June 04, 2007

Final thoughts on the College Station Regional

First of all, I want to thank CSTV for giving me an opportunity to Blog on this weekend's games. It was a great regional and the teams were amazing, all of them. This regional had anything you could ever want.

Kyle Thebeau put the exclamation mark on it for Texas A&M. In front of a capacity crowd here at Olsen Field, he struck out the final four batters for a complete game, and he allowed only two runs to the Louisiana Lafayette Cajuns. It was a comeback effort all weekend for Texas A&M. After defeating Le Moyne in game one, they fell to the Cajuns in game two and had to bounce back to win a double-header on Sunday.

Thebeau then took them on his back to win the finale and advance to the Houston Super Regional, defeating the Cajuns one last time, 5-2. The MVP went to Blake Stouffer of Texas A&M, who had a career day yesterday against OSU, hitting for the cycle and clubbing six RBIs in one game.

This was a very competitive group of teams. I really only saw one blow out in the seven games. I hope I get this kind of chance again in the future. Thanks again to anyone who has been keeping up with me and reading this. Gig 'em Aggies.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Ninth inning




#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Eighth inning

Two out single up the middle for Parker Dalton. I'm writting a column for my newspaper, and as this game gets closer to a finish, I will only give pertinent updates from now on.

Play made at third. On to first to retire the side. Go time right now for the Cajuns.

2-0 count to the leadoff man and Childress is out to talk to Thebeau. This is likely his last batter. He has really been clutch today in a decisive game.

Base hit down the line by Bourque to lead off the inning. He's putting together quite a night offensively for the Cajuns. Thebeau remains in.

Another single. This time by Alexander. Childress SHOULD get him now. Tying run comes to the plate. The dangerous Nolan Gisclair.

Great atmosphere. Crowd chanting "Thebeau," cheering him on.

Big out made by shortstop. Throw to first for the first out. Runners advance. Not out of trouble by a long shot. Jon Lucroy now up.




#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Seventh inning

LEADOFF TRIPLE SPLITS THE GAP IN RIGHT CENTER BY KYLE COLLIGAN! Good start for A&M, who really wants some insurance.

Walk issued to Hicks with one out. Runners at the corners now.

Grounder to second and play cannot be made! Run scores as Blake Stouffer reaches and collects another RBI. Aggies increase the lead to 5-2.

High fly popup to second and the play is made to retire the side.

A&M gets an important run. 5-2 Aggies. Really time to go to work now for the Cajuns.

Good start for Thebeau. Strikeout swinging.

Little popup to third. Easy play to first. The Cajuns are punchless against Thebeau.

Long fly to center but it is playable. That ends the inning. A&M is 6 outs from advancing. The crowd can feel it.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Sixth inning

Line shot right to second to start the sixth. One out.

Bunt popped up right to the pitcher for the second out.

Jammed him. Popup down the third base line is easy for the third out.

Another ideal 1-2-3 inning for Lafayette. Their offense needs to respond.

High pop to shallow right is easy for the first out.

Popup on the infield and that's an easy second out. Thebeau has calmed down nicely after a two run third. He's giving coach Rob Childress some valuable innngs here.

Strike three swinging and Thebeau is mowing them down. The crowd loves it. Inning over. Time running out on the Cajuns.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Fifth inning

Fly ball to center for first out.

Hot shot to third bobbled but he stays with it for out number two.

Grounder to deep second but handled. On to first. 1-2-3.

That's something Lafayette needed. Let's see if their bats can respond similarly.

Good start for Lafayette. Van de Keere with a liner over second for a single to lead things off.

Hit and run works for Lafayette. Single right through third and short by Bourque. Runner can't reach third, however. First and second with nobody out.

Fly ball to right. Play made and a good throw back to the infield holds the runners. One away.

Popup to short. Play made but the flip gets away. Runner heading to third but he's out on a good throw made by Dalton! That was an odd double play.

That certainly takes the wind out of the sails of the Cajuns. They had the first two on with nobody out and didn't even move them over.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Fourth inning

One away on a fly to right.

Tough hop can't be handled over in short on a chopper by Parker Dalton. He reaches with one out.

Slow grounder to second and there's no chance for the double play. On to first for one out. Two away and a runner at second.

Grounder up the middle handled by short. On to first BUT COLLIGAN IS SAFE! Runners hold at the corners with two still out.

Line drive to center but it's right at the fielder. Side retired.

Cajuns almost gave some of their hard work back, but good job by Pilgreen getting out of some trouble. I'd say they still have the momentum.

Strike three looking on the outside corner. Not the way Cajuns wanted to get started.

Another strikeout for Thebeau. Two gone now. Cajuns need to make some contact.

They do there but it's a grounder right to short to end the inning.

Nothing doing in the fourth. 4-2 A&M.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Third inning

Another double hit off the wall in right. Great piece of hitting by Stouffer, who is still on a tear. Robichaux may want to think about pulling Glass now before this gets worse.

Said and done. Matt Pilgreen, who had a fantastic game against Ohio State, takes the mound. Runner at second with no one out. Aggies threatening, already with a 4-0 lead.

Bunt bounced off home plate and HIGH in the air. That holds up long enough to get the runner to third.

Bouncing ball to second. Play at the plate. STOUFFER IS OUT. FIRST BASE COACH FOR A&M IS EJECTED FOR ARGUING WITH THE UMPIRE! This is getting heated quickly. Now Childress out to talk to the ump.

Well, out of all that, Anders reaches first and the Aggies can't score. Two gone.

Strike three swinging and the side is retired.

Things got a little hairy that inning, but finally resolved. A&M still with the lead and the momentum.

Long fly ball to right is just short of the track for out number one.

Colligan makes a sliding catch in center to pull down out number two. That thing was falling fast.

Devon Bourque reaches on an error. Cajuns are yet to have a hit.

Just as I typed that, Xavier Alexander reaches on an infield single. Runners at first and second with two out. Childress out to talk to Thebeau. He wants to nip this in the bud.

BASE HIT OVER SECOND. THAT WILL SCORE A RUN! Nolan Gisclair comes through and there are runners at the corners. Two gone still.

BASE HIT JUST PAST SHORTSTOP FOR AN RBI SINGLE! Jon Lucroy with the RBI and here come the Cajuns. 4-2 A&M. Runners go to the corners.

High fly to right and that's easy for the third out. Inning over.

Good job by the Cajuns fighting back. They aren't going to lay down. 4-2 going to the fourth.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Second inning


THAT ONE IS A GAPPER! Brian Ruggiano lines it over the shortstop and into left center and he LEGS IT INTO A TRIPLE! He drove that one nicely to find the gap. Runner on third with one out. Glass needs to be careful here and not give this wild crowd anything else to cheer about.

Bunt down the first base line is perfect by Feltner. The throw just gets him at first but another run scores for A&M. 2-0 Aggies out to the early lead.

Shot over to third is MISPLAYED! That should be an error as Parker Dalton reaches first.

Wild pitch and Dalton will advance. Glass needs to get it under control here before this thing gets worse.

LINE SHOT BY DANE CARTER INTO LEFT CENTER. THAT ONE GETS IN THE GAP AS WELL! RBI double and another run scores and it's 3-0. Aggies are making Glass pay for his mistakes. These are some fat pitches.

ANOTHER SHOT UP THE MIDDLE FOR AN RBI SINGLE! This time it's Kyle Colligan coming through. He'll get to second on a bad throw home. 4-0 now. Aggies are teeing off. This may not be Glass's day.

Finally a chopper to third retires the Aggies.

Aggies with some clutch two-out hitting. Buddy Glass can't afford any more innings remotely like that one. A&M came to play today. 4-0 Aggies.

Easy pop just out of the infield at second and there's one away.

Strike three looking. That's the last thing the Cajuns want to do. They can't be handing Thebeau confidence boosters by not taking the bat of their shoulders.

Strike three swinging this time. Thebeau is dealing to start.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: First inning

Kyle Colligan draws a walk with one away for the first baserunner of the game for A&M.

He's thrown out on a bullet on the very next pitch. Cajuns have handled A&M's speed quite well during the regional. Tough task.

Another walk. This time there are two gone, Hicks goes to first. Glass may be a little wild this inning.

High pop to end the inning.

Good job by Glass pitching around some walks. Cajuns coming up.

Strike three swinging on three pitches. Good sign for the Aggies to have Thebeau, someone who has struggled for them, get off to a good start.

Strike three swinging again. Two strikeouts to start off.

Great play by second baseman Parker Dalton. There was a sharp grounder that ricocheted off of the first baseman's glove. It bounced right to Dalton who hung with it and threw a strike to the pitcher covering. Inning over.

Not much action that inning. Good start for both pitchers.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette

Championship monday here in the College Station Regional. This will be the deciding game of this regional to determine who moves on to the Rice Super Regional in Houston. This is the third of three games between the Texas A&M Aggies, and the Louisiana Lafayette Cajuns.

A&M was able to force this championship game by defeating the Cajuns last night by a score of 4-1.

Buddy Glass makes the start for the Cajuns. He has a 7-4 record in 14 starts and a 3.28 ERA. Kyle Thebeau gets the nod for A&M. He has a 2-5 record in 8 starts and a 5.10 ERA.

It's been a spectacular weekend of games, and I really hope this championship game is just as good.

June 03, 2007

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Ninth inning

Hot shot through at third. Big spot here for the Cajuns.



WE"RE GOING TO DAY FOUR! WHAT AN EXCITING REGIONAL THIS HAS BEEN! Regional championship coming up tomorrow night at 6:30 p.m. Aggies win this one 4-1.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Eighth inning

Line shot past first by Jonathan Lucroy for a good start to the Cajun eighth. They need to get started quickly.

Another base hit by Lafayette. This time it's Tatford. That should be the last batter for Migl. Two on with no outs.

Standing round of applause for Scott Migl. GREAT performance. 7+ innings and no runs surrendered yet. However, both runners are his responsibility.

Travis Starling now on to pitch for A&M. He needs to nail down six more for the Aggies to stay alive. Tough spot here, though.

LONG FLY BALL, BUT IT'S CORRALED IN RIGHT FIELD! Gisclair might have got under it a little. Runner at second moves to third and a big first out for A&M. Runners at the corners.

Another long fly ball but this one hangs up for Colligan in center. Runner easily scores from third on a sacrifice fly and the Cajuns are on the board, 4-1. However, there are two outs now.

Pinch hitter Justin Robichaux lines one up the middle for the Cajuns. Runners at second and first and the tying run is coming up to the plate. This might go down to the wire just like last night.

Chopper to first stays fair and playable. Side retired. Big pitches made by Travis Starling for the Aggies. Cajuns get on the board but are three outs from defeat. 4-1 A&M.

A&M goes down in order. Last chance coming up for the Cajuns.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Seventh inning

Migl remains in to deal for A&M in here in the seventh. It's getting late for the Cajuns. Pinch hitter Van de Keere starts it off.

