Joe Savery just sent a McGregor pitch over the left field fence for a 2-run homer in the top of the first, giving Rice a 2-0 lead. Savery can simply do it all and will be making a lot of money in the major leagues pretty soon, the question is what position?

Rice is up 2-0 with Memphis coming to bat in the bottom of the 1st.

C-USA Tournament: Offense should arrive in about 30 mintues

No. 1 Rice and No. 5 Memphis will meet in a critical game about 30 mintues from now, and I'm really looking forward to this one. The two teams combined for 28 runs in 2 blowout wins yesterday, and I'm expecting more offense in this one.

The last two games of the day are very critical, as the winner of this game and the winner of the nightcap between ECU and Southern Miss have the day off tomorrow, while the losers will have to play tomorrow and then win two games on Saturday to reach the championship game. The losers of the next two games will have tough roads to the championship game on Sunday, so the rest of today is very critical and should produce two emotional games!

First pitch for Rice-Memphis is set for 4:35. Rice will throw Ryne Tacker(9-1, 2.41 ERA) and Memphis will counter with Scott McGregor(5-3, 6.43 ERA)

C-USA Tournament: Tulane moves on, UAB moves home

Tulane pounded out 21 hits in a 13-5 win over UAB, eliminating the Blazers.

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C-USA Tournament: Onto the ninth, Tulane up big

Tulane is up 12-4 in the ninth, and I don't see UAB putting up a 9-spot in the bottom half to win...but you never know. Anyway, I will have a recap with quotes, stats and thoughts after the conclusion.

C-USA Tournament: Hurry up, pitch!

After a brisk morning pace, the play has fittingly slowed down, and it looks like I'll be here past midnight again today!

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C-USA Tournament: The Triple-Double

I thought I was watching Jason Kidd play basketball, but it was actually Tulane hitting double-after-double-after-double in the fifth inning against UAB.

The Green Wave got 3 doubles in the inning, scoring four runs and extending its lead to 8-3 in the fifth inning.

Tim Guidry led the inning off with a double, Brad Emaus knoced an RBI double two batters later and Seth Henry capped the "doubles" spree with a RBI double later in the inning.

C-USA Tournament: Straight away center

UAB's first-team all-conference catcher Danny Sawyer just hit a 2-run homer that landed right over the 390 sign in straight away center field at Clark-LeClair Stadium...

UAB has cut the deficit to 4-3 after 4 innings.

C-USA Tournament: Tulane, the sun and fans show up

After going down 1-0, Tulane responded in the top of the fourth with four runs.

Tulane has four runs and 8 hits in four innings.

The crowd has picked up, the sun has come out and the things are setting up for a great rest of the day for baseball...this stadium is really enjoyabe with the sun out and some people in the stands.

Tulane 4, UAB 1 in the fourth.

C-USA Tournament: Blazers strike first

UAB's Allen Aubin scored on a fielder's choice in the bottom of the third, pitting our first run of the game.

After UAB produced no hits in the first two inning, it got going in third with 1 run and 2 hits.

UAB is up 1-0 after 3 innings.

C-USA Tournament: The radar guns are out

About a dozen scouts are sitting behind home plate with radar guns, clocking Tulane's Sean Morgan.

Morgan, a junor two-way player, hit 88 and 89 mph when I walked by the scouts and checked out their radar screens. Morgan had 116 strikeouts in 96 innings pitched in the regular season.

After two innings we have no score, and UAB has yet to register a hit.

C-USA Tournament: Right on schedule

I don't want to jinx things, but first pitch of the Tulane-UAB game was EXACTLY at 12:30 p.m., marking the first game of the tournament that started on the exact scheduled time.

Tulane got 1 hit, but no runs in the top of the 1st. UAB is coming up to bat.

This game will feature two good pitchers, Tulane's all-conference pitcher Sean Morgan (7-4, 4,03 ERA) will face UAB senior Grant Addison (3-1, 2.48 ERA)

C-USA Tournament: Sutton out for tonight's game, maybe longer

I saw Southern Miss's team leader and first baseman Trey Sutton during lunch and he was hobbling with a knee brace on and said he would not play tonight. You could tell he was in a good amount of pain and was dissapointed. He injured his knee during a swing attempt last night.

