June 04, 2007

Myrtle Beach: Mercifully Over

It's over in Myrtle Beach. Well, it's been over since the third inning, but it's seriously over now. This one was never in doubt, as Clemson rolls on through to the Super Regionals with a 15-3 victory over Coastal Carolina.

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Myrtle Beach: Gettin' Real Ugly

A five spot in the third, and a five spot in the fourth has made the score 12-0. Still only one out in the fourth, and Clemson has 14 hits, including a couple bombs by Marquez Smith and Taylor Harbin. The Tigers are running on everything, and there's not much else to say but, ball game over.

Myrtle Beach: D'Alessio Bomb

Andy D'Alessio has gone yard, again. It ties him for second all-time in Clemson history with 58, and it was a two run shot to put Clemson up by two in the first. Just like yesterday scoring four in the first, has put a damper on this real big crowd once again. Not quite as many people here as yesterday (about 6,200), but it's real close to 6,000. D'Alessio also tied himself for fifth on the all-time RBI list at Clemson with 213.

David Sappelt led off the bottom half for Coastal with a hit down the leftfield line, but he studdered rounding first, and was thrown out by Addison Johnson by a step. Tough way to start.

Myrtle Beach: We Ready

What a day for baseball. Not a cloud in the sky, it's 83 degrees, and it feels like 88 as we get set for the first championship game between Clemson and Coastal Carolina. If Coastal Carolina can find a way to win, we'll play again at 7pm. An interesting pitching matchup on tap, as the groundscrew does their finishing touches to Coastal Federal Field.

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June 03, 2007

Myrtle Beach: Setting Up The Rematch

Oh boy, where to start. First of all, Coastal Carolina wins 6-5 after trailing 5-3 in this one. If you're St. John's, pat each other on the back for an outstanding season, and an outstanding regional. They are going to head back to Queens and feel like they could have easily won this thing. They blew that game against Clemson, beat VCU, and blew this one against Coastal, on a call that could have gone either way.

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Myrtle Beach: What's Up Dock?

Dock Doyle just hit a sacrafice fly to leftfield that plated the go ahead run in the bottom of the 8th. It was a real close play at the plate, as the throw from Brian Kemp was in plenty of time but Monaghan's tag was up on the hip, and we all believe the hand got in of David Anderson. It's only fitting that he scores the potential winning run after taking a tough luck loss in their first game today. Last licks for St. John's.

Myrtle Beach: All In A Name

No quit in these Chants. After an error on St. John's pitcher George Brown when he threw the ball down the rightfield line that scored one to cut the lead to 5-4, and then a SAC Fly by Dock Doyle tied the game at 5-5. Coastal had a chance for more with a runner on third and only one out, but St. John's new pitcher Justin Gutsie (an appropriate name) got out of it after getting Bortnick and Vrable back to back. A good one here as each team tries to live at least another 20 hours or so, heading to the 7th, tied at 5.

Myrtle Beach: Anninos Show

If two homeruns and four RBI weren't enough in today's first game, why not hit another in the night cap? Chris Anninos of St. John's just did that, as he launched his 8th homerun of the year, a three run shut to put the Johnnies back on top 5-3. It was part of a four run inning, and now you would have to think that Coastal IS starting to think about that Clemson game that was played earlier in the day.

Myrtle Beach: Coastal Wakes Up

After sleeping through the first three and a half innings of play and finding themselves down 1-0 to St. John's in the fourth, the Chants have responded with a three spot in the inning, including a single by Derek Martin and a SAC Fly by Tyler Bortnick to give them the lead. DeLaGarza looks pretty good, allowing only three hits so far, while the Chants have put up five.

Myrtle Beach: Game Three

We're about to get set for Coastal Carolina and St. John's and the loser will go home in this one. The Chants lost a very emotional game to their in-state rival less than an hour ago, so we'll see how they come out.

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Myrtle Beach: Almost Exciting

Trailing 11-6 in the 9th, Coastal tried to make it a little interesting, but as I've always learned, homeruns are rally killers. Alan Farina came on in relief for the Tigers and promptly gave up a leadoff double to Tommy Baldridge and a homerun to Matt Rademacher, his seventh of the year to cut the lead to 11-8. After a visit to the mound, Derek Martin singled to rightfield, but Dock Doyle hit into a double play to clear the bases.

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Myrtle Beach: Heading To The Ninth

In what's been as good of a game as advertised, except for being a little sloppy, we're on to the ninth inning here in Myrtle Beach. Marquez Smith launched a three run bomb in the eighth to give Clemson a 10-6 lead. Anderson was up above 100 pitches, and Gilmore kept him in there to face Smith, who turned on an 0-2 pitch from Anderson and launched a bomb over the leftfield fence.