High pop to dead shallow center. Shortstop camps under it and one is gone.

Another high pop to third. Hauled in in foul territory and two gone.

Josh Logan reaches on a high chopper that bounces off the third baseman's glove. Shortstop would have had a play on it. Runner at first with two gone.

Another high popup right to second. Seventh inning stretch time. Cajuns can't get anything going against Migl, who is really pitching well.

LINE DRIVE TO DEEP LEFT, OFF THE WALL! Brian Ruggiano JUST missed a homer there. He reaches second for a leadoff double. Aggies definitely want to increase the lead and get some insurance here.

Quick play made on a bunt by Colligan. Solich looks to third, but has no play, so on to first. Aggies have a golden opportunity here with one out.

Cajuns may be pitching around Hicks to set up a double play. Count is 3-0.

I guess not. Smash up the middle and play made by the second baseman playing in, on to home and Ruggiano is caught in a run-down. Second out but Hicks advances to second. Tough luck for A&M.

NOW Louisiana is going to give a free pass. Four wide to Blake Stouffer and runners are at first and second now with two gone. I'm sure they want to have that force available at second.

LONG FLY BALL DOWN THE LEFT FIELD LINE AND IT'S RIGHT OFF THE TOP OF THE WALL BY CRAIG STINSON! Oh man, that missed being a homer by inches! AND STINSON IS CUT DOWN TRYING TO STRETCH IT INTO A TRIPLE! Both runners score however, a two run double for Craig Stinson and A&M gets that insurance to push the lead to 4-0.

Big runs for A&M. Migl has to feel very relieved now. Great clutch hit by Craig Stinson. Time is really against the Cajuns now.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Sixth inning

Lacing liner to left by Tatford but it's caught for out number one of the sixth. Good job by Migl working back from a 2-0 count.

High fly to center and it's an easy second out. Two gone here in the sixth. Migl could use a 1-2-3 inning here.

He won't get it. Hot chopper to third can't be handled by Ruggiano and is through to left for a single. One on with two outs.

WHAT A CATCH MADE IN FOUL TERRITORY DOWN THE THIRD BASE LINE TO RETIRE THE CAJUNS! Brian Ruggiano ran as far as he could, slid into the wall and made the grab to end that half inning. What a play and the fans here at Olsen love it. Great job by the Aggies picking up for Migl. A&M is nine outs from sending this to a Monday showdown.

Strike three to start the Aggies half. Solich has really done a great job holding them to two.

Base hit up the middle for Greene. Good piece of hitting on the first pitch. Runner on first with one out.

Bunt by Feltner is popped up, but Jonathan Lucroy bobbles and can't hang on. Then he makes a bad throw to second and the runner is safe. Everyone is safe. What an odd play. First and second with one gone.

BIG DOUBLE PLAY BALL FOR THE CAJUNS AND THEY TURN TWO TO GET OUT OF THAT MESS! Grounder right to the second baseman and it's turned easily. Wow, there has been some great clutch pitching in this game. Aggies still lead by two.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Fifth inning

More computer problems. Trouble here for A&M. First and third with two out and Lucroy coming up.

Lucroy grounds to third and that does it for the Cajuns, who are again unable to push a run across.

High popup to center for out number one for the Aggies.

Liner right to the first baseman for out number two. Good stab.

Popup to first this time and an easy 1-2-3 for the Cajuns. Inning over. We head to the sixth, with the Aggies still up 2-0.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Fourth inning

Smash down the first base line is under the glove and into foul territory for a double. Great hit by Jefferies Tatford, the hero of last night. Good start to the inning for Lafayette.

Fly to right and a good throw back to the infield to keep the runner from tagging. One away.

Popped up. Easy catch made in shallow center made by Hicks. Two away and Migl is one out from getting out of another jam.

Count goes full against Matt Casbon. BIG spot here.

STRIKE THREE SWINGING! Side retired for Migl who works around another jam.

Lafayette needs to start capitalizing on these chances they're getting. They don't want to lose this game and give A&M the momentum, and the homefield advantage, going into Monday.

First pitch swinging by Brodie Greene and he smashes it between third and short for a leadoff single. Good start for A&M.

Feltner with another sac bunt. That's good enough to get Greene to second. One away. A&M doesn't mind playing small-ball.

Ball four outside. Solich walks Parker Dalton to put them at first and second. Lafayette doesn't want this to get further out of hand. Team visit at the mound to talk things over.

Line drive to deep right, but right fielder has a beat on it. That was smacked. Two gone and runners stay at first and second.


With these two very competitive teams, I doubt we will continue to see them miss these opportunities. Very good pitching so far.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Third inning

Easy grounder to short to start off the inning. One gone

Devon Bourque with a liner over short. That's down for a hit and the Cajuns have a runner. One on with one out.

Josh Howell chops one in front of the plate. Migl fields it and on to first for two outs. Good as a swinging bunt, as the runner moves to second.

Migl's pitch comes way too far in and hits Xavier Alexander. Two on with two outs. Migl seems to be getting a little flustered here, so Childress comes out to talk to him. They really want to preserve this lead and not let it get away like last night. There's action in the Aggies bullpen. The dangerous Jon Lucroy is coming up.

2-2 pitch coming up. Both sides are getting into it. This place is getting loud.

LONG FLY BALL, BUT IT'S CAUGHT IN RIGHT. Big out for Texas A&M. Side retired and Migl is able to hold the Cajuns in place.

Base hit through the left side by Kyle Colligan. He has caught fire lately and has his second hit of the game. Leadoff man on for A&M.

Another bunt. Catcher Lucroy fields and just barely gets Hicks running to first. Good enough for a sacrifice. Runner to second with one out.

It's been all outside pitches to the slugger Blake Stouffer. Lafayette seems to be pitching around him.

There's ball four way outside. Runners at first and second now with one gone.

Long fly ball is caught just shy of the warning track in right. Runner at second tags and makes it to third. Two gone with runners at the corners.

Strike three swinging and side is retired. Big pitches made in a tough spot by Solich.

The Cajuns have held the Aggies in place the last two innings. Now they have to get something going themselves.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Second inning

Grounder to first it booted by Ruggiano. Nolan Gisclair reaches on the error. The hop ate him up. One on to lead off.

WHAT A TURN! Even with Gisclair running, the Aggies turn two on a grounder to short. Instantaneous flip by Hicks just as he fielded it, then Dalton makes a nice throw to first. What a double play! Two gone suddenly for the Cajuns.

Strike three swinging. Aggie fans love it. Side is retired.

Migl is pitching very well thusfar in this crucial game for A&M. He's dealing strikes.

Bunt that deadens perfectly by Ben Feltner, but Solich throws a fastball to first to get him just in time. Good job fielding his position.

Parker Dalton nails a flare to center that falls in. One on with one out.

Easy double play ball right to second. Nice turn by the Cajuns to end the inning.

Not much going on that inning. Of course, the first inning was pretty hairy.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: First inning

First pitch at 7:07 p.m. is a strike inside.

Josh Logan took a foul ball and has been hobbling for a while. Now he steps in.

Strike three swinging. Adding insult to injury for Logan. Out number one.

Running catch made in right. Hauled in in foul territory. Two gone in the top of the first.

Line drive smacked to left field by Lucroy down the line. Nice job to get over and hold him to a single. One on with two outs.

High fly ball to left and it holds up for an easy catch and the third out. Side retired.

Good job in the first inning by the freshman Migl. He certainly has a raucous crowd behind him.

Leadoff man retired for A&M on a grounder up the middle.

LONG FLY BALL TO LEFT AND IT IS WAY OUT OF HERE FOR A HOME RUN! Solo shot by Kyle Colligan and the Aggies strike first. That was tagged and a no-doubter. 1-0 A&M. That's his second of the regional.

Brandon Hicks smashes one past third for a single. Tough hop. Runner on first with one out. Team meeting at the mound to try to regroup. The A&M fans are really getting into it now. Here comes the red hot Blake Stouffer.

Stouffer just got under one. High fly to left for out number two.

Solich jams Stinson on a two strike pitch. BUT IT'S THROUGH PAST THE THIRD BASEMAN! That will certainly be an error. Throw to second is late and now they are calling obstruction on the second baseman Alexander. HICKS IS AWARDED THIRD! Very odd play. Runners at the corners with two gone.

Little tapper off the plate. PITCHER FIELDS BUT NO ONE IS COVERING FIRST! Run scores on an infield hit by Luke Anders. Mental mistakes are proving costly for Lafayette. Anders with the RBI and A&M takes a 2-0 lead.

Shot to short and it's an easy force play. Inning over.

That was a wild bottom half. A&M is the beneficiary of a gift run from the Cajuns, as well as a long ball. 2-0 Aggies.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette

This game is the finale of day three here in the College Station Regional. We all know the deal. A&M must win in order to stay alive. Lafayette can advance to the Super Regionals if they take tonight's matchup. If A&M wins tonight, we will play a deciding game tomorrow night.

Scott Migl takes the mound for A&M. He has a 4.03 ERA and a 6-3 record in 10 starts. Brent Solich gets the nod for Louisiana Lafayette. He has a 3.18 ERA and a 5-1 record in 9 starts. Just about ready to go. This should be another sellout, and with luck, another great game.

Stouffer, Aggies break out the bats to defeat Buckeyes

It was a day to remember for Texas A&M junior Blake Stouffer. He hit for the cycle, nailing a home run, a triple, a double, and a single, and compiled six RBIs in the process. This was a major factor in lifting the Aggies to a 10-4 victory over the Ohio State Buckeyes.

A&M got a solid performance from starting pitcher Kirkland Rivers. Rivers pitched four innings and allowed three runs, but the way the Aggies scored was a real boost.

The Aggies struck first in the first inning on a single by Stouffer to drive in his first run. Two innings later the Aggies broke the game open when Stouffer smacked a three-run homer run to give them a 4-0 lead.

Ohio State starter J.B. Shuck struggled and surrendered six runs in five innings. The Buckeyes fought back in the fourth inning with two runs and fifth inning with another run to cut the lead to 5-3.

Team captain Matt Angle had two hits and scored a run, and Cory Rupert added a two-run home run to provide a spark for the Buckeyes.

However, A&M scored in five straight innings from the third to the seventh. Stouffer added his RBI triple and double in those frames to notch his second cycle performance of the season. His six RBIs made the difference in the 10-4 final score.

Josh Stinson and Luke Anders also cranked out homers for A&M. Closer Gary Campfield came in and held the Buckeyes to one run in the last five innings.

The loss eliminates the Buckeyes from the tournament. The Aggies will now wait for the night game, where they will play the winner of last night's game, Louisiana Lafayette. That game will be held at 7 p.m. at Olsen Field.

The Aggies need to win that game to stave off elimination. If they do, they will play the Cajuns again in a deciding game on Monday.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #3 Ohio State: Ninth inning

Looks like Childress is counting on Campfield to finish the job.