Third-seeded Southern Miss and second-seeded ECU will play tonight at 7:30 p.m.

C-USA Tournament: Good's comments

UCF pitcher Jaager Good delivered the best pitching performance of the tournament this morning...

"My fastball had a lot more life on it today,' Good said after the game. "My curveball was probably the best that it's been all year. I was able to stay sharp and keep the ball down when I needed to."

UCF will play the loser of today's Rice/Memphis game tomorrow at 3 p.m.

"We are a pesky kind of team and I think we deserved this win today," said Good. "Whether it be Rice or Memphis that we face tomorrow, we will come out and give a full effort like knew we are capable of doing."

Good was right, the Golden Knights are a pesky team and I have been impressed with their determination as the eigth-seed this week.

C-USA Tournament: UCF upsets Houston

Fourth-seeded Houston came into the C-USA Tournament needing a strong showing in the tournament to help build its resume for a NCAA Regional bid, but the Cougars did the opposite, losing its first two games and becoming the first team eliminated in the C-USA Tournament.

The Cougars got blown out by Memphis yesterday, 12-4, and only managed four hits againts UCF today.

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C-USA Tournament: 3 outs left on Houston's season

No. 4 Houston is down 1-0 and 3 outs away from being eliminated from the C-USA Tournament. I'll update after the game ends with stats and thoughts. UCF has brought in its closer Justin Weiss.

C-USA Tournament: Old school baseball!

Chicks aren't digging the long ball this morning at Clark-LeClair Stadium, it's all about station-to-station baseball!

Golden Knight leadoff man Matt Horwath led off with a bunt singe, moved to second on a SAC bunt, advanced to third on a Tyson Auer infield single, and scored on a Kiko Vazquez fielders about small ball!

UCF 1, Houston 0 after six.

C-USA Tournament: The bats are still asleep, suprisingly.

Houston threatened in the fifth, but couldn't muster a run after loading the bases with 2 outs.

Sadly enough, that Cougar threat is the most exciting action we've had up to this point, but I don't mind since this is the first game of what will be another long day of exciting baseball.

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C-USA Tournament: Three scoreless

After three innings between No. 4 Houston No. 8 UCF, there is no score.

UCF's Jaager Good has been very strong, striking out 5 cougars in 3 innings.

There was 6 total home runs in yesterday's 9 a.m. game, I don't think these two teams will top that mark this morning. But as I found out yesterday, not much is predictable in this tournament.

C-USA Tournament: It's all Good, Jaager that is

UCF's pitcher Jaager Good just struck out the side in the top of the first. The Golden Knights are now coming to bat.

I tried to count the actual fans in the stadium and counted around 50 (give or take a few), which is similar to yesterday's 9 a.m. game. I guess everyone is trying to recover after 16 hours of baseball yesterday.

C-USA Tournament: First pitch: 9:02 a.m.

UCF and Hoston just got underway, at 9:02 a.m.

UCF is pitching Jaager Good(4-5, 4.22 ERA)

Houston is throwing Wes Musick(6-4, 3. 18 ERA)

UCF showed some fight against Rice yesterday, but I expect Houston to bounce back, led by Musick, after a sluggish performance yesterday.

C-USA Tournament: Heads or Tails, coach?

Their had to be two coin flips last night to decide who would be the home team today. Since UAB and Tulane were both away teams yesterday, a flip won by UAB pits them as the home team between the two today. And between ECU and Southern Miss, ECU won the coin toss and will be in its familiar home dugout again today.

C-USA Tournament: Coffee, please?

It seems like just a couple of hours ago when I was wrapping up Day 1...oh wait, I guess it was.

Anyway, Day 2 will start in about an hour with No. 4 Houston playing No. 8 UCF.

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C-USA Tournament: Day 1 Recap

Well, after 16 hours of baseball, Day 1 of the C-USA Tournament is over.

I thought the contrast between Bracket one and Bracket two was very interesting. The teams in bracket one pounded out run after run, whilte the bracket two games featured better pitching.

The most exciting game to watch was the Tulane-ECU game. Clark-LeClair Stadium really lit up when Eldridge hit the game-winner over the right field fence. I feel bad for Shoother Hunt though, he pitched a heck of game and deserves credit. Eldridge said after that game the the home run pitch was a good pitch by Hunt, he just made solid contact with it.

