April 29, 2007

Miami-FSU: Miami wins one of three, 7-1

With the win, Miami improves to 27-19 and 12-12 in ACC. With the loss, Florida State drops to 39-7 and 17-4 in the ACC.

Miami got a great start out of Eric Erickson getting 6 innings of work and he only gave up one run.

Erickson is Miami most talented starter and gives Miami three great starters. It will be up to the bullpen as to whether Miami goes anywhere in the postseason.

FSU is an all around great team that got the job down. FSU came down and won two out of three on the road, against your blood rival. The coaches do not like each other in this rivalry and there is alot more bad blood in this baseball rival, then in the football rivalry between the two schools.

It will be disappointing for FSU Head Coach Mike Martin if he does not have a big year and at the very least go deep into Omaha.

Miami is just trying to extend its streak of consective postseason appearances. The Hurricanes should be alright, but Danny Gil is going to have to be a better closer as the 'Canes head into the postseason.

FSU has the talent to win it all and is clearly a better team then Miami. However, when the postseason comes, it is about who is hot and not always who is best.

The rivalry will pick up again, perhaps in the postseason?

Thanks for checking in with me this weekend and I hope I gave you a small taste of Miami/FSU baseball. It is something that is fun to be apart of.

Miami-FSU: Last licks for FSU

Miami holds a 7-1 lead over FSU heading into the ninth. It will be 8-9-1 for FSU in the ninth.

Miami looks like they will take one of three games this weekend.

Miami-FSU: Can Miami's bullpen hold this lead?

Miami is leading 7-1 in the top of the 8th inning.

I said before that this game means the world to Miami as it would keep them at .500 in ACC play heading into the final three series against Wright St., Wake Forest, and Duke.

Miami needs the help in the RPI to make them a solid regional team.

FSU is far and away one of the top 2 or 3 teams in the nation and they already took 2 of 3 against their rival on the road. Miami needs to save face.

Miami-FSU: Sobolewski breaks freshman hitting streak

Records are valuable. They mean alot in baseball. Hitting streaks are second only to home run records in baseball. UM freshman Mark Sobolewski extended his hitting streak to 17 games, which breaks the record held by his teammate Jemile Weeks from last year and Jim Maler in 1977, who played a few seasons of pro ball with the Seattle Mariners.

The all time hitting streak record for Miami is 28 games, for any player. Sobolewski came into the game with a .344 average with 5 home runs and 44 RBI. Sobolweski certainly has had a great freshman campaign here at Miami, as had many of the younger players. Miami seems like a team destined to do big things next year. UM Head Coach Jim Morris will return 8 starters and a majority of his pitching staff.

"I am amazed that I have had the record this long at Miami and I am glad that Mark Sobolewski got the chance to break the record," said Maler.

Maler was glad to be in the attendance to see the event and with all the great players at Miami, it took nearly 30 years to break the record.

Tradition is important in baseball and Miami certainly has alot of it.

FSU gets a run back in the sixth.

Miami 6
Bottom of the sixth

Miami-FSU: Rally in the fifth

FSU isn't doing the little things right today. Travis Burge came into the game for FSU and now Jimmy Marshall is now in the game, after Burge gave up a couple of runs.

Centerfielder Blake Tekotte led off for Miami in the fifth and six straight runners reached, including that bunt single I wrote about in my last post by Roger Tomas and two throwing errors by FSU assist Miami in scoring the 5 runs in the fifth.

Thirdbasemen Gus Menendez just hit a sac fly to cap off the five run fifth.

Heading to the top of the sixth:
Miami 6

Miami-FSU: Pitchers duel

Who would think that a relief pitcher and a starter coming back from injury would put together the two best pitching performances of the weekend. It is 1-0 in the bottom of the fifth. Danny Rosen for Florida State has pitched amazing giving up a single run in the first. Rosen will drop down from the side when he faces righters and come over the top against lefties, in order to cut down on the advantage for lefties.

The crowd is waiting for something good to happen and UM shortstop Roger Tomas may have just got something for them. Tomas put down a beautiful drag bunt and reaches first on the infield single. Now there is two on with no out for Yonder Alonso.

Miami-FSU: I love food

Little action so far in the game so I will take a chance to talk about the food here at Mark Light Field... I love it. I had some chicken tenders, fries, and a milkshake, as you can tell I have a well rounded diet.

The food is very well rounded however, especially when construction is done here at "The Light." While construction goes on, some of the regular vendors left and should be really filled in once everything is done.

The fries have extra salt, just like I like it. The chicken has an actually taste of chicken, which is different then some stadiums you go to. The milkshakes are the cream of the crop and something that non-milkshake drinkers have when they come to "The Light."

Better then anything else, it is inexpensive. You can get your meat of choice (burger, hot dog, chicken, ect.), fries or chips, and a drink for all under 10 dollars, something that makes someone like myself really happy.

Miami-FSU: Miami should have the pitching advantage

UM's Eric Erickson is an established starter this year that just recently came off of some arm trouble, but is starting to get back into the groove he was in earlier in the season that allowed him to have a 2.29 ERA coming into the game.