Strike three is dropped by Stinson, but he applies the tag for out number one. One away.

Lazy fly to left for second out. Fans come to their feet urging their Aggies on to victory.

Line drive falls for pinch hitter Adam Schneider. That was a good piece of hitting going the other way to right. Runner on first with two gone.

STRIKE THREE SWINGING AND THE AGGIES WIN! OSU is eliminated and the Aggies move on to play ULL tonight.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #3 Ohio State: Eighth inning

Campfield is still in there dealing for the Aggies. Six outs from victory

Balls three and four just miss for Campfield. Kennedy is on at first for OSU.

Brian DeLucia is on to pinch run.

Ryan Dew DRILLS a pitch that just missed leaving the ballpark. It his the top of the wall in left and so did fielder Luke Anders. Runners hold up at second and third. OSU threatening here with nobody out.

SHOT RIGHT BACK TO CAMPFIELD AND HE MAKES THE CATCH THEN THROWS TO THIRD FOR A DOUBLE PLAY! Big play for A&M. That may be the death knell for the Buckeyes. That was a back breaker

Another great play made at first this time. Stouffer made a leaping stab at a line drive at first. Great play and the side is retired. A&M fans love it and are on their feet.

Lefty Josh Edgin is on to pitch now for the Buckeyes. His second appearance of the regional.

Chopper to third over the pitcher and the throw JUST gets Brodie Greene at first. Nice play.

Great pick on a grounder back up the middle by Kovanda, but he makes a bad throw and can't get Stinson. Runner at first with one gone.

DIVING STOP MADE AT THIRD. On to first and just gets the runner. Great play by DeLucia at third. Two gone and a runner at second.

Bouncer to second. On to first and the Aggies are retired.

Last chance for the Buckeyes. Looks as though A&M will survive, though.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #3 Ohio State: Seventh inning

Play made on a chopper to deep short and the throw just gets Howell at first. One away.

Liner for a single to right for Matt Angle. That guy is a player. He can hit.

He can run too. Throw is way late at second. Runner in scoring position with one gone.

Hard liner to right but right at the outfielder. Two away and the runner can't advance.

Shot up the middle ricochets off of the second baseman. Run scores on an infield RBI hit by Miller. Score now 8-4 A&M.

Campfield hops one up there that barely cleared the infield grass. Past the catcher for the runner to advance. Still two gone.

Strike three swinging and the side is retired. Big punchout for A&M.

OSU gets one back again but they can't afford to keep letting A&M answer like they have. A&M has scored the last four innings. Buckeyes will try to hold them here as we go to the seventh inning stretch. 8-4 Aggies.

Lefty Eric Best in to pitch for OSU. Buckeyes need him to hold A&M right here.

Bad start as he hits the leadoff man Colligan. Nailed him right in the chest. Runner at first.

More bad news for the Buckeyes as a bad throw on a pickoff move sails past first. Colligan gets all the way to third.

Popup to first is an easy first out. Watch out. Stouffer is looking for that double to complete the cycle.

THERE IT IS, STOUFFER FINDS THE GAP AND IT'S A DOUBLE! HE HAS HIT FOR THE CYCLE! What a MASTERFUL hitting performance being displayed by Blake Stouffer. He drove it to deep left center. His fourth hit and sixth RBI. A&M leads 9-4.

Now Stouffer steals third. He's putting on a clinic. Runner at third still just one out.

Fly to center by Craig Stinson will be deep enough to score the run. Two gone but the Aggies now lead 10-4. A&M is really breaking this one open.

Strike three swinging. Inning is retired.

Ohio State is in trouble. Continuing to throw meatballs to Blake Stouffer is proving to be a very bad idea. Two more chances but they're down 10-4. A&M has the crowd on it's side in a big way.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #3 Ohio State: Sixth inning

Ohio State gets another leadoff man on. Tony Kennedy watches four wide. This is not a good gameplan for A&M with the lead.

Kennedy slides in right under a tag to his helmet to swipe second. Runner at second with no one out.

Grounder to second moves the runner to third. First out of the inning. Campfield ran the count full against him. I don't think A&M wants to be throwing this many balls with a three run lead.

Easy popup right over first. Easy second out. That hurts if your OSU.

Side retired on one handled by the first baseman. He takes it himself.

Buckeyes had a chance to score for the third straight inning. Time's running out.

Leadoff walk issued to Anders to start off the bottom of the sixth.

Coach out to talk and that will do it for J.B. Shuck. He didn't pitch terribly, but he made some costly mistakes. Stouffer really killed him, driving in five of the six runs. Trey Fausnaugh is the new man for the Buckeyes.

Fausnaugh gets the first out easily on a runner thrown out at second. One gone and bases empty now.

Walk again puts a runner right back on first. Craig Stinson heads down to first. Not a good start for Fausnaugh.

LONG FLY BALL, AND IT'S A GONER BY JOSH STINSON! Two run shot clears the wall on a pitch pulled to right field. Aggies pour it on and now lead 8-3. That's Stinson's first homer of the year.

Hot grounder to third is mishandled, but the throw is just in time to get Craig Stinson for the second out.

Slow grounder right to short and on to first to retire the inning.

A&M is making Ohio State pay. They're not missing any mistakes by the Buckeyes. It shows in the 8-3 lead. Ohio State will have a hard time coming back from this.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #3 Ohio State: Fifth inning

Another leadoff walk issued by Rivers. That's a bad idea. Buckeyes will look to capitalize on that like they did last inning. Howell down at first.

Hit and run works to perfection. Line drive single by Matt Angle up the middle and runners are now at the corners with nobody out. Rally brewing here for the Buckeyes.

Coach Childress out for a visit. He's got action in the bullpen but I'm sure he wants Rivers to get at least one more batter.

Nope, he gets him now. Rivers is now out of the game in the fifth. Pretty good outing, but he's left his team in a bind. Runners at the corners with no outs and A&M righty Gary Campfield enters the fray.

Pitch in the dirt mishandled by Stinson at the plate. Runner at first moves up and now the Aggies no longer have a double play in order. Second and third with no outs.

Strike three swinging and Campfield gets a big first out for A&M. One gone.

Long fly ball and that will be deep enough for Miller to get the run home. Just shy of the track in center and both runners advance on the sac fly. Ohio State cuts the lead to 5-3. Two gone now.

Strike three looking and Campfield is out of the mess. Buckeyes are retired.

Well, OSU gets on the board again. That could have been a lot worse for A&M. Pretty good pitching by Campfield holding them to just the one run. He punched out two that inning.

Chopper gets over the head of the pitcher but third baseman handles it and throws with plenty of time. One gone.

Fly ball to center is an easy second out.

LINE DRIVE DOWN THE LEFT FIELD LINE IS A FAIR BALL. That was another good battle by Hicks and it pays off for him with a double shot down the line. Runner at second with two gone. Dangerous Stouffer coming up to bat.

DEEP FLY BALL AND IT'S IN THE GAP BETWEEN CENTER AND RIGHT! Blake Stouffer comes through again and makes it to third with an RBI triple. He has hit safely in his last six at bats. What a tear he is on as the Aggies augment the lead to 6-3.

Fly ball to center is easy and the inning is over.

Good action here the last two innings. Nobody can get Blake Stouffer out. He is just raking all over the place. With a double, he will have the cycle. 6-3 A&M.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #3 Ohio State: Fourth inning

Ball four on four straight to start off the fourth. That is not what Rivers wants to do with a four run lead. Zoeller down at first to leadoff.

Double play come-backer, but A&M can't turn it in time. Kennedy was safe down at first by about a step. One away with a runner still at first.

Passed ball. He closed the glove too early. Runner advances to second.

Long fly ball and the catch is made in right just shy of the wall. Arp put a pretty good charge into it but just missed it. Runner moves to third with two away.

LONG FLY BALL THIS TIME TO LEFT AND THIS TIME GONE! Cory Rupert cuts the lead in half on a two-run homer. Buckeyes are on the board at 4-2.

Shallow popup to right for the final out.

Buckeyes finally get to Rivers on a big homer. That changes the game. Lead is only two now in the fourth.

LONG FLY BALL TO RIGHT AND IT'S GONE OVER THE WALL FOR A SOLO SHOT BY LUKE ANDERS. That was tagged. Aggies get one back quickly. Shuck hung him one on a 3-1 pitch. 5-2 A&M.

Strike three and that's out number one.

Line drive to right but a play is made by the right fielder. Two gone.

Strike three swinging and the inning is over.

Some excitement in both half innings. Ohio State fights back and A&M gets one back. Let's see if the Buckeyes can chip away some more after getting some runs. 5-2 A&M.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #3 Ohio State: Third inning

Shallow fly to right and an easy play made out there to start the third.

Chopper to second and an easy second out. Rivers is mowing them down. He's only allowed one hit.

Matt Angle reaches on an error. There was a grounder that ate up the shortstop. No chance when he couldn't recover. Runner at first with two gone.

HIGH FLY BALL TO RIGHT CENTER AND IT HITS THE WALL. Eric Fryer just missed a homer there. Runners hold up at second and third. Runner couldn't get home on a good relay. Still two gone.

Chopper to third and on to first and the Aggies skate by some trouble. Side retired.

Just as I had said that Rivers was pitching well, he served a meatball up to Fryer. Luckily for him he didn't pay the price.

Dalton rung up on a check swing. Tough pitch by Shuck. One away.

Fly ball to shallow right center and the center fielder comes in for the catch. Two gone.

Colligan shoots one just by the shortstop for a single. That was a hot shot. One one with two gone.

Colligan almost caught leaning at first.

This time Shuck balked. Colligan takes second. Fans and the umpire were right on top of it.

Good battle here between Hicks and Shuck. Full count. Hicks continues to foul off pitches.

Hicks gets nailed right on the back elbow. He exposed it trying to move out of the way and Shuck nailed him right there. First and second with two gone. Hicks wins the battle but pays the price.

LONG FLY BALL TO LEFT AND IT'S A THREE-RUN HOMER BY BLAKE STOUFFER! He got a hold on that one and pulled it right out of here. That's his second homer of the regional. Aggies go on top 4-0. Still two outs.

GOOD pick over at first on a hot grounder by Justin Miller. Side is retired, but the damage has been done.

Aggies make J.B. Shuck pay on a mistake to Blake Stouffer. Big three-run homer increases the Aggies lead. 4-0 A&M.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #3 Ohio State: Second inning

Come backer to start the inning and Rivers easily fields it for out number one.

Two hopper to second. Easy play for out number two.

High fly to shallow right and an easy 1-2-3 inning for Rivers ends.

After scoring first, the Aggies easily retire the Buckeyes.

Easy chopper to first to leadoff the inning. One gone.

Line drive over second for a single by Brodie Greene. Aggies have their second hit and a runenr at first with one out.

Double play ball on the ground to short and the Buckeyes turn it. Inning over.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #3 Ohio State: First inning

First batter Jacob Howell up for OSU, and it's a ball inside at 1:07 p.m.