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Myrtle Beach: Clemson Lead

Andy D'Alessio knocked in a run with a double an nobody out in the bottom of the 7th but didn't get credit with an RBI because of Coastal's second error of the day. When Vrable received the relay throw, he dropped it, allowing Smith to round third and score. As D'Alessio got around 2nd, he stopped himself and turned his ankle. He then got sent back to the dugout in obvious pain, and we had a five minute delay while he got his foot/ankle taped up. Not sure when injury timeouts were added to the rulebook, but Gary Gilmore couldn't have been too happy.

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Myrtle Beach: Leavin' Them Juiced

After getting the tying run across in the top of the sixth, Coastal had a chance to take the lead but after Vaughn was taken out, Ryan Hinson struck out Chris Raber looking and got Tommy Baldridge to groundout to second with a full count, on a ball that was knocked down by J.D. Burgess and was able to get him by half a step at first base. So, still tied at 6-6 bottom sixth.

Myrtle Beach: Tied Things Up

Dock Doyle (one for the all-name team) just hit his second homerun of the year to tie the game at 6-6 here in the top of the 6th inning. Doyle hit it off of the very tall batter's eye that sits attached to the centerfield fence. But the yellow line is at normal fence height, which this ball hit wayyyyyyy above.

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Myrtle Beach: First Zero

Clemson ONLY sent up four batters in the bottom of the third inning, and put the first zero up on the scoreboard yet. So what did Coastal follow that up with in the fourth? The Chants put up a zero of their own in the fourth. Still 6-5 Clemson going to the bottom of the 4th. Clemson's Kopp is at 74 pitches after the fourth, while Coastal's reliever, David Anderson sits at 22 heading into the bottom of the inning.

Myrtle Beach: D'Alessio Alive

Clemson 1B Andy D'Alessio didn't have an RBI in his last eight games coming into today. Now he has four in the first tow innings. D'Alessio just launched his 15th homerun of the year as it looked like he got under a ball to leftcenter, but somehow it kept carrying with the wind blowing out to left which is not the normal direction. Marriotti's day is over after 1.2 innings, giving up six runs and eight hits in that span. David Anderson came into finish off the second, which he did. So after two, 6-4 Clemson.

Myrtle Beach: Wild Open

We've only played one inning, but this is a wild one. With rain falling once again, Coastal got a run in the top of the first with the help of three singles, including David Sappelt setting the all-time school record for career hits. But then the Tigers' bats came alive in the bottom half like we haven't seen in a while. Four runs and five hits later, Clemson has a 4-1 lead after one. Nothing was hit that hard, but everything found holes. Chalk reached on an error and scored, Wilson Boyd singled and scored, Marquez Smith recorded the first out on a Sac Bunt, Andy D'Alessio hit a 2 run double and scored, Taylor Harbin singled and scored, Doug Hogan had an RBI single, Ben paulsen flew out, Addison Johnson had an RBI double, before J.D. Burgess ended the inning with a groundout to short. When it was all over, Coastal pitcher John Mariotti had thrown 27 pitches. This one's gonna be just as wild as advertised.

Myrtle Beach: In-State Rivalries

There's nothing better than an in-state rivalry, and we're about to get one going here in Myrtle Beach as Clemson meets Coastal Carolina in the winner's bracket. Here are your starting pitchers as the crowd files in to what is expected to be a standing room only crowd of over 6,000 here at Coastal Federal Field. Clemson leads the all-time series 36-4. The Chants look to get rid of their 'little brother' title. They are packing this place in, it's exciting.

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Myrtle Beach: Bye-Bye Rams

After VCU tied it in the top of the 9th on a solo homer, St. John's answered with one of their own. Chris Anninos hits his second homerun of the game, drives in his fourth run of the game, wow. So VCU is done, St. John's moves on to play the loser of Clemson-Coastal Carolina. The crowd is filing out, Coastal is here, Clemson is not, they say about a half hour in between games. Will have a quick preview up as things are in rapid motion, with still threatening skies.

Myrtle Beach: Call Him Clutch

We're back underway here in Myrtle Beach and what excitement we've seen already. After a 40 minute delay for lightning/light shower, St. John's went 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 8th. Then Chris Jackson for VCU, trailing 4-3 in what could be their final at bats of the season, hits a leadoff homerun well over 400 feet in an absolutely bomb of a homerun that hit a car out in the overflow parking over the leftfield fence to tie this thing at 4 -4 off of Ryan Cole.