I have to be at the stadium 8 hours from now, so im signing off until tomorrow...

May 23, 2007

C-USA Tournament: Humble Harrison

Eldridge was very humble after the game, giving credit to Tulane pitcher Shooter Hunt, the Tulane program and his teamates.

"That's one of the biggest one's," Eldridge said of his game-winning home run in regards to his career. "But I can't take all the credit, this is a team game."

C-USA Tournament: Pirates win final game of the day

ECU beat Tulane in a very emotional game to end Day 1 of the C-USA Tournament.

Harrison Eldridge hit a game-winning 3-run homer in the bottom of the seventh, and ECU won the game 4-2.

Ironically enough, ECU defeated Tulane in last year's C-USA Tournament, 4-2, and two days later the Green Wave eliminated the Pirates from the Tournament.

I will post a full Day 1 recap in a little bit.

C-USA Tournament: Final Countdown

Jamie Ray singled home Stephen Batts in the bottom of the eighth, extending the Pirates' lead to 4-2.

Shane Mathews, who leads C-USA in saves, just entered the game in the top of the ninth...I'm going to go down for the press conference and will be back up with a recap after the interviews.

C-USA Tournament: Little big man

Harrison Eldridge, who is listed generously at 5-foot-7, just took a 1-2 offering from Shooter Hunt over the right field fence for a 3-run home run, giving the Pirates a 3-2 lead.

Eldridge pumped his fist as he trotted quickly around the bases and the players stormed to home plate to greet him, finally showing some life after six innings of little offense.

ECU 3, Tulane 2 after 7.

C-USA Tournament: Mowin' 'em down

Tulane's Shooter Hunt just struck out the side in the bottom of the sixth and has now struck out the last five ECU batters and has 7 K's on the game. ECU has managed only hit off the sophomore. Hunt is pitching a great game...

Tulane 2, ECU 0 after six.

C-USA Tournament: Tulane takes the lead

Tulane manufactured two runs in the sixth. Catcher Ty Wallace drove in two runs with a single to left field. Jason Neitz relieved T.J. Hose with 1 out in the inning.

Hose final line: 5.1 IP, 2 R's, 6 hits

The Green Wave are now up 2-0 with ECU coming to bat in the bottom of the sixth.

C-USA Tournament: Where'd the bats go?

The pitchers continue to dominate the ECU-Tulane game. Hose and Hunt have only allowed four combined hits so far.

The ruckus crowd at the beginning of the game is starting to lose its voice i guess, but it's hard to get excited about a bunch of strikeouts and groundouts. This matchup has certainly lived up to its expected pitching duel so far.

After five innings, there is no score and once again, only four hits.

C-USA Tournament: He's on fire!

No I'm not playing NBA Jam on Sega Genisis, ECU first baseman Stephen Batts just extended his C-USA long hitting streak to 23 games with a single to right field in the third. He is now tied with Arizona Diamondback Chad Tracy for 2nd on ECU's all-time hitting streak charts. The record is 28 games, held by Steve Sides in 1987.

Three scoreless innings are in the books...Tulane is coming to bat in the fourth.

Hunt and Hose are really battling out there and putting on a great pitching duel.

C-USA Tournament: No runs, no hits, no errors

After two innings of the nightcap between Tulane and ECU, the scoreboard looks like this:

Tulane 0 0 0
ECU 0 0 0

The Pirates loaded the bases off walks and hit batsman, but failed to plate a run in the bottom of the second.

T.J. Hose is pitching very well, he has three strikeouts already.

There is a lot of emotion in this stadium right now as well, great atmospthere for two good baseball programs to play in!

C-USA Tournament: Injury update

Trey Sutton, one of Southern Miss's best players, twisted his knee in the eighth inning on a swing attempt and coach said after the game that Sutton is questionable for tomorrow's game against the winner of Tulane/ECU.

C-USA Tournament: Fans filing in

The ECU fans have packed Clark-LeClair Stadium and are creating a great home field advantage for the Pirates, and by the way the game is still about 30 minutes away. Tulane has been a thorn in ECU's side lately, but you couldn't tell right now as these fans should provide some extra momentum for the ECU players.

