June 10, 2007

Louisville: Finally, Some Supperlatives

Isn't the best part about the end of a tournament the awards? Well, I guess so. But Louisville made it real easy to do so, by completely shutting down the Cowboys, which came in with one of the top ten offenses in the nation, hitting at a .326 clip. Well, they left with their tails between their legs, scoring just five runs in three games, including a shutout in the first game of the super regional.

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Louisville: Comments And Other Stuff

There was 3:31 of baseball, but the greatest moments probably came after the final out when the Cardinals players and staff all mobbed each other around the pitcher's mound for the traditional dogpile. To be honest, I'm not sure what the appeal of that is, as I'm not sure how more players don't come out of their hurt. But to each his own. Plus, this one was over after the fourth inning!

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Louisville: Omaha In The Cards Today

Where to start with this one. It was ugly yet sweet at the same time, and it was real cool to be apart of a historical moment for a school. The final score from Louisville today, the Cardinals 20, and Oklahoma State 2. The Cards will travel to Omaha for the first time, in only their second postseason appearance ever. Let's get into some details about today's thrashing.

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Louisville: All Comes Down To This

You know how they say there's nothing better than a Game Seven? Well in college baseball, there's nothing better than a game three in a super regional with a trip to college baseball's mecca on the line. This afternoon from Jim Patterson Stadium in Louisville, it will be the Louisville Cardinals hosting the Oklahoma State Cowboys in a one game decide it all. Let's get down and dirty.

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June 09, 2007

Louisville: Wrapup And Analysis

There's nothing better than a game where either team can go home or go to Omaha. This is what it's going to be like tomorrow here in Louisville. Each coach will throw the kitchen sink out there between the lines to stay in the game, and each team still has enough arms left out there where tomorrow shouldn't get too much out of hand. But let's get back to today real quick.

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Louisville: Quotes And Comments

On a day where Louisville could have sent themselves to Omaha for the first time, it really felt like it in the stadium. There were more people than even yesterday's record crowd crammed in on a gorgeous day that saw temperatures in the mid-80s and not a cloud in the sky.

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Louisville: Just Not In The Cards

For the second straight day, everything was going their way. The pitching had been fantastic, the bounces went their way, the calls went their way, and when they needed it, their bats supplied just enough. But in the end, on the shoulders of their best reliever, Omaha just wasn't in the cards today for Louisville. Oklahoma State defeated Louisville by the final score of 3-2 in 12 innings.

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Louisvlle: Round Two

If we look at a Super Regional like a heavyweight bout in boxing, Oklahoma State took their punches yesterday, and lost the first round to Louisville in a big-time way. But just like in boxing, Round One doesn't matter that much if you come out and win Round Two. The Cowboys will be looking to do just that when they face Louisville at noon trying to keep their season alive.

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June 08, 2007

Louisville: Cards Roll To Big Win

Since blogging is now not allowed during play, it's time to fit nearly everything into one post. Don't get me started on the policy, but it is what it is. Louisville defeated Oklahoma State 9-0 in front of a Jim Patterson Stadium record crowd of 4,023, as the Cards hosted their first postseason baseball event ever. It was my first time seeing both teams this year, and let me tell you folks something, Louisville is for real.

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June 07, 2007

Louisville: Super Regional Preview

Baseball is the one sport where big upsets do happen, and where teams that you didn't think would still be around, let alone hosting in the round of 16, are well, still around and hosting. Two number three seeds will meet for the right to head to Omaha this weekend, when Oklahoma State travels to Louisville. Nobody, and I mean, not even the most fanatical of fans could have picked this one even out of a hat in a random drawing. Allow me to toot my own horn for a second while stating that I did predict that Missouri and Arkansas were not going to win the regionals that they hosted last week. The only problem was, I got the wrong team coming out of each of them. Instead of Creighton playing at Miami this weekend, we've got the Cowboys and the Cards from L'ville.

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