Line drive single over second for a base hit on the first at bat of the game. Howell is on with no outs.

Here's the hero of yesterday for OSU, Matt Angle.

Line drive but this time it hangs up in center for the first out.

Balk on Rivers and Howell advances to second. Looked the umpires caught him leaning home, and then he threw over. Can't do that.

Got him looking. First strike out for Rivers. He froze Fryer on a breaking ball on the outside corner.

Count goes full on Miller, crowd wants the strikeout.

Ball four JUST misses on the outisde corner. First and second with two gone.

Line drive tagged to right, but fielder easily settles under it. Side retired and the Aggies are coming up.

If Rivers can pitch like that for about five or six more innings, Aggies coach Rob Childress will be very happy.

Shuck walks the leadoff man Ruggiano. One on to lead off the inning.

Aggies continue the trend from yesterday with bunts. Colligan sacrifices Ruggiano to second. Played well by Shuck.

Hicks goes down swinging but Ruggiano takes third on a close play. Two gone with a runner at third.

Line drive for a base hit to the left side by Blake Stouffer, that's an RBI single and the Aggies take the 1-0 lead. Ruggiano scores from third.

Grounder up the middle and Stouffer is OUT at second. Replay showed him to be safe but it was a close play. Fielder's choice ends the Aggies rally, but they get one to take the lead. 1-0 A&M

Note on the College Station Regional

I just want to say that these games have been very emotionally draining. All of the fans have been great, and the teams have been very competitive. Even Le Moyne, who was eliminated yesterday, REALLY gave it their all. While I'm only pulling for one team, every one of these games has had me on the edge of my seat and has kept me excited. I am really hoping that we go to a fourth day and that today's games are just as competitive.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #3 Ohio State

About 40 minutes from game five here on day three of the College Station Regional. This one is a matchup between the winner of yesterday's day game, the Ohio State Buckeyes, and the loser of the night game, the Texas A&M Aggies.

Ohio State won in dramatic walkoff fashion to eliminate the Le Moyne Dolphins by a score of 6-5. Matt Angle punched a single through the left side with the bases loaded for the win. The Aggies lost a heartbreaker that went down to the wire against the Louisiana Lafayette Cajuns. A&M had the tying run at third with two outs in the top of the ninth but Dane Carter hit into a force play to end the game with a 5-4 Lafayette victory.

The winner of this team has a difficult task ahead. First they must defeat the team in front of them in this day game, then they must defeat Lafayette, a team that beat both of them. Then they must defeat Lafayette again in a night game on Monday. Certainly a daunting prospect.

Ohio State will start J.B. Shuck, a lefty with a 4-3 record in 12 starts and a 4.48 ERA. A&M will go with Kirkland Rivers, another lefty with a 5.46 ERA and a 2-3 record in 2 starts. Rivers hasn't been in many starting situations this year, however he pitched in a very clutch performance to beat the Texas Longhorns in the Big 12 Tournament.

Both pitchers are also utility players.

June 02, 2007

Cajuns win in another thriller, beat Aggies 5-4

Another cardiac finish in the College Station regional as the Cajuns of Louisiana Lafayette take out the Texas A&M Aggies 5-4 in the night game on Saturday.

In an amazing ninth inning, A&M catcher Craig Stinson is robbed of a game-tying homer by Cajun left fielder Jefferies Tatford. Tatford made an amazing leaping catch over the wall to make the second out for Lafayette. Luke Anders then drew the Aggies to within one at 5-4 with an RBI double to left which scored Blake Stouffer from third. However, two batters later, A&M right fielder Dane Carter bounced into a fielder's choice to end the game, and the Aggies comeback fell just short. It was an ending that couldn't be scripted better.

A&M starter Kyle Nicholson blew a 3-1 lead in the seventh inning, allowing three runs to cross due to some wild pitching. That gave the Cajuns a 4-3 lead. The next inning Cajuns catcher Jonathan Lucroy hit a long homer to left that turned out to be the game winner for Lafayette. Nicholson pitched all 8 innings for the Aggies, who were the designated road team, and gave up all five earned runs.

Lafayette starter Hunter Moody quelled some rallies for A&M in a clutch manner. He pitched a solid 6.2 innings for the Cajuns and gave up three runs. Andrew Laughter came in for relief and pitched the final 2.1 innings. He gave up a run but got the win.

Blake Stouffer went 3 for 5 with a homer for A&M. Kyle Colligan also had a solo homer for the Aggies.

Nolan Gisclair also homered for the Cajuns. He and Scott Hawkins each had two hits to lead the Cajuns. Hawkins also had two RBIs.

It seems as though there have been nothing but great matchups in all four games thusfar in the College Station regional. Tomorrow there will be two more. The Aggies, with the loss, will play the day game against the Ohio State Buckeyes, who eliminated the Le Moyne Dolphins earlier. That game will be held at 1 p.m. at Olsen Field. The Cajuns can sit back and wait for the winner of that game, whom they will play in the night game at 7 p.m.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Ninth inning

Last chance here for the Aggies. That homer by Lucroy hurts. Now they need two runs. Heart of the order coming up.

Fever pitch here as the crowd grows very loud.

Grounder right to short for out number one. Cajuns are two outs from victory.

LONG FLY BALL! It hits the wall out in left center. It's a double by Blake Stouffer. That's his third hit of the game. Just missed a homer. One gone and runner on second.

WHAT A PLAY! JEFFERIES TATFORD JUST ROBBED CRAIG STINSON OF A GAME TYING HOME RUN! He leaped over the wall to grab it. WHAT A PLAY! Two gone. Stouffer advances to third. That was dramatic. Stinson just missed tying this game.

TATFORD CAN'T MAKE A DIVING STAB ON A GAPPER TO LEFT! Boy is he getting a workout this inning. Runner scores on an RBI double by Luke Anders. 5-4 Lafayette now.

Colligan reaches on an infield single. What an amazing baseball atmosphere. Everyone is on their feet. Runners at the corners with two outs and the Cajuns lead 5-4.

It all comes down to this. Dane Carter up to bat for A&M.


Well, the Cajuns knocked off the top seed, but it wasn't easy. The Aggies nearly made a great comeback in the ninth inning. Lafayette wins 5-4.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Eighth inning

Colligan goes down on strikes. Cajuns have all the momentum now. One gone.

Pinch hitter for A&M, Dane Carter, grounds one up the middle for an infield hit. Second baseman didn't have a chance. Let's see what A&M does to try get him over.

Big diving catch made in left by Tatford. That was huge. It probably saved a run and extra bases. Two gone.

Ball four on four pitches. Trouble might be brewing here for Laughter. First and second with two gone. A&M needs to capitalize on this opportunity to have a chance.

Catcher goes out for a meeting as the count goes to 2-1 on pinch hitter Josh Stinson.

Fly ball on the next pitch and the Aggies are set down. Big pitches made by the Cajuns.

Nicholson is still in there for A&M. Gets the first batter on a hopper to short. One gone.

HOME RUN BY JONATHAN LUCROY! That was a huge lift for the Cajuns and their fans are loving it. 5-3 now and the Cajuns have some insurance. I was kind of questioning the wisdom of leaving Nicholson in. It proves costly for the Aggies. He's still out there now, though.

Strike three and that's the second out. Punched out swinging.

Grounder to short and that's the third out. Both sides of fans come to their feet. It's the last chance coming up for the Aggies.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Seventh inning

Strike three to Ben Feltner. Out number one in the seventh.

Blooper into left and a great sliding catch made by Tatford. Two gone.

HOME RUN DRIVEN JUST OVER THE WALL IN LEFT BY BLAKE STOUFFER! A&M increases their lead to 3-1. Stouffer hit that one high and just far enough. Big momentum boost and A&M fans are alive.

Moody now out of the game. He leaves to a standing ovation from both sides. He's replaced by righty Andrew Laughter. Pretty good outing by Hunter Moody. He made two costly mistakes and A&M was on top of them. He weathered A&M's speed quite well though.

Third baseman Hicks bobbled a hot shot on the ground. He then made a bad nervous throw. Craig Stinson goes to second on the error. With the catcher running, he would have got him if he had calmly made the throw. It's costly to Lafayette. Runner at second with two gone.

Slow roller off the end of the bat to first. Side retired.

A&M has a profitably inning, earning an insurance run. They bump Moody from the game as well. 3-1 Aggies. Seventh inning stretch time.

Lucroy reaches on a walk for the Cajuns. Leadoff runner is on for Lafayette. They need to capitalize in a bad way. They need to try to break through against Nicholson now.

Aggie fans get restless as the count goes full. Nicholson needs to calm down here.

Ball four. Good patience by Tatford. He was down 0-2. First and second and that invokes a mound visit by the coach. Bullpen action gets started. Dangerous Nolan Gisclair coming up.

Single by Gisclair is through at third. Big trouble brewing here for the Aggies. Runner holds up at third and now the bases are loaded with no outs. Big opportunity to possibly win the game is in the works for the Cajuns.

BIG strikeout for Nicholson. A&M fans really get into it now. First out and bases still loaded. There is a lot of intensity in the air.

Base hit up the middle and through for Scott Hawkins! It's a two run single as both runners from second and third score. Cajuns tie it here in the seventh! Score is 3-3.

Flare is in out in left and another RBI single. Great job finding the gap by Casbon. Cajuns take the lead at 4-3. Runners at the corners now and still only one out.

Something weird just happened. Bourque bounced one right off of home plate. Catcher Stinson applied the tag and got the out. Both coaches are arguing. A&M wants an out at first as well. Either way, the runners are still at the corners and there are two outs now.

Come-backer handled by Nicholson and that's the last out.

Walks will kill you. Kyle Nicholson just learned that the hard way. Cajuns take the lead 4-3 and have a big inning with some clutch hitting. Aggies will be hard pressed to rebound. Lafayette finally got to A&M in a big way.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Sixth inning

Shot up the middle goes for a hit for Colligan to lead off the inning. That's his second hit of the game. Leadoff runner on for the Aggies.

Yet another bunt hit for A&M. Brodie Greene dragged it down first and Moody couldn't decide whether to overhand or underhand. He eventually overhanded it too high, not to mention late. The Cajuns bullpen is rumbling. Still no one out. Aggies threatening.

Another bunt by A&M. Dalton deadens it in front of the third baseman who gets him at first. Runners advance. A&M is small-balling Lafayette all over the place. It's got to be tough to stay on their feet.

Oh, my. A&M caught on a suicide squeeze. Colligan is run down trying to take home. Two gone now. Runner at second moves to third. Big blunder by the Aggies.

Strike three swinging. Great job by Moody calmly working out of that spot. Cajun fans really loved that. Aggies gameplan backfires.

Nicholson starts off the inning with a swinging punchout. Good work after falling behind 2-0.

Another strikeout for Nicholson. This time he gets Logan swinging. Two gone.