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Myrtle Beach: Another Delay

Thanks to a lightning strike within eight miles of here, we will sit without baseball for at least a half hour. One of them days here in Myrtle Beach. St. John's leads it 4-3 as we were about to start the bottom of the eighth. It's going to be a long one today as the tarp is being rolled out onto the field. Thanks Barry.

Myrtle Beach: VCU Takes The Field!

The Rams have taken the field and we're set to play baseball here in Myrtle Beach. We're tied at 2-2 and about to go to the bottom of the third. It was a much longer rain delay than first thought, as it lasted about an hour, 54 minutes to be exact. It will be the top of the order for the Red Storm, and John Leonard will still be out there on the mound.

Myrtle Beach: Rain, Rain, Rain

What else is new...Rain here in Myrtle Beach. The tarp is on the field as we were about to start the bottom of the 3rd. Just when you think Barry is off the juice, look what happens. So we're tied at 2-2, and we'll sit around here for the next few minutes. It shouldn't be too long of a delay.

Myrtle Beach: Bomb's Away

St. John's has tied things up after two on Chris Anninos' sixth homerun of the year. After Ryan Mahoney hit one 395 feet to the wrong part of the ballpark, Anninos hit a rope to left that just cleared the fence. It's basically the only way to hit a homerun in this ballpark is to not get it up in the air. Anninos, the Red Storm's 8th place hitter now has 33 RBI after driving in Anthony Smith who led off the inning with a single.

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Myrtle Beach: Hitting Pitcher

Something we don't see everyday is VCU's starting pitcher John Leonard is in the lineup in the cleanup spot. He flew out to lead off the second inning, but the Rams have come alive after the putout. Chris Jackson tripled to the rightfield corner (a ball that missed going out by about a foot), Justin Wright then hit one to rightfield that hit the fence for his own triple that drove in Jackson for his 22nd run of the season. Trai Harris then drove in his 21st run of the season with an RBI single to make it 2-0. So back-to-back-to-back hits give the Rams the lead here in the second, and maybe worst of all for the Red Storm, Yecker's pitch count is climbing in a game where they need him to stay in there as long as possible to save the bullpen.

Myrtle Beach: Back In The Saddle

Barry has left us for the time being. While showers may be back later in the day, for now, we're playing baseball. It's the first elimination game of the weekend with St. John's and VCU.

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June 02, 2007

Myrtle Beach: Game Times

For now it looks like we'll be playing baseball on Sunday at 11, 3 and 7. St. John's and VCU will meet in the first game, followed by Clemson and Coastal Carolina. The winner of the 11 o'clock game will then meet the loser of the 3 o'clock game in the 7 o'clock game. But again, weather just looks awful. So that'll do it from Myrtle Beach. It'll be a movie and following college baseball on my cell phone or at Starbucks thanks to no internet in the hotel. Enjoy all of the action everybody. Hopefully Barry doesn't put too much of a hurt on baseball in the rest of the mid-atlantic.

Myrtle Beach: Over Before It Began

There won't be any baseball played today in Myrtle Beach as they have called off the games. They haven't officially announced things to the crowd, but the team buses just left with the guys on board. As of the moment it looks like we will play three games tomorrow at 11, 3, and 7, but like I said earlier. Barry is supposed to be just as nasty, if not even more nasty tomorrow. So things don't look too good. We're waiting for official word from ESPN about when they can show the games tomorrow. I'll post those when we know 'em. All we know right now is that VCU and St. John's live to see at least another day.

Myrtle Beach: Barry Wrecking Havoc

Barry is wrecking havoc all over the Southeast, and for once it's not a guy named Bonds. The tarp is on the field as we are awaiting the start of VCU and St. John's in the loser's bracket here in Myrtle Beach.

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June 01, 2007

Myrtle Beach: Chants Winners

This one went fairly quickly, and farily quietly after the third inning. Coastal Carolina wins this one over VCU 7-1 to advance to tomorrow's winner's bracket game against Clemson, while the Rams will take on St. John's in tomorrow's first game.

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Myrtle Beach: Untied

Yikes. We have now had five errors in the first three innings (3 for VCU, 2 for Coastal). In the bottom of the third, five runs are across for the Chants, as Coastal leads it 6-1. Eppley's day is done, as the new pitcher is Mick Mattaliano, who throws 3/4 sidearm. The best way to describe this one: REALLY REALLY REALLY SLOPPY! Tommy Baldridge drove in two with a bases loaded single, and Derek Martin followed with an RBI rip for himself.

