February 17, 2007

Arizona lays an egg at Fullerton

After six hits, five errors, three pitchers and two hours and 33 minutes, Arizona gets shut out 9-0 at Fullerton in game two of the weekend series.

Meanwhile Fullerton's bats were too hot to handle as they scored their nine runs on 10 hits and right hand pitcher Jeff Kaplan was too much to handle with his 11 strikeouts.

While this is my last game for the weekend, I thank everyone, especially my blogger groupie for joining me on this blog.

The series wraps up tomorrow with a 1 pm start time where Fullerton 's Sean Urena is set to face off against Arizona's Mike Colla to see which team will walk away with the series.

Good night and let's eat that cold pizza!

Going into the stretch at Fullerton...

Ever since that exciting six run inning at the bottom of the third, it's been pretty quiet here at Goodwin Field as the score is unchanged.

While the action on the field and my yeller have been pretty quiet for the last four innings, at least I do have a blogger groupie helping make the game go by quickly..

Stay tuned...

Fullerton - 9
Arizona - 0

Bottom of the seventh

The mugshot question...

Yes, it is true that my mug is not currently on the page.

While I am not sure why, it could be due to one of my favorite editors at CSTV.com (Doug Kroll are you reading this???) has yet to promote me from the ranks of rookie to official baseball blogger. Hopefully one day I will be cool like the other baseball bloggers, but until then, I will have to be a writer without a face. So sad...

I'm just surprised that you are showing your mug around here. I didn't think you would return after that altercation on Little League night where the team of nine year olds heckled you to no end and shamed you so much that you were unable to finish your broadcast.


Pizza at Goodwin

Tuffy -

As you are well away, there is no pizza for purchase at Goodwin Field.

The only pizza inside the stadium is the home run pizza that sits to my left and fills the air of the press box taunting me with the smell (and thought) of now semi-melted cheese and whatever topping that has surely permanently attached itself to the cheese.

They may not give the press pizza, but they will let us eat (funnel) cake.

Keep your eye on the game and off the pizza sitting behind you...

One hit, you're out...

Arizona pitcher Dwight Childs had been struggling, but after hitting Fullerton's Jake Vasquez, we have a pitching change.

Arizona's Brett Lorin is getting a shot in hopes of getting the Wildcats out of this inning before more damage is done. By damage I am referring to the two runs that Fullerton has scored this inning off of a single by Harris.

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I love yellers!

You know that one person in the crowd who decides that everyone else in attendance should hear their thoughts?

Well, a baseball game wouldn't be complete without the token yeller and tonight, that yeller is seated right in front of the press box on the first base side.

Can't wait to hear what words of wisdom tonight's yeller has for the players and the umpires as we head into the bottom of the third.

Arizona's errorpolooza in the second

Whoops! is probably the nicest thing that can be said about Arizona's ball throwing skills during the second inning.

After an error by second baseman Kevin Rodland that advanced Fullerton's Clark Hardman to second, catcher Dwight Childs got a little over-anxious on his throw to second base which enabled Hardman to record run No. 3 for Fullerton tonight.

Fullerton - 3
Arizona - 0

Top of the third

Early action at Fullerton

After a scoreless top of the first for Arizona, Fullerton's left fielder Nick Mahin comes up with a huge double that sends right fielder Chris Jones home. If that wasn't exciting enough, catcher John Curtis almost hit his first career home run, but settled for a double instead that brought home Mahin to help Fullerton jump out to a 2-0 lead before finishing out the inning.

Other excitement so far is the addition of fellow CSTV.com slogger Eric Sorenson who came back from Arizona today and now joins me in the Goodwin Field press box.

Fullerton 2
Arizona 0

Top of the second

Round 2 at Fullerton

After a picturesque and summer-like day where temperatures reached into the 80s (I know, you East coasters are feeling real sorry for us West coasters), it's time to settle in for game two in the Arizona at Fullerton weekend series.

The fans are trickling in, the press box is just about ready to go and the teams are going through the last of their pre-game warm ups.

Stay tuned as we are a t-minus 15 minutes and counting to a 6 pm game time start.

Fullerton falters at the finish

After evening up the score in the fourth inning and having a promising seventh inning where Fullerton had bases loaded with one and two outs, the Titans just couldn't convert on Arizona's tough defense.

Instead, this defining seventh inning for Arizona helped them hold on through two hours and 39 minutes to take the first game of this weekend series 2-1.

Tomorrow night's game time is 6 pm with probable pitching starters Jeff Kaplan (Fullerton) and Brad Mills (