March 11, 2007

Carolina wins, 11-7


UNC celebrates Chad Flack's 8th inning home run, and a fan gets in the way of my picture.

Tar Heels use nine pitchers on the day and Miami used four. Just painful man. But a good showing by UNC anyway. I would not have guessed a sweep of the Canes this weekend. Nice work on the Tar Heels part. Miami goes back to its Jekyl and Hyde act.

UNC 10-6 going into the 8th. Too hot to write any more.

Damn. This is why I may never go to another Sunday game again.

UNC is now on pitcher No. 7 right now after yet another slow pitching change repleat with horrible music and soaring temperatures. (Damn my jeans)

The last five relievers for the Tar Heels have faced 1, 3, 1, 4 and 1 batter each. My Gawd!

Matt Cox just enticed Yonder Alonso to pop up to the catcher, stranding Weeks at 3rd.

Still 7-6 Carolina at the 7th inning stretch.

Carolina doing the Stanford clap in the dugout

For years, Stanford has done this clapping thing where players clap randomly, in no unform pattern, at a slow pace. Today, Carolina has taken to doing the same thing. Kinda quirky, but fun.

Evidently the clapping didn't work as Carolina strands two here in the 6th. Score is still 7-6 UNC going into the 7th.

Oh, and the Boshamer Stadium sound system operator has played three AC/DC songs so far today (albeit a couple of country songs too)

Putkonen pulled after Canes cut lead

A Jemile Weeks solo home run and a Roger Tomas double signaled the end of Luke Putkonen's day on the mound for UNC. Tyler Trice came in to pitch to one batter and he was replaced by Rob Catapano, who gave up a sac fly RBI to Yonder Alonso.

I've heard "this is worse than Mike Martin" from a couple people sitting near me in the crowd, in reference to UNC's pitching changes and visits to the mound in this inning. But I disagree, nothing could be slower and more painful than that.

It's now UNC 7 - Miami 6, after four and a half.

Benji blast puts Tarheels ahead 5-4

Benji Johnson, who came into the game hitting a sparse .212, skimmed a home run just over the right field fence to push UNC to a 5-4 lead after two innings.

Manny Miguelez looked great early on for the Canes, but gave up back-to-back walks to start the 2nd inning and things went to hell from there, including an RBI single from Drew Poulk and a hit batsman before Johnson's blast.

And by the way, it's hot here. And I wore jeans. Maybe I should actually sit in the press box after all.

Miami already beating the tar out of the Heels

(Sorry, that was a rather stupid title line... so hackneyed, I know)

Dennis Raben parked a Luke Putkonen pitch over the right field wall for a three-run bomb, helping the Hurricanes storm out to a 4-zip lead after one inning.

Some UNC friends of mine are blaming me for this since every game I've been to this weekend has been a blowout. It's still early, so it could still become a good game.

Who are the freaks that are missing the UNC-NC State basketball game?


'bout to kick things off at Boshamer Stadium , while the roundball team plays the Pack for the ACC title. Yes, I'm one of the light crowd today. Understandable, considering this is March Madness time.

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