C-USA Tournament: History lesson

The last game of the day should start around 8:15 and even though Tulane is a lower seed than ECU, the Green Wave might have the psychological edge and a little mojo on their side. Tulane has won nine of the last 12 games between the two, and has beaten ECU in the C-USA Tournament the past two years. ECU and Tulane squared off in the first round of last year's tournament and ECU won 4-2, but two days later Tulane got revenge by eliminating the Pirates from the tournament. We'll see in a little bit how this year's tournament version of Tulane v. ECU will play out...

C-USA Tournament: Golden Eagles win 9-5

No. 3 Southern Miss just wrapped the third game of the day, beating No. 6 UAB, 9-5.

Tyler Conn (1-1) picked up the win, pitching 2 2/3 scoreless innings in relief of Belanger. James Ewing led the Golden Eagles offesnively with 3 RBIs.

Next up: No. 7 Tulane against No. 2 ECU, the game should start about 45 minutes from the meantime I'm going to the hospitality tent for dinner!

C-USA Tournament: Quite a seventh-inning stretch

Right after I said don't count the Golden Eagles out, they respond by scoring six runs in the bottom of the seventh and take a 8-5 lead...

Your welcome USM, it's the karma.

C-USA Tournament: Tough spot for a pinch-hitter

Southern Miss pinch-hit Keith Winstead for Eddie Burger with the bases loaded in the sixth, full count, 2 outs and losing 5-2.

Winstead struck out looking, but had a very good at-bat, fighting off pitch after pitch in a lengthy at-bat.

UAB is up 5-2 after six innings, but I wouldn't count the Golden Eagles out just yet.

C-USA Tournament: Welcome to the Jungle

As the UAB-Southern Miss game is chugging along(UAB is still winning 5-1) their seems to be a good amount of purple and gold filling the berm behind the left field fence known as "The Jungle." The Jungle should be rocking in a couple of hours and provide a great 10th man for ECU, maybe not so much for the Tulane leftfielder though.

I talked to ECU starting pitcher T.J. Hose on Monday, and he said he knows the fans in jungle are behind him and are his 10th man. Hose displays a lot of emotion on the mound and seems to pitch well when his 10th man is really behind him, so wel'll see how things go tonight for the ECU ace.

C-USA Tournament: Kudos for Kloskowski

After a day full of home runs and ERA skyrocketing, UAB's Mitch Kloskowski is providing the C-USA Tournament with a little pitching.

Kloskowski has pitched great, allowing one run on two hits in five innings.

UAB 5, USM 1 after five innings.

C-USA Tournament: Blazers gets to Belanger

UAB got to USM all-conference pitcher Ryan Belagner in the fifth...

Phil Bell singled home Tyler Rollin with 1 out and the bases loaded, followed by a 2-RBI double by Ryan Keedy. Tyler Conn has relieved Belanger with runners on second and third, 1 out and UAB up 4-1.

C-USA Tournament: Settling down

After both ace pitchers each gave up a run in the first inning of UAB-Southern Miss, the pitchers have settled down, throwing two scoreless innings...

UAB and Southern Miss are still tied at one after three innings.

C-USA Tournament: Good decision, Trey!

Southern Miss's Trey Sutton stepped into the batters box in the bottom of the first, stopped, turned around and switched bats with the player on deck. Sutton then proceeded to take the first pitch over the rightfield fence for a solo home run...must have been the bat!

After one inning, UAB and Southern Miss are tied at one.

C-USA Tournament: Can we have some pitching, please?

The PA announcer is revealing the starting lineups of UAB and Southern Miss to the fans, and the third game of the day is almost ready to begin.

Southern Miss is pitching ace senior Ryan Belanger (7-4, 2.37 ERA)

UAB will also throw its ace, Mitch Kloskowski (5-5, 3.92 ERA)

After two long games full of offense, a pitching duel could happen in this game. The four teams in the first two games combined for 38 runs and 59 hits.

C-USA Tournament: Graham on Greenville

Rice Head Coach Wayne Graham was very complementary of ECU's baseball facilites...

"It's a wonderful facility, good atmosphere, good fans and good places to eat," Graham said of Greenville.

C-USA Tournament: Savery pitching update

Rice Head Coach Wayne Graham told me after the game that he does not have a plan for C-USA Player-of-the-Year Joe Savery yet, as far as when he will pitch this week...