Sharp roller right to second for the third out. Nicholson is really dealing.

Great job by Hunter Moody to work out of trouble for the Cajuns, but the way Nicholson is setting down the offense, Moody needs to stay geared in.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Fifth inning

Strike three swinging and Moody gets another punchout to start off the fifth. One out.

Line drive to center by Blake Stouffer is a base hit. Aggies have a baserunner with one out. Everyone can steal on this team, so I wouldn't put it past Stouffer to be going here.

Long fly ball to center is easy for the second out. Aggies still have a runner at first.

Another punchout for Moody. Aggies go down swinging and are retired.

Moody has been pitching well aside from the one mistake he made in the fourth. Let's see if the Cajun offense can get going and pick him up. Slugger Nolan Gisclair is due up.

Gisclair retired on a one-hopper to third. Long throw gets him by a step. One gone.

Another bouncer, this time to short, and that's the second out.

Scott Hawkins grounds one sharply up the middle for a single. Cajuns have a runner with two gone. Just their third hit.

Sharp grounder again but this time right to second. On to first and the Cajuns and the inning are retired.

Kyle Nicholson has settled in nicely for the Aggies. He has really only made the one mistake all game.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Fourth inning

KYLE COLLIGAN WITH A LEADOFF HOMER ON THE FIRST PITCH. He just geared up for a fastball and drilled it over the wall in left. No-doubter. Score now tied at 1-1.

Moody walks Brodie Greene on four pitches. He may be getting a little flustered. A&M fans are letting him hear it.

Sac bunt by Dalton almost goes for another hit. The Aggies can run. Runner at second with one out.

RBI double for Brian Ruggiano. He just hopped that right over the third baseman's head and it easily scored Greene from second. Runner at second and still only one out as the Aggies take a 2-1 lead. Tough break on an odd play for Lafayette.

Ruggiano gunned down easily trying to swipe third. He was out by a mile. Great catch and throw by Lucroy. Two down and bases empty now.

Good pitch to get Feltner looking. He thought it was ball four but it clearly caught the inside corner. Side retired.

The potent A&M offense finally gets on the board and takes their first lead on two runs. The Colligan homer was a shot.

A&M gets the first batter, speedy Xavier Alexander, out on a grounder to short. One gone.

Another hopper to short is easily handled for the second out.

Strike three swinging and the A&M fans love it. Inning over and the Cajuns goes down 1-2-3.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Third inning

Another bunt for a hit by the Aggies. Brian Ruggiano drags it down first and Moody's throw is high, pulling first baseman off the bag. Leadoff man on.

Yet another bunt single. Ben Feltner deadens it very adroitly into the grass right in between the mound and the plate. No chance for pitcher or catcher with his speed. First and second with no outs.

Aggies are starting to get to the Cajuns with speed. It's one thing they have a preponderance of. Cajuns need to be on their toes as the Aggies may try it again with another fast hitter coming up.

Hunter Moody comes way inside and it hits Brandon Hicks. Golden opportunity here for A&M with the bases juiced and no one out.

Moody comes back nicely and punches out Aggies slugger Stouffer looking. One gone, bases still loaded.

High popup to shallow right is easy for out number two. Aggies are blowing this chance. Moody is one out from working out of a serious jam.

Strike three swinging and what a clutch job of pitching by Hunter Moody. Aggies leave the bases loaded. Cajuns keep the slim lead.

Matt Casbon leads off the Cajun's third with a single lined between third and short. Leadoff man on.

Bunt to third baseman Ruggiano who gets the lead runner. It was a little to hot to be effective. Runner at first now with one out. Devon Bourque is the runner.

The speedy Josh Logan reaches on a fielder's choice. He was too fast for that to be a double play. The throw was bad and almost an error. Runner at first with two gone.

Logan gets picked off at first. Nicholson caught him leaning. Inning over.

Well, Aggie fans got really pumped after that pickoff. Let's see if the offense can parlay the energy into something to tie the game.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette: Second inning

Strike three on a check swing. Out number one.

Easy grounder right to second for an easy second out.

Brodie Greene gets hit by a pitch. Aggies have a baserunner with two gone.

Fly ball to left center. Left fielder camps under it for the final out. Side retired.

Still nothing much happening here. Cajuns coming to bat for their half. We have a full stadium and more.

Sharp grounder is eaten up at short. On to first for an easy first out.

NOLAN GISCLAIR WITH A HOME RUN! Gisclair was one of the heroes from yesterday's game and he just nailed a hanging curve. He hooked it just inside the fair pole in left field. Cajuns take the lead at 1-0.

Easy grounder to second. Two aways.

Couple hops to short, and a throw to first for the final out. Inning over.

Well, Nicholson made a mistake and Nolan Gisclair didn't miss it. Cajuns draw first blood.

#1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette

First pitch at 7:06 is a ball inside.

Strike three on the inside corner is out number one for the Cajuns.

Speedy Ben Feltner reaches on a bunt single dragged up the first base line. Pitcher couldn't field it. First baserunner of the game with one gone.

Another bunt single. This time by Brandon Hicks and this time up the first base line. Cajuns weren't ready for it. Two on with one out.

Aggies like to run to put the pressure on. I wouldn't be suprised if they tried a double steal here.

Shallow fly corraled by the right fielder. Two on and two out.

The atmosphere here is electric. Both sides have a good fan contingency and are into it.

Catch made behind the plate in foul territory by catcher Lucroy. Side retired.

Aggies threatened but couldn't capitalize. Two runners stranded. Cajuns coming to bat.

Nicholson deals first pitch strike. Josh Logan, cousin of major leaguer Nook Logan, was taking all the way.

Hot shot right to third baseman, on to first for out number one.

Slow bouncer up the middle but shortstop gets the fast runner at first. Two gone.

Another sharp grounder handled at short and the side is retired.

Some great crowd energy in the first inning. Neither team has anything to show yet.

Game 4: #1 Texas A&M vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette

We're about 20 minutes from game time of the second game of the day in the College Station Regional. This game features the winners of yesterday's game, the Texas A&M Aggies and the Lafayette Cajuns.

Lafayette defeated Ohio State on a walkoff double yesterday and the Aggies handled Le Moyne fairly easily in the night game. Tonight they face off against each other. Despite being the higher seed and having homefield advantage, the Aggies will be the road team and therefor the Cajuns will bat last.

The Aggies will start senior Kyle Nicholson, who is 11-1 in nine starts with a 1.92 ERA. Cajuns counter with Hunter Moody, who is 8-3 in 14 starts and a 4.14 ERA.

It's a sellout night with a good crowd expected from both teams. The atmosphere promises to be electric.

Ohio State eliminates Le Moyne in 10 innings, 6-5.

A closely contested thriller goes to extra innings in College Station for the third game of the regional, but Ohio State prevails. The Buckeyes won on a walk-off single by right fielder Matt Angle with two outs and runners at second and third in the tenth inning.

Neither team had scored since the fourth inning. Dominant pitching from both sides stifled the competition. Closer Ryan Woods eventually surrendered the lead and took the loss for the Dolphins. Ohio State's starter Cory Luebke was amazing. The lefty pitched all 10 innings for the Buckeyes and it payed off with a victory in the end.

Angle, who had the game-winning RBI for OSU, was 2 for 4 with 3 RBIs. Dolphins first baseman, Corey O'Neill, had a three hit game and also had 3 RBIs.

The loss eliminates the Le Moyne Dolphins. It was a disappointing end but the Dolphins were very competitive in two games. The Ohio State Buckeyes advance to play the winner of the night game, which features Texas A&M, the top seed in the regional, and Louisiana-Lafayette, the second seed. That game starts at 7 p.m. at Olsen Field.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: Tenth inning

Nothing doing in the top half. Perez sent one to the wall in left, but it was caught. Dolphins go down 1-2-3.

Liner up the middle and the leadoff man, Shuck, is on for OSU. They win if they can get him home.

AMAZING diving catch made by Haynes on a popped up bunt. That hurts for OSU.

Doesn't matter. Shuck takes second without a throw.

Trouble for Le Moyne. First baseman pulled of the bag on a grounder to short. Kovanda reaches and runners are at the corners with one out. Top of the order up with a chance to win the game.

Coach out to the mound. Nobody warming up, he just wants to calm down his closer Woods. Le Moyne brings in a fifth infielder to desperately try to preserve the tie. Infield comes in as well.

Shot right up the middle handled by Parrino. He can't make up his mind where to throw. That was odd. He would have had an easy double play. He just gets the man at first. Two outs and runners at second and third. Three outfielders again.


Another STELLAR day game here in College Station. Ohio State defeats Le Moyne in 10 innings. Le Moyne is eliminated. What a performance by OSU pitcher Luebke.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: Ninth inning

One hopper at third and the throw to first for an easy first out.

Long run and the catch made in shallow right by the second baseman. Two gone. Looks like extra innings. Both pitchers are untouchable.

Grounder to deep short and Parrino has no chance. He fielded it, though. He's getting a workout out at short. Zoeller gets on and they may try to get him into scoring position.

Funny hop handled by second and on to first to retire regulation.

On to extra frames. Both pitchers have gotten into a groove. It may be a long one.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: Ninth inning

Luebke is still dealing. Strikeout swinging for the first out.

Long fly to center but it's an easy play for second out.

Rupert can't make the play on a grounder to short. O'Neill gets on again. It's probably an error. Runner at first with two gone.

Overcast skies have cooled things off a bit here in College Station.

Slow chopper hits Paino running the basepaths and he is out. So are the Dolphins.

This Luebke guy is geared in. He hasn't really given Le Moyne anything since the fourth inning. Nine strong innings.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: Eighth inning

Easy play made on the infield. Lead man gone for Ohio State.

Play at second on a grounder and they JUST get Shuck. Two outs. Woods knows how to get the grounders.

This time the grounder gets through up the middle for a single for Rupert. Woods had a shot at it but it was too hot. Two gone and runner at first.

Parrino makes a great pick at short and throws across his body and JUST misses his Kovanda at first. Great play to keep the runners where they are, but OSU has two on. Still two outs.

Parrino picks up a slow chopper and has no play on the infield. Howell gets on and the bases are juiced. Big chance for OSU here.

Angle is swinging at the first pitch and grounds right to third for a force. Side retired.

Ohio State can't push that elusive run across. It may cost them the game in the end.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: Eighth inning

Leadoff man gone on a fly to right. Easy first out.

That one is through between short and third for a single. St. Amant reaches for the first time this game. Chris Altieri comes in to pinch run. Let's see if he's running.

Easy fly to shallow center on the first pitch. Two gone.

Runner now in scoring position. Altieri takes second without a throw on a 1-1 pitch. They never even threw over.

Strike three swinging and side retired.

Great pitching by Luebke who is really locked in now. He's really been a horse now with eight strong.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: Seventh inning

Leadoff walk issued by Woods. Good patience by Matt Angle. Not what Woods wanted to do in that spot.

