April 07, 2007

Fullerton-UCI: 'Eaters three outs away from impressive series win

It's 12-6 going into the 9th inning. Not counting my chickens here, but this is a great series win for UCI, beating Long Beach and Fullerton back-to-back in consecutive weekends. I'm a believer now.

Anyway, as I said, Fullerton still has three outs to work with. Just not a lot of hope.

Fullerton-UCI: Titans cut lead to 11-6, this game's cutting into my hockey national championship game watching plans

John Curtis smacked a two-RBI single and Evan McAurthur hit a sac fly RBI to tack on three runs for the Titans. It's now 11-6 going into the 8th.

But the NCAA hockey championship game between Boston College and Michigan State is now underway. I had planned to be home to catch most of it. That may be in jeopardy now that this game is taking an ice age to complete.

Oap! Bryan Peterson just crushed a home run into the right field arbouretum to put the Anteaters up by a 12-6 count now. I've got puck on my mind.

Fullerton-UCI: Will CSTV fire me if I leave this game early?

We're into our second pitching change of the inning (Metallica playing during this one) and UCI has added to its lead by plating two here in the 6th. UCI CF Ollie Linton keeps impressing the hell out of me, this time beating out an infield single with blazing speed, giving The Anteaters their 11th run.

Linton has now gone:
double (eventually scoring on a suicide squeeze)
RBI single
bunt single
RBI infield single

Ahhhh! A harmless pop-up. Inning over. It's now 11-3 going into the bottom of the 6th.

Fullerton-UCI: No drama here. My Entourage at Goodwin is bored

This game is moving at a freakin' glacial pace right now. It's Irvine 9-3 going into the 6th inning. So far this game is two hours and 10 minutes old. Emphasis on old.

So as Ari might say, since we'll be here a while, let's hug it out bitch.

Fullerton-UCI: Well it's not THAT warm here

It's Irvine 8-3 going into the bottom of the 3rd.

Just to be clear to the Doctor of College Baseball, who is covering the ECU-Rice game today, and anyone else out there in blogland. It's not exactly balmy here in Fullerton. It's low 60s and still overcast.

In fact, Doctor, I'm sporting my New Orleans 1984 World's Fair sweatshirt right now. But don't worry, I'm still refreshing myself with my usual Perriere with a twist of lemon.

Fullerton-UCI: Oh my! This one is ugly now.

It's now Irvine up 8-1. The Anteaters half of the 2nd inning took nearly 30 minutes and saw 11 batters go to the dish.

Sean Madigan and Ollie Linton ended up getting back-to-back 2RBI singles to help blow things open here at Goodwin Field. Linton ended the inning by trying to stretch a single into a double and got nabbed.

Now, while taking an ice age to write the above paragraph, Nick Mahin just plastered a Bergman pitch over the left field wall to pull Fullerton within 8-3. Yes, things are changing that fast here. I've gotta quit typing so damn slow.

Fullerton-UCI: Fireworks. UCI now leads 2-1 and still has bases loaded

Sean Urena lasted just 1.1 innings. Irvine was able to load the bases with no outs. Then, after getting an RBI single, UCI tried to pull off a suicide squeeze from 3rd, but the bunt went foul. Irvine coach Dave Serrano complained of catcher's interference. Umps said no dice.

Then, UCI pulled off a successful suicide squeeze two pitches later anyway. Ollie Linton was the runner doing all the dancing off third and scoring on the play. So it's now 2-1, bases still loaded with one out.

Still, both coaches are quite peeved. As are both fan bases here.

Fullerton-UCI: Hardman leads (weak?) Fullerton to 1-0 lead

Clark Hardman slammed a double to the centerfield wall to start the game for CSUF, and eventually came around to score. It's 1-0 Fullerton after one complete inning.

Looking at Fullerton's stat sheet, it's downright weird to see the Titans hitting just .273 as a team. Hardman leads things with his .344 average. Fullerton is rarely a big gorilla ball team, but this year they've hit just 12 home runs in 30 games.

The pitching staff is rather un-Fullertonlike as well, with a 4.03 team ERA. Yeah, I know that's pretty good, but by Titan standards...

Fullerton-UCI: My first time to see UCI's Matt Morris

Irvine's Matt Morris (a .407 hitting left fielder) has earned some votes in CSTV's Player of the Year voting and this was the first time I'd had the chance to see him in person.

Morris came to the dish with men on 1st and 3rd with two out. He made good contact on a big shot to deep center field, but Titan outfielder Clark Hardman was able to run it down at the fence. Nice shot though.

It's all zeroes with Fullerton coming to the dish.

And Justin, Fullerton's dashing radio man extraordinaire just asked me if I was keeping up with the Masters on my computer... and he said this with a straight face. Man, you just don't ask a punk rock fan if he keeps up with golf.

(Ooh, and Casey. Going to the age card. Not good karma, mack.)

Fullerton-UCI: Why I love SoCal weather

While most of you are freezin' your arse off, the temps are at mid-60s and overcast here in Disneyland. Sure it's a little cool and not quite sunny and all, but we're not in the 90s or like the rest of the country, suffering in biting cold conditions.

WTF is going on with the extended winter this year? Isn't the global warming thing supposed to be making us hotter... oh wait, it's supposed to bring more weather extremes. Nevermind. Mission accomplished Mother Nature.

We're 'bout to tip off... (er, damn, I can't shake my basketball mode), I mean, throw out first pitch here between the Titans and the Anteaters.

Sean Urena, who 1-hit Rice the last time I was here at Goodwin Field, goes pitch for pitch against UCI's Christian Bergman (0-2, 9.45).

And is Nebraska really beating Oklahoma State 8-1 already? Man.

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