"He needs to pitch, but we really don't need him to pitch until its a elimination game," said Graham. "Even if that's the last game on Sunday."

C-USA Tournament: Rice dominates

Rice beat UCF 16-6 in eight innings, the 10-run rule came into affect.

Joe Savery went 5-for-6, and Jordan Dodson drove in 5 runs to lead the Rice offense.

Ryan Berry improved his record to 10-2, while UCF's Mitch Herold dropped to 0-3 on the season.

UAB and Southern Miss are next, first pitch is scheduled for 4:45.

C-USA Tournament: 18 runs in 3 innings

Rice and UCF combined for 19 runs in the fourth, fifth and sixth innings. The score is now 14-6 after six innings.

C-USA Tournament: Berry out

Rice's Ryan Berry has been taken out after Matt Horwath's 2-run single made the score 11-6 in the sixth inning. Berry, who was named C-USA Freshman-of-the-Year on Monday, gave up six runs in five innings pitched.

Score is 11-6 with Rice coming to bat in sixth with the lead.

C-USA Tournament: seesaw battle between Rice and UCF

This game has gone back and forth since the start. Rice scored five runs in the fourth, making the score 7-3 in favor of the top-seeded Owls. Rice scored all five of its runs with two outs in the inning.

There is also a much quicker pace to this game than the first one, which all media loves on a day like today!

C-USA Tournament: Golden Knights respond

UCF responded in the top of the fourth, taking the lead at 3-2.

Kiko Vazquez got things rolling with a RBI double after Tyson Auer leadoff with a single. Ryan Richardson plated Vazquez on a single to left field, tying the game at 2. Chadd Hartman gave the Golden Knights the lead later in the inning with a sacrifice fly.

UCF is competing like crazy against heavily-favored Rice, I think some karma rubbed off on UCF when Journey's "Dont stop believing" played after Rice took a 2-0 lead...don't mess with the karma!

UCF 3, Rice 2 heading into the bottom of the fourth

C-USA Tournament: Spoke too soon

So after Josh Brown started the UCF third with a double, he was thrown out at third on a SAC bunt attempt by the next batter. UCF still managed to get a runner to third in the inning, but Dwayne Bailey ended the inning with a strikeout.

In the bottom half, RIce took the lead when Aaron Luna drove in his 48th run of the year with a single, scoring Tyler Henley. The C-USA Player-of-the-Year Joe Savery followed suit with a RBI single of his own.

Rice is up 2-0 as we head into the fourth...and ironically enough, Journey's "Don't stop believing" was played in-between innings.

C-USA Tournament: Stats can be deceiving

UCF's starting pitcher Mitch Herold gave up 31 runs in 23 innings during the regular season, but the left-hander has looked good in the early goings against RIce.

Herold has pitched two scoreless innings, allowing only one hit. Ryan Berry of Rice has also allowed one hit and no runs in the first two frames.

Shane Brown just led off the UCF third inning with a ground rule double...maybe UCF saw my David v. Goliath post? I'll update after this inning.

C-USA Tournament: Stadium waking up

Rice and UCF just started the second game of the day at 12:46 p.m. (only 16 minutes behind schedule, ill take it) and evidently some fans decided to show up to this one.

Rice and UCF have both brought a good amount of fans and there is suddenly a little energy in Clark-LeClair Stadium. The attendance should continue to increase as the day progresses, the nightcap between Tulane and ECU(host team) should produce the biggest crowd of the day and should be a great atmosphere for postseason baseball!

UCF went down in order in the top of the first, Rice is coming to bat...

C-USA Tournament: David v. Goliath

Lunch was good, and top-seeded Rice is about to tangle with eighth-seeded UCF. First pitch is scheduled for 12:35 p.m.

Rice has never lost a C-USA Tournament game, never lost a C-USA series, is ranked 2nd in the nation and on a 18-game winning streak. UCF, on the other hand, barely snuck into the tournament as the eighth and final seed....but that is why they play the game folks!

Rice will pitch the C-USA Freshman-of-the-Year in Ryan Berry (9-2, 2.45 ERA)

UCF will counter with left-hander Mitch Herold (0-2, 9.39 ERA)

C-USA Tournament: Memphis wins game 1

Fifth-seeded Memphis defeated fourth-seeded Houston 12-3 in Game 1 of the C-USA Tournament.