Erickson made himself known here at Miami when he threw four innings of shutout baseball earlier in the season to secure a 1-0 victory for Miami in game one of a three game series when Miami swept then 11th ranked UCLA.

Erickson quickly found himself in the rotation and has been a mainstay every since.

FSU starter Danny Rosen is making his first start of the season and Rosen has never thrown more then three innings in a game this season.

We will see if Miami can win one game in this series.

Miami stikes quickly with in a Dennis Raben single to centerfield that allowed Roger Tomas to score.

Miami 1
Bottom of the first

April 28, 2007

Miami-FSU: Final Thoughts of the Night

Florida State is just better, that is what everyone that has watched the last two games thinks.

I was able to talk to FSU catcher Buster Posey after the game and he felt the turning point of the game was when UM DH Jemile Weeks walked and went to third after Mark Sobolewski singled to rightfield, which was the hit that extended Sobolewski's hitting streak to 16 games.

The play that changed the game was when Miami third basemen Gus Menendez grounded to third, Jason Stidham threw to second for FSU to get the force out and Weeks broke for home. The throw was made to home and Posey blocked the plate and tagged Weeks after he missed home plate. This double play killed a third inning rally when the 'Canes were only down a run.

Danny Rosen (1-0 3.28) a junior righty will start for FSU tomorrow. This will be his first start of the season against Eric Erickson (5-3, 2.29).

Game starts at noon. Miami will try to avoid being swept. UM is already under .500 in ACC play and this game means so much more to Miami then FSU at this point. Miami is a bubble team.

Miami-FSU: Seminoles win 13-8

FSU is going to hold on to win 13-8. I will be getting some quotes and thoughts from the main players involved in the game.

Buster Posey is the star of the game with 7 RBI.

I will come back with some closing thoughts, but FSU has a chance to sweep Miami in Coral Gables tomorrow at noon.

Miami-FSU: A nail wasn't enough, FSU is digging the hole

Three runs scored as Miami elected to let Alex Koronis go out for another inning to pitch. For FSU, Jason Stidham singled, Ohmed Danesh flew out to center, Mark Gildea was hit by a pitch, Brandon Reichert singled.

This prompted UM Head Coach Jim Morris to come out and put John Housey in the game with his 6.50 ERA.

Housey got Tony Thomas Jr. to strike out with three straight pitches over the outside corner after getting down in the count, the last of which was looking.

However, a 2 RBI single by Mark Hallberg and a RBI single by Buster Posey gives FSU a 12-6 lead.

Miami gets one back in the bottom half of the seventh.

As I wrote before, Miami simply can't match up with FSU in the bullpen. Miami has a good offense and a solid rotation, but Florida State is good in all three areas.

Seminole fans have desended on Coral Gables and have showed up in packs at these games. They are tailgating outside in the parking lot and are extremely excited about this years team. They have good reason to, FSU is a really good team that has impressed me with their ability to not make the key mistake.

FSU now 13
Miami 6
Top of the 8th

Miami-FSU: A grand sixth

A nail in the coffin?

FSU catcherBuster Posey just hit a 366 foot home run to the 365 foot part of the park in right centerfield. FSU now holds a 9-4 lead in the sixth. This game is all but over, Head Coach Jim Morris sat down David Gutierrez who is one of Miami's better relievers in favor of John Housey. Neither saw action because the current reliever Alex Koronis worked out of the top of the inning.

The bullpen matchups simply do not favor Miami. FSU has the better all around bullpen and Miami simply does not have many dependable arms to go to. UM doesn't have a true closer and have overused the decent pitchers that they do have in the bullpen.

Florida State is a number one team in the nation and they may well sweep this weekend rivalry if Miami does not get anything going later today or tomorrow. FSU looks like the better team though, good teams don't beat themselves and this is why the Hurricanes aren't playing like a good team.

Miami just gets an RBI double by Roger Tomas... maybe a sign of life with Yonder Alonso coming up?

Miami 5
Bottom of the sixth

Miami-FSU: Mark Sobolewski ties a freshman record

Miami's left fieldfielder tied a Miami freshman record with a 16 game hitting streak. He singled to right field in the third inning to extend the streak. Sobolewski reached on a questionable error in the first where a slowly hit ball that was bobbled allowed Sobolewski to reach, but had the ball been fielded properly, he probably would have reached.

Miami 4
Top of the sixth

Miami-FSU: Richard O'Brien strikes again

Two run homer by Richard O'Brien to bring Miami within one run.

He got a pitch up from Ryan Strauss and handled it to left centerfield over the 365 foot sign.

Third homer given up by Strauss on the season. Miami has new life, but Enrique Garcia is not going to be long for this game for Miami if he continues to throw alot of pitches. He struggled through the second inning.

Miami has two on for Yonder Alonso, but we will have a meeting on the mound. Strauss has not brought his A game today.