Myrtle Beach: All Tied Up

Richard Gonzalez lined an RBI single to knock in his 34th run of the year to tie this one up at 1-1. Coastal just had a real interesting play. The pitcher, Bobby Gagg whirled around with a pickoff throw towards first but first baseman Chris Raber wasn't covering the bag. The ball went bounding off the tarp down the rightfield line and allowed the runner to move up to second. But Gagg was able to get the next batter and get out of it.

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Myrtle Beach: Two E's And A Squeeze

One thing the number four seed can't do: make errors. That's exactly what VCU just did in the bottom of the second. With one out, back to back groundballs to the shortstop and third baseman ended up resulting in errors. A single then loaded the bases for Tyler Bortnick's squeeze bunt which plated the first run of the day. For Bortnick it was his 36th run batted in on the season.

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Myrtle Beach: Homestanding Coastal Carolina

Well, for the first time ever, Coastal Carolina is the real home team during an NCAA Regional. It is their sixth appearance in the postseason in the last seven years, but this is definitely the best team they've had. The No. 1 seed Coastal will take on the No. 4 seed Virginia Commonwealth in today's second game of the day.

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Myrtle Beach: Tiger Comeback

Nothing like a little excitement in the first game of the 2007 postseason. Trailing 2-1 heading to th ebottom of the ninth, Taylor Harbin led off with a rocket shot to third that was caught by Gil Zayas. Up stepped catcher Doug Hogan who lined a shot down the right field lined that landed just out of the reach of Anthony Smith, and Hogan cruised into third with a one out triple. Wilson Boyd then pinch hit and walked, but on ball four, the ball got away from catcher Brendan Monaghan, which allowed Hogan to score and tie the game. After a J.D. Burgess strikeout, leadoff hitter Brad Chalk hit a ball towards shortstop Jeff Grantham that somehow got past him (in that spot, JUST KNOCK THE BALL DOWN!!). Leftfielder Brian Kemp's throw was a little too strong and Boyd slid in with the winning run just ahead of the tag from Monaghan. Tough way to lose.

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Myrtle Beach: Oh Boy

Daniel Moskos came out after eight and in came Alan Farina in a tied ball game. The Johnnies only got one ball out of the infield, but thanks to Farina not covering first on a groundball to first by Brian Kemp that plated the go ahead run from third. St. John's leads it 2-1 as we go to the bottom of the ninth. Last licks for the Tigers, and it will be Nos. 5-7 in their lineup.

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Myrtle Beach: Barnes Done

Scott Barnes' day has come to an end, with two outs in the eighth. Colin Lynch comes out of the 'pen to replace him and try and get out of a jam. We're tied at 1-1, but Clemson has runners on first and second with two outs. Lynch is 1-1 in 24 appearances with a 2.45 ERA with 11 saves. You think they want this win???

Myrtle Beach: Tie Game

Finally Clemson starter Daniel Moskos has gotten some run support. The Tigers manufactured a run after an infield single, sac bunt, wild pitch, and a chopper over the head of the second baseman Sam Deluca that was just out of his reach. Brad Chalk drove in the run. It's been the first time all day that the crowd has been into it, and it gets pretty loud when they do. We're tied at 1.

Myrtle Beach: Former Pelicans

With St. John's still leading things 1-0 in the bottom of the 7th, let's take a look at some former Myrtle Beach Pelicans who have made it to the big show.

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Myrtle Beach: First Run

Putting the first run up on the board in any game can be crucial, but especially in a pitcher's duel. Moskos and Barnes have been toe-to-toe here in the fifth inning, but St. John's has gotten on the board first.

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Myrtle Beach: How 'Bout Them Pitchers

Through two, no score St. John's and Clemson. The Red Storm had the best chance to push a run across, and that came in the top of the second when they loaded the bases on two singles and a walk, but with two outs, leadoff hitter Brian Kemp grounded out to shortstop, as Taylor Harbin made a real nice play to gun him down by half a step.

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Myrtle Beach: Ready To Go

We're ready to go from Coastal Federal Field in Myrtle Beach, S.C., as No. 2 seed Clemson is ready for No. 3 seed St. John's. Tons of orange in the crowd for Clemson, more than any of us had even thought, which was a lot to begin with.

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May 31, 2007

Myrtle Beach: A Carolina Feel To Things

After the quick hour flight from New York to Myrtle Beach, and another couple of hours to sort out hotel issues, it's time to preview the Myrtle Beach Regional. Coastal Carolina is the No. 1 seed and the host, despite its campus being 15 miles away from Coastal Federal Field. The No. 2 seed is in-state rival Clemson, while the three seed is St. John's, with VCU rounding out the four. Here's a look at the four teams with names you should know, stats to be aware of, and all of that good stuff.

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