Deja vu for Matt Woods. Another bad throw on a pickoff move and there's a runner at third with no one out again. Buckeyes can't let it slip by twice in a row. Infield will move in.

Hot shot and a beautiful pick at short by Parrino. Runner stays at third and one out.

This is uncanny. Same place, same result. Parrino throws on to first and that runner is still at third with two gone now. This has got to hurt if you're a Buckeyes fan. Infield can move back now.

PARRINO SAVES THE DAY AGAIN! This time he just gets his man on a short chopper to retire the side. Ohio State let's another golden opportunity pass by.

Wow. Either that's some really clutch pitching again by Woods or some very bad inability to capitalize by OSU. Maybe both. Let's see if the Dolphins can build off of that momentum.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: Seventh inning

Long fly ball to deep right center hits the top of the wall and just misses a homer for Corey O'Neill. That thing was tagged. Runner at second to leadoff.

Nandin moves O'Neill over on a bunt. Good small-ball strategy. One gone with runner at third, game still tied at 5-5.

Coaching visit at the mound to settle Luebke down. Action in the OSU bullpen.

Popup on the first pitch is just what the doctor ordered for the Buckeyes. Pitcher makes the play for an easy second out. Seems as though neither team wants the lead.

Big strike out by Luebke and Ohio State is out of the jam.

This time it's the Dolphins who are kicking themselves heading into the seventh inning stretch.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: Sixth inning

Shuck is safe at first on a tough play for the third baseman.

Catcher out for a visit. Now coach comes out. The Dolphins have had the bullpen working for the last two innings. And now Beaulac is coming out. Good outing. He's probably not used to this kind of heat and it's catching up to him.

Dolphin closer Ryan Woods takes over. He's a submariner with a microscopic ERA. The Dolphins really want to preserve their chances bringing him out this early.

Before Woods even makes a pitch he makes a bad throw on a pick-off move at first. Runner goes all the way to third. That's gotta hurt. Infield will come in.

Le Moyne gets just what it was looking for. Short grounder to the right side and the runner at third stays put. Second throws to first for out number one.

Infield stays in trying to preserve the tie.

Chopper to second and the play made. Second looks the runner back at third and Ohio State still can't get on the board. Two outs now. Infield can move back now. Big outs being recorded by Woods after the bad error.

Chopper to second and out number three. Ohio State blows a chance to take the lead.

Some good damage control by reliever Woods to preserve the tie after he got into the mess himself. Buckeyes have to be kicking themselves.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: Sixth inning

Ohio State has some good lefties. Yesterday Hale pitched pretty well. Luebke has been solid today.

Left fielder backs up a little but makes an easy catch for out number one.

Hopper shot up the middle for a base hit by Ben Gaal.

Gaal running on the first pitch is gunned down easily. Two outs now and bases empty.

Fly ball and center fielder moves about four feet to his right. Inning over.

Both pitchers seem to be settling in. Still evenly matched game. Both teams have same number of hits.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: Fifth inning

Some computer troubles caused me to miss the last half inning. It's in the 90s today in College Station and fairly humid. Not much happening. Dolphins went down 1-2-3 to Luebke. Still 5-5.

Long fly ball to deep right and Perez makes the catch just shy of the wall to retire Fryer for out number one.

Single over second by Justin Miller. Sounded like he broke his bat. One on, one out.

High pitch and a passed ball charged to the catcher. Miller advances to second.

Good pick on a come-backer by Beaulac and he throws to third to get the lead runner. Two gone, batter Zoeller reaches first.

Easy grounder to second retires the Buckeyes.

Good bounce-back by Beaulac. game still tied at 5-5. Very evenly contested game thusfar.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: Fourth inning

Beaulac has a two run lead now, let's see if he can keep mowing down the Buckeyes with confidence.

Line drive right at the left fielder for out number one.

Third and short collide with each other on the grounder and no throw can be made. Rupert reaches with one out.

Runner going on a chopper up the middle keeps the Buckeyes out of a double play. Runner out at first. Runner at second with two gone.

LONG FLY BALL WAY OVER THE FENCE IN RIGHT TIES THE GAME AT 5-5. Homer by Jacob Howell to knot us up with two outs.

Fly to left is an easy third out. Side retired.

Clutch homer by Howell for the Buckeyes. Both teams with 5 runs on 5 hits. That has to break the backs of the Dolphins.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: Fourth inning

Easy out for the second baseman for out number one.

Ben Gaal reaches for the Dolphins.

Roller up the middle is an infield hit for Paino. First and second with only one out.

Dolphins capitalize again on a triple just past a diving center fielder. Runners scores from second and first. Two-run triple for Corey O'Neill.

Suicide squeeze works to perfection. Dolphins increase lead to 5-3.

Fly to right. Third out.

Big Inning for Le Moyne, they take the lead and capitalize again on their opportunites. 5-3 Dolphins.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: Third inning

Swinging on 2-0 and it's a flyout to right for out number one.

Catcher removes the gear and makes the catch behind the plate in foul territory for out number two.

Runner catch made in center on a line drive. OSU goes down in order.

Good inning for Beaulac. He needed it after a rough second inning. Let's see if his offense can pick him up.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: Third inning

Long fly ball and it's a homer for Stephen Crawford! He just pulled one right out of here over the left field wall. Dolphins get one back. 3-2.

Pinch hitter Robby Perez lines one to right. Running catch made for the first out.

Strike three swinging on a filthy breaking ball. Might have been a sinker. Two outs.

Popup on the infield. Easy catch made at second.

The Dolphins get one back on the homer by Crawford. Buckeyes still lead 3-2.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: Second inning

Running catch made in foul territory in left field for the first out.

Update on Mike Brown, he is okay, but has been taken out of the game. Unfortunate for Le Moyne as he is one of their best hitters. The spectacular catch was costly. He is replaced by Robby Perez in right.

Ball four on four pitches. Buckeyes have a runner at first with one gone.

Runner going but it's ball four and another walk by Beaulac. First and second with one out.

Catcher goes out for a talk. Beaulac is behind again 2-0. He has to try to settle down here with only one out.

Double play ball but Dolphins can only get the runner at second. No throw to first. Runners at the corners with two gone.

Runner at first easily steals second without a throw.

Liner to center is a base hit for Matt Angle. Both runners score. Stolen base by Howell looms large now as the Buckeyes go up by a score of 3-1. Two outs still.

Sky high popup behind the plate and catcher makes the play. Side retired.

Well, we all know walks will kill you. They especially kill you when you walk the eight and nine spots. Two runs score for the Buckeyes and they take the lead back.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: Second inning

Little flare to center bloops in for Chris Haynes. Dolphins have their first hit.

Fly to center is a can of corn. One gone and runner still at first.

Luebke had Haynes picked off but Haynes is able to avoid the tag after a bad throw from first. Runner at second.

Strikeout swinging and two gone. Runner still at second.

First pitch swinging is a base hit over short for Corey O'Neill. Runner from second scores and the Dolphins tie it up. O'Neill takes second on the throw home. That should be a big confidence booster for the Dolphins, scoring with two outs to tie at 1-1.

High fly ball is an easy third out for the left fielder. Side retired.

The Dolphins only got one, but that should help their confidence. They were able to do NOTHING last night with two outs and runners on. Tied at 1-1.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: First inning

Noisy fly to center retires the leadoff man for the Buckeyes. One out.

Hit by pitch. Matt Angle got nailed on the hands. Mirror start in both innings.

Shot past short to the third base side for a single by Fryer. First and second with two outs. Buckeyes have something going.

Long fly ball to center but the fielder camps under it. Runner at second advances to third.

Stinger off the end of the bat made a very strange sound. Zoeller shot it past second for an RBI single. Runner goes to third. Runners at the corners with two outs still. Buckeyes draw first blood and take a 1-0 lead.

AMAZING grab made out in right by Dolphins Mike Brown. He fearlessly flew right into the wall in right and held on as he banged into the padded wall. He's still down however. What an amazing catch.

Ohio State gets on the board but everyone is now concerned about Dolphins right fielder Mike Brown. He finally gets to his feet and is walking on his own power.

#4 Le Moyne vs #3 Ohio State: First inning

First pitch at 1:06 is a ball in the dirt.

Strike three and first out is recorded for OSU.

Hit by pitch. Just barely got Mike Brown on the foot. Not what Luebke wanted to do with two strikes.

One hopper to short isn't hit hard enough for a double play. Buckeyes get the lead runner. Two outs runner at first.

Strikeout on three pitches to retire the Dolphins.

Day two at College Station

Another beautiful day in College Station and another day of regional baseball on the way. Game three between the #4 Le Moyne Dolphins and the #3 Ohio State Buckeyes is about 40 minutes away. These two teams were the losers of yestersdays matchups, and now face each other in order to avoid elimination.

Ohio State lost in a heartbreaker yesterday against the Louisiana-Lafayette Cajuns. Jake Hale pitched a brilliant 7.1 innings for the Buckeyes, but Xavier Alexander was the hero for the Cajuns. He nailed a two-out double off of the wall in left-center which scored a runner from first to win the game 5-4 for the Cajuns.

The Dolphins fell to the #1 Texas A&M Aggies in the night game, 7-2. The Dolphins blanked the Aggies in six out of nine innings, but really fell out of contention when two more runs were surrendered in the bottom of the eighth. The Dolphins also weren't able to get going offensively against Aggie lefty David Newmann, who game up one run in 7 innings and struck out nine.

The starters today are Eric Beaulac for Le Moyne and Cory Luebke for OSU. Beaulac is 8-1 with a 2.55 ERA in 14 starts for the Dolphins. Luebke is also 8-1 with a stellar 1.84 ERA in 15 starts for the Buckeyes.

The night game will feature the Cajuns against the Aggies at 7 p.m. central.

June 01, 2007

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: A&M wins 7-2

A pair of aces took the mound in game two of the College Station regional, but the Aggies lefty David Newmann was just a little better than Bobby Blevins for Le Moyne.

Some clutch two-out hitting for the Aggies really made the difference. All three runs from their fourth inning spot were scored with two outs. Senior catcher Craig Stinson remained red-hot with two more hits and two more RBIs.

Le Moyne actually had the same number of hits as the Aggies, with eight. However, some rally killing double plays and nine strikeouts by Newmann really shut down all of the chances the Dolphins had. Andy Parrino and Stephen Crawford both reached base three times for the Dolphins but nobody else could really get anything started offensively.

With a 5-2 lead in the bottom of the eighth, the Aggies did some more clutch damage. Two runs scored to put the game out of reach at 7-2 going into the bottom of the ninth. Newmann got the win and Blevins took the loss.

There was a great fan atmosphere and a nearly sellout crowd for this game two of the College Station regional. Tomorrow the first game will take place at 1 p.m. at Olsen Field and will feature the losers of today's games, the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Le Moyne Dolphins.