Miami-FSU: Miami strikes back, but it could of been worse

Miami comes back with one run in the bottom of the first. Centerfield Blake Tekotte led off with a double and shortstop Roger Tomas reached on an error, putting runners at first and third. It was the decision to have Tomas run on a 3-1 pitch and getting caught stealing at second that killed the inning.

Eventually, Tekotte came in on a RBI sac fly by Dennis Raben.

Miami 1
Top of second

Miami-FSU: Well, Miami finally recorded an out

FSU had their first four batter reach, on a hit by pitch, single, double, and home run.

Right fielder Jack Rye planted his seventh home run to right field to give FSU the 4-0 lead.

Miami hasn't even batted.

Miami 0
Top of the first

Miami-FSU: Start time set for 7:40

We will be playing baseball here in Coral Gables at 7:40.

Stay tuned for updates as the game gets going.

Miami-FSU: The weather looks fine...

I don't know what is up. They say there is thunder storms in the area but it looks pretty nice here. I am not even sure if the people that paused the game know why they paused the game. If there really is a storm, the only positive is that the starting pitchers won't be in bad shape. But it is 7:25 and no sign of what is going on. I will keep you updated.

Miami-FSU: Part Two

Similar starting lineups tonight, with only FSU starting Ohmed Danesh in left field.

Miami will try and rebound from a disappointing game on their side. The Hurricanes had the number one team in the nation down three runs in the ninth at home and blew the game. That is about as bad of a loss as one can have.

I am currently enjoying an Omaha Express, which is a famous milkshake here at Mark Light Field. The milkshakes at "The Light," is one of the things that makes the experience of watching a game here special.

Rain and Thunder delay, could be a delay of up to a half hour. I will be back with delays when I figure out what is going on.

April 27, 2007

Miami-FSU: FSU #1 for a reason

FSU wins 7-6. Horrible loss for Miami. Miami is a bubble team to make the Regionals and FSU and is a really good team. Great game for the FSU fans and another classic in the series.

Be back tomorrow with game 2 of this series.

Miami-FSU: FSU wins

UM third basemen singled down the right field line and credit FSU right fielder Jack Rye with the play of the game by cutting off the ball in the corner and holding Menendez to a single. A sac bunt, a pop out, and a fly out later and FSU wins.

I will be back with some final thoughts after getting a player interview.

Miami-FSU: FSU storms back-to-back

FSU second basemen Tony Thomas Jr. destroys a ball to deep left to tie the game on a two run homer. Shortstop Mark Hallberg goes back-to-back to right and FSU leads.

Miami 6
Top of the ninth
1 out

Miami-FSU: Miami leads 6-4 in 9th, more bad defense

UM outfielder Nick Freitas who came in as a defensive replacement misplaced a fly ball which lead to FSU having runners at second and third. A passed ball later and FSU is down 2 with the tying run at the plate and one outs.

Miami 6
Top of ninth

Miami-FSU: Gil battles back

Two on and two out, Gil down in the count 3-0. Gil battles back and gets three strikes to strike out FSU's Jason Stidham. Going to the bottom of the 8th. FSU will have last licks with 7-8-9 in the order.

Miami 6
Bottom of the 8th

Miami-FSU: We got drama

UM's Scott Maine is out and closer Danny Gil is in. Hits the first batter he faces and brings the tying run to the plate in the 8th inning.

Miami 6

Miami-FSU: End of 6th

Travis Anderson hits a bomb to deep left clearing the palm trees that sit ten or so feet back from the wall. Scott Maine is still working strong and has outpitched Bryan Henry for Florida State.

Miami 6
End of six

MIami-FSU: Yonder Alonso is really really good

Yonder just went yard again for about another 400 yard blast. Two run homer.

Roger Tomas has three singles in front of Yonder.

Miami is firing on all cylinders now.

Miami 6
Top of 6th

Miami-FSU: Defense Matters

Gus Menedez the Miami Hurricanes third basemen just made a great play knocking a hard hit ball down and throw across the diamond to a fully extended Yonder Alonso at first to tack out the lead off hitter. But...two tough plays in a row gives FSU a run.

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Crowd and another homer

The crowd is really pumped up here and people continue to fill in as people get off from work. The crowd is expected at around 3,000 people for each game. All three games are sold out already and only some limited standing room only tickets are available.

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Miami Strikes first

Miami leads off by getting Blake Tekotte and Roger Tomas on to lead off the first inning on back to back singles.
Yonder Alonso followed it up with a fly out to right and Dennis Raben had an RBI ground out. Give up two outs to gain one run. Miami and Head Coach Jim Morris will take it.

This just in, Richard O' Brien solo homer in the second.

Miami 2

FSU at Miami (Pregame thoughts)

The sold out crowd here at Mark Light Field features a pitching matchup of FSU's Bryan Henry (10-0, 2.24) against Miami's Scott Maine (3-5, 3.43). Miami (26-17, 11-10 ACC) is going to need its A-game tonight in order to beat Florida State (37-6, 15-3 ACC)

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