Tiger freshman Brennon Martin pitched his first career complete game, allowing four runs on nine hits. The crafty left-hander came into the game with a 3-1 record and 4.91 ERA in five regular season starts.

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C-USA Tournament: Web Gem!

Memphis centerfielder K.K. Chalmers just made one of the best defensive plays I've ever seen. Chalmerrs robbed Houston leadoff man Ryan Lormand when he climbed the wall in left-center, almost falling over the fence into what is knows as "The Jungle" at Clark-LeClair Stadium.

The score is 11-3, Memphis in the lead, as we enter the ninth inning.

C-USA Tournament: Somebody ate their Wheaties this morning

I hate to be redundant, but Memphis is crushing the ball today. In the sixth, Michael Murray led off the inning with a solo home run, and two batters later Adam Amar hit his second homer of the day with a shot that went about 391 ft. to the 390 part of centerfield.

The fifth-seeded Tigers now have 15 hits, four home runs and a 10-2 lead over fourth-seeded Houston in the sixth.

C-USA Tournament: Memphis adds a couple

Memphis has extended its lead to 7-2, with Houston coming to bat in the fifth. The Tigers added one run in the fourth and another in the fifth.

Memphis has scored in every inning of the game so far, except for the second. The Tigers know how to score runs and if they get solid pitching the rest of the tournament, they could be a scary team because of their ability to hit the ball.

C-USA Tournament: Home run derby?

The third inning between Memphis and Houston featured three home runs...

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C-USA Tournament: We're goin' streaking

Houston senior Josh Stirneman just extended his career-long hitting streak to 12 games with a leadoff single in the bottom of the second. Houston couldn't manage much after that though, stranding him at first base.

After two innings, Memphis is up 2-0.

C-USA Tournament: Memphis strikes first

Memphis wasted no time showing off its offensive ability as senior Adam Amar beamed the right field foul pole for a 2-run home run with two outs. The Tigers posted two runs and three hits in the top of the 1st.

I have a feeling Memphis isn't done scoring in this game, they can really hit the ball. Houston will now take its turn against Memphis pitcher Brennon Martin (3-1, 4.91 ERA).

C-USA Tournament: And they're off

Houston's Aaron Brown just officialy started the 2007 C-USA Tournament at 9:06 a.m., delivering a fastball to Memphis leadoff hitter K.K. Chalmers for ball one. Chalmers flied out five pitchers later.

C-USA Tournament: Importance of Day 1

I just arrived at Clark-LeClair Stadium (yes it is 8:30 in the morning) and I'm ready for Day 1 of the C-USA Tournament. I've talked to many coaches and players this week and all of them have stressed the importance of winning in the first round...

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May 22, 2007

C-USA Tournament: Injury update

I talked with ECU Head Coach Billy Godwin after practice yesterday and he said that shortstop Dale Mollenhauer will be available to pinch-run this week, but probably won't do much else.

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C-USA Tournament: And the winner is...

The baseball starts tomorrow, but C-USA announced its award winners for the 2007 season today. Here are the winners:

Player of the Year: Joe Savery, Rice
Pitcher of the Year: Ryne Tacker, Rice
Freshman of the Year: Ryan Berry, Rice
Newcomer of the Year: Jimmy Cesario, Houston
Coach of the Year: Wayne Graham, Rice

Savery was named first team all-conference at first base, and second team as a pitcher...pretty impressive!

Greenville: C-USA Tournament Preview

The Conference USA Tournament starts tomorrow in Greenville, NC at ECU's Clark-LeClair Stadium and there are a lot of intriguing matchups on Day 1...

Houston and Memphis, seeded fourth and fifth respectively, will start the action at 9 a.m. This could be a make-or-break game for both teams, as they are both fighting for a NCAA regional bid and both finished the regular season with 12-12 records in C-USA. Houston won the regular season series between the two, taking two of three at Memphis in a wild series. The teams combined for 59 runs in three games. Memphis has one of the strongest offenses in the conference. Memphis shortstop Michael Murray leads C-USA with a .391 batting average, and Bill Moss and Joey Lieberman are tied for the conference lead with 12 home runs. Houston's redshirt freshman Wes Musick will try to tame the Tigers' offense. Musick has a 6-4 record and a 3.18 ERA in 14 starts this season.

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