Louisiana Lafayette, which needed a walk-off double in the ninth to win their game against OSU, will take on the Aggies in game two at Olsen Field at 7 p.m.

Tomorrow's game promise to be even more exciting, considering the matchups.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: Ninth inning

First out in the ninth is an easy grounder to first. One away. The stadium begins to shudder violently with A&M fans clapping and urging their team for a victory.

Ball four to Andy Parrino. He reaches base for the third time in the game. Runner on first with one out.

Base hit between third and short for Crawford. That's his third hit of the night. Good thing for A&M that they got those two insurance runs. One out.

Sharp grounder to short and the Aggies turn the double play to win the game. 7-2 is the final score. The Aggies and the Dolphins actually had the same number of hits at eight.

It was an entertaining game and some good pitching on both sides, but it was never really got out of reach for the Aggies.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: Eighth inning

Left fielder runs down a popup to short left. Out number one for the Aggies.

Craig Stinson nails a pitch to deep center field. Le Moyne unable to corral it properly and it's a triple. He really tagged that thing.

Blevins will now intentionally walk Anders to set up the double play. A&M fans now start to chant "ball five," hoping for the result of the next pitch. Runners at the corners with one gone.

That will do it for Bobby Blevins who really pitched well. 7.1 innings and five runs surrendered but he really only had two bad innings. The new pitcher is Dolphin's closer Ryan Woods. He has some really good numbers this season. 7-1 with 14 saves and a 1.31 ERA. Brodie Greene comes in to pinch run at third for A&M.

Pitchout with the runner running on the first pitch is high and wild. Both runners advance and A&M scores to make it 6-2. Runner at third with one out.

Suicide squeeze by Colligan works to success. 7-2 now is the score for the Aggies and Colligan advances to second.

Colligan now steals third without a throw. The wheels are starting to fall off for Le Moyne and the crowd is really getting into it. Still only one out.

Check swing by Ruggiano turns into a grounder right to third. Runner at third stays put and Ruggiano is out at first. Two gone now.

Parker Dalton barely misses legging out an infield hit but a good play at short by Parrino gets him. Side retired.

A&M did what it needed to do: Get some insurance. They now lead 7-2 going into the ninth inning and momentum. The fans, almost all Aggies, stand and sing the alma mater without music. Truly an amazing display of fan loyalty.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: Eighth inning

Travis Starling enters the game for A&M. He's a right hander. Pretty solid performance by Newmann.

Lazy fly to center for out number one.

Chopper to third is booted and flies over to second base. Gaal reaches first. That should be an error on Ruggiano. Third error of the game for the Aggies. It's been a problem for them all year long. Runner at first with one out.

Strikeout by Starling for out number two. Aggies are four outs from victory.

Long fly ball to the warning track is dropped by Stouffer in deep right. It scores a run and it's an RBI triple for pinch hitter Edmondson. Could be a game changer for Le Moyne. Runner at third with two outs.

Easy grounder to second retires the Dolphins. One run scores and the Aggies still lead 5-2.

Well, some two-out noise for Le Moyne but nothing else. Aggies are three outs from winning their first round match.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: Seventh inning

Blevins punches out Parker Dalton looking. He really had Dalton off balance in that at-bat.

Dane Carter draws a walk for A&M. Runner at first with one gone.

Carter steals second but Feltner goes down swinging for the second out. Two gone with a runner in scoring position.

Mound visit. Coach just went out there to talk to Blevins briefly.

An AMAZING catch made in dead center on a long fly ball by Brandon Hicks. Sean Paino slid to the ground and hit the wall to rob Hicks of at least a double. He made the diving stab over his shoulder.

That play in center field was incredible and drew a huge round of applause from all the fans here at Olsen Field. Let's see if it can change the momentum and work out for the Dolphins.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: Seventh inning

Newmann is still in the game. Coach Childress is trying to get all he can out of his lefty ace.

Punchout number nine for Newmann, this time swinging.

Line drive to center for a base hit by Parrino is his third of the game. It also gets the bullpen started.

Another base hit for the Dolphins by Crawford. First and second with one out. This might be the last batter Newmann faces.

Huge double play for Newmann on a grounder to short to send us to the seventh inning stretch. Another rally down the drain for the Dolphins.

A&M has gotten what it wanted out of Newmann tonight. Seven strong, nine strikeouts, and some clutch pitches to quash the Dolphins hopes.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: Sixth inning

Aggies start off their half with a popup on the third base side. Catch made in foul territory for the first out.

Colligan strikes out looking for the second out.

Blevins seems to be settling down again as he gets the third out on a fly ball to center. Center fielder makes a running catch.

Blevins has been stellar in four innings but in the two innings when he was off, he got roughed up well.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: Sixth inning

Popup to short right is corraled for an easy first out for A&M.

Check swing but this time Haynes held up on a full-count pitch. The walk puts a runner at first with one out for the Dolphins.

Strike three swinging by Nandin. Another strikeout and that makes eight for Newmann. Newmann has to be nearing 100 pitches and this is probably his last inning. He's been a real power pitcher in this outing.

Easy grounder to short for a fielder's choice and the side is retired.

This has been a pretty good outing for Newmann and he'll probably be replaced next inning. Dolphins have been getting baserunners but they are striking out far too much.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: Fifth inning

Hicks flies to center field for the first out of the bottom of the fifth. One gone.

Good pick by second baseman Matt Nadin on a two-hopper. Two out and nobody on.

Another good play made on a tough hop. This time play made by shortstop Andy Parrino. Inning over.

As long as Le Moyne can keep the Aggies in place they may have a chance to come back. The quick half inning there could shift some of the momentum.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: Fifth inning

Dolphins put the three spot by the Aggies behind them and start off the inning with a single by Sean Paino. Leadoff man on.

Newmann with another check-swing strikeout. It's been killing Le Moyne to get these runners on and not do anything to move them up. One out runner on first.

Another hit by Andy Parrino for Le Moyne. Dolphins are finally threatening as Paino reaches third. Runners at the corners with one out.

Strike three looking and it's a big one for Newmann. Two gone with runners still out at the corners. Five punchouts for Newmann.

Full-count pitch to Mike Brown just misses and the bases are loaded with two gone. Clutch situation here for both teams.

Wild throw on a pickoff move to second by Newmann allows the Dolphins to get on the board. 5-1 A&M still leads, first and third and still two outs. A&M gets the bullpen rumbling.

Strike three looking again. Six strikouts for Newmann. Side retired and only one run surrendered.

Dolphins had a good opportunity but only got one run. They are taking a lot of strikeouts looking. You have to take the bat off your shoulders if you hope to get on the board. A&M still in control and some clutch pitching by Newmann. 5-1.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: Fourth inning

Blevins records a strikeout to start off the inning. He's dealing strikes and hitting his spots.

Noisy pop fly to center can't fall. Center fielder gets under it for out number two.

Pitch shot up the middle by Kyle Colligan for a single. Two outs with a runer on.

Colligan takes second easily. Throw is late on a one ball count.

Ruggiano walks. Aggies may have a two out rally in the works.

First pitch swinging is a single by Parker Dalton. He shot a liner between second and third. Colligan scores from second. 3-0 Aggies.

Aggies continue to put the pressure on Blevins with a double steal. No throw made. Runners on second and third with two outs still.

Sharp grounder up the middle by Dane Carter scores both runners. A&M is starting to open the floodgates. 5-0, all three runs scored with two outs.

Carter takes second and the throw is just late. A&M is small-balling the Dolphins to death this inning. Runner at second with two outs.

Feltner punches a push bunt to first and is just tagged out as he tries to slide into the bag. Inning over.

A&M really came up with some clutch two-out hitting that inning. This is what the Aggies like to do is get runners on, move them up, and move them in. 5-0 A&M.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: Fourth inning

Spectacular play made by catcher Craig Stinson in foul territory behind the plate for the first out. He had to slide down right outside the dugout on the first base side to make the catch.

Newmann issues his first walk to Chris Haynes. Dolphins have a baserunner and I'm sure they will try to capitalize. One out.

Newmann gets a big double play grounder to second. Rally killed and trouble averted.

The Dolphins seemed to be patiently taking pitches that inning. Unfortunately they hit it to the exact wrong place to end the inning.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: Third inning

Fly ball to left is an easy first out for the Dolphins.

One hopper to third is the second out. Blevins seems to have settled in nicely after a rough first inning.

Another easy fly to right ends the half inning.

As I said, Blevins seems to have his feet under him now. It may have been first inning tournament jitters. Aggies need to be more patient and wait on pitches.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: Third inning

Newmann nails Parrino on a pitch that came too far inside. Leadoff man on for the Dolphins.

Popup with a catch made in foul territory first base side. One out.

Umpire rings up Brown for strike three looking. Another punchout for Newmann.

Flip to second by second baseman ends the inning.

A little noise on the HBP, but Newmann sets down the Dolphins with relative ease.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: Second inning

Strikout by Blevins to start out the inning. One gone.

Liner by Ruggiano going the other way between first and second. Runner on first with one out.

Fly ball lifted to right is an easy play for out number two.

The Aggies strand a runner at first on a fly ball to center. Side and inning retired.

Not much happening that inning aside from the hit. There is a huge crowd wearing maroon that is relatively silent.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: Second inning

Fly ball to the track is an easy play for the first out.

Kyle Colligan makes a diving try at a liner to center field but just misses. Base hit for Chris Haynes. Colligan had a glove on it.

Sac bunt turns into a hit on a bad throw by Newmann. First and second with only one out.

Newmann seems flustered as the count goes to 2-0. Coach comes out for a mound visit.

Dolphins send the runners and it keeps them out of a double play on a one hopper to short. Out at first. Second and third with two outs.

Strike three is dropped by Stinson, but easily throws runner out at first. Out number three.

The Dolphins need to take advantage of those opportunities when they present themselves. Good job by Newmann pitching out of a jam.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: First inning

First pitch for Blevins is outside for a ball.

Grounder in the hole at third and they just barely get Dane Carter at first for the first out.

Seeing eye single by Ben Feltner just past the second baseman for the Aggies first hit. Runner at first with one out. Feltner likes to steal and may be running.

With Blevins continuing to throw to first, the A&M fans get into it as per the norm. "Bobby's stalling" is the chant.

Popup first base side and the catch is made in foul territory for the second out. Runner at first still with two outs.

Line drive over second by Blake Stouffer for a single. Feltner goes to third. Runners at the corners with two gone.

Stouffer takes second without a throw on a high pitch.

Craig Stinson, who has been on a tear, lines one over second for another hit. Both runners score and the Aggies draw first blood. 2-0 with two outs and a runner on first.

Pop up by Luke Anders is a can of corn for the right fielder.

Aggies strike first with two outs.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M: First inning

First pitch at 7:06 p.m. and it's a strike from Newmann.

Strike out by Newmann. He just overpowered Parrino.

Liner by Stephen Crawford is dropped on a diving try by left fielder Ben Feltner. Crawford legged it into a double. Runner at second with one out.

Strikeout number two for Newmann and the second out. Check swing on strike three.

Lazy pop fly to right fielder Dane Carter for the third out.

Newmann looked dominant besides the hit that barely fell in. Aggies coming to bat with no score.

#4 Le Moyne vs #1 Texas A&M

After a thrilling day game between Ohio State and Louisiana-Lafayette, we can only hope the night cap will be as exciting. It's about 40 minutes until first pitch between the Le Moyne Dolphins and the Texas A&M Aggies.

Both teams got here by winning their conference tournaments. A&M would likely have hosted a regional anyway, but after beating Baylor for the Big 12 title, the Aggies are heading into the tournament with a lot of momentum and energy.

It's the same story for the Dolphins, who defeated Manhattan to win the MAAC conference tournament. This is their third tournament appearance in five years. Head coach Steve Owens, in his eighth season, has made the Dolphins a perennial contender in that conference.

A&M head coach, Rob Childress, will start his ace David Newmann, a lefty with a 10-1 record in 16 starts. Newmann has a 3.21 ERA. Owens counters with his ace for the Dolphins, Bobby Blevins. Blevins has a record of 9-2 with a 2.77 ERA in 14 starts.

Le Moyne, a team that has traveled 1600+ miles to College Station to face the Aggies, have a tough assignment against the Aggies, who are ranked in the top 10 in the nation. The Aggies have home field advantage, a large contingency of fans, and have the advantage of last at-bat.

Lafayette beats Ohio State in game one on a walk-off double!

In a closely contested game that went right down to the wire, the Louisiana Lafayette Cajuns defeated the Ohio State Buckeyes in the bottom of the ninth by a score of 5-4.

In the bottom of the ninth with the score tied at 4-4, Lafayette shortstop Xavier Alexander nailed a double off the wall in deep left center with a runner on first. The throw from the outfield had no chance and second baseman Devon Bourque easily scored the winning run for the Cajuns.

It was a thrilling game. After Ohio State tied the game in the fifth at 4-4, both teams shut each other down until the final frame. Jake Hale pitched 7.1 innings of stellar baseball for the Buckeyes but got no decision. Matt Pilgreen pitched the final 5 innings for the Cajuns and shut down OSU. He picked up the victory.

With the win, Lafayette will now play the winner of game 2 of the regional to be held at 7 p.m. That game will have the Texas A&M Aggies taking on the Le Moyne Dolphins. Ohio State will play the loser of that game.

#3 Ohio State vs #2 La.-Lafayette: Ninth inning

Long fly ball to center field but it's an easy play. One out.

Fouurth hit of the game for Nolan Gisclair. The Buckeyes can't find a way to get this guy out. A single past third with one out.

Gisclair running is gunned down easily. Two outs. That was the first baserunning attempt by either team and it was a disaster. A rally killer for the Cajuns and now one out from extra frames.

Liner over second is the twelfth hit for Lafayette. Still two outs. How big is that caught stealing now?

High, deep drive to center hits the wall for a double. Runner scores easily from first! Cajuns win 5-4 on a walk off double by Xavier Alexander.

What a game! Very competitive and both teams played their hearts out. Very exciting and Lafayette wins in dramatic fashion!

#3 Ohio State vs #2 La.-Lafayette: Ninth inning

Grounder to short and the first out is easy for Lafayette.

Lazy fly to center and there's two outs in the top of the ninth.

Liner up the middle is through for Howell. Runner at first with two outs.

Line drive shot right at the left fielder for third out.

The story is the same as we head to the bottom of the ninth. If Lafayette can squeeze across a run, they win.

#3 Ohio State vs #2 La.-Lafayette: Eighth inning

Pinch hitter Xavier Alexander reaches on an infielder grounder up the middle. Tenth hit of the game for Lafayette. Ohio State has 11. This game has been really closely contested. The teams seem even.

Sac bunt by Lafayette goes to first. Runner at second with one out.

Popup to first for out number two. Runner still at second for the Cajuns.

Hale intentionally walks the dangerous Lucroy. Coaching visit at the mound.

Hale exits to an ovation from both sides of fans. What a game by Jake Hale. He gave Ohio State a ot of quality innings and only really had one bad one.

Josh Edgin, a lefty takes over for the Buckeyes.

Edgin hits his first batter. Bases loaded now for the Cajuns with two outs. Another mound visit and another pitching change. Edgin didn't get the job done. This next spot could determine the outcome of the game.

Righty Rory Meister takes the mound for the Buckeyes.

First pitch swinging is a one hopper right back to Meister, who gets out of the jam on one pitch. Inning over.

A golden opportunity wasted by the Cajuns. We head to the ninth inning still tied. Great clutch pitching by OSU.

#3 Ohio State vs #2 La.-Lafayette: Third inning

Slow grounder to third. They barely got a fast runner Josh Logan at first. Out number one.

Hicks stings one but it's right at the center fielder who moved about two feet. Out number two.

Ball four to Lucroy. Runner at first with two outs.

Sharp grounder by Tatford is through. Runners advance to second and third on a bad throw by the right fielder. Two runners in scoring position with two outs. Big moment here so there's a coaching visit at the mound.

One hopper to first is out number three.

Hale worked around some two out trouble there. He has actually settled in nicely. The runners only got into scoring position on a bad throw. OSU needs him to stay in a groove and get some good innings from him.

#3 Ohio State vs #2 La.-Lafayette: Third inning

Sharp grounder to second mishandled and through. Big turn by Tony Kennedy on the single. Runner at first to leadoff.

Cory Rupert shoots one through first and second. First and second with no one out. Ohio State might be running.

Great sac bunt by Cory Kovanda. Almost legged it out for a hit. Second and third with one out.

Liner to center field by Jacob Howell drops and Ohio State ties it 1-1. First and third with only one out. Coach goes out to talk to Farquhar on the mound.

High towering drive by Matt Angle falls at the warning track. It's a two-run double and it's now 3-1 Buckeyes. Farquhar is starting to throw some meatballs.

High popup to shallow right. Catch made in foul territory by second baseman. Two outs.

Lazy fly to center. Out number three with a runner stranded at second. Three runs for OSU.

OSU was a lot more patient that inning. It paid off with three runs.

#3 Ohio State vs #2 La.-Lafayette: Second inning

Easy grounder to first for out number one.

Base hit between third and short for Scott Hawkins. Runner at first.

First pitch swinging by Nolan Gisclair same place. Base hit and runners at first and second.

Runners going on a hit and run. It was a grounder that kept them out of the double play. Third and second with two outs.

Great throw by short to first. Barely gets the fast runner and saves a run. Inning over no runs two stranded.

Lafayette tried to manufacture again. Didn't quite work this time. Good work by Hale working around the hits.

#3 Ohio State vs #2 La.-Lafayette: Second inning

First pitch swinging. Infield popup to second. Out number one.

First hit for Ohio State. Justin Miller goes with a pitch and serves it to right for a single.

Tailor made double play right to the third baseman. He bobbled it a bit but still turned it easily. Half inning over.

Farquhar worked easily around the hit. Ohio State needs to capitalize on opportunities they get. Can't afford to hit into double plays in the NCAA tourney.

#3 Ohio State vs #2 La.-Lafayette: First inning

First pitch by Jake Hale is a strike on the outside corner.

Slow roller to second can't be corraled properly by second baseman Cory Kavanda. He then makes a bad throw to first. Leadoff hitter Josh Logan is on with the first hit of the game.

Sac bunt is a beauty by Matt Hicks for out number one. Runner at second.

1-0 pitch by Hale is wild and to the backstop. Runner to third and 2-0 count.

Grounder to short scores the runner. High throw is controlled by first baseman. 1-0 Cajuns.

Mile high popup to left. Third out.

Cajuns manufactured a run. Smart idea. They certainly have the momentum and the energy in their favor. Any Ohio State fans that might be here are being overpowered by some loud Lafayette fans clad in red.

#3 Ohio State vs #2 La.-Lafayette: First inning

The Cajuns, being the higher seed, are the home team for game 1 of the College Station Regional.

First pitch at 1:06 central time. Strike One.

Five pitches later Farquhar looks good. First strikeout.

Out number two on a slow roller to first.

Flare to right field for out number three.

Farquhar dealt strikes in that inning. That should be the goal for both pitchers with conditions in their favor. Hit your spots and let your fielders take care of the rest. Walks could be a determining factor.

Interesting notes

Based on our location and the crowd sounds thusfar, it seems that there is a much larger contigency of Cajuns fans in attendance. Ohio State fans travel well, but it seems as though a summer detour to south Texas is asking a little too much.

An interesting fact to note is the size differential in the two starters. Cajuns starter Danny Farquhar is listed as 5'11 and Buckeyes starter Jake Hale is listed at 6'7. Eight inches of difference but only 30 lbs difference. Hale is 200 and Farquhar is 170.

Game 1: #3 Ohio State vs. #2 Louisiana-Lafayette

It's partly cloudy in College Station and 83 degrees. There's a nice breeze blowing into Olsen Field, which should be advantageous for the pitchers today.

Ohio State coach Bob Todd announced sophomore righty Jake Hale (4-3) as his starter. Hale is making only his third start of the season. He's made 25 appearances overall with a 4.19 ERA.

Louisiana Lafayette coach Tony Robicheaux has listed sophomore righty Danny Farquhar (6-3) as the starter for the Cajuns. He has only made five starts this year out of his 29 appearances. He has a 2.80 ERA.

Lafayette just went out for the last fielding drills. We're about 20 minutes from the first pitch.

May 31, 2007

College Station Regional Preview

Hello all. I'm Jack Molitor, a student at Texas A&M and I will be blogging for the College Station Regional. I'll be keeping you updated on the games for all four teams. To all Dolphin, Buckeye, Cajun, and Aggie fans out there, good luck.

The NCAA Tournament committee determined seedings and matchups Sunday night after the final games were completed. A&M, after defeating Baylor 14-6 in the Big 12 Tournament title game, was awarded a regional hosting and matched up with the Le Moyne Dolphins, with the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Louisiana-Lafayette Cajuns also placed in the College Station regional.

The Cajuns, who received the No. 2 seed for the College Station regional, finished the year with a record of 43-15 and were regular season champions of the Sun Belt Conference. The third seed Buckeyes earned an automatic bid after winning the Big 10 Tournament and had a record of 37-22. These two teams will play in the first game of the regional at 1 p.m. on Friday.

The Aggies first round opponent will be Le Moyne, who finished the season with a record of 33-17. The two teams play in game two on Friday at 7 p.m.

Le Moyne, a liberal arts college with about 2,300 undergraduates in Syracuse, New York, is making its fourth appearance in the NCAA Tournament. The Dolphins head coach, Steve Owens, is in his eighth year at the helm. Owens has led the Dolphins to three of the four tournament appearances they have made.

It's been hot and humid down here in College Station and the action with these four excellent team promises to be equally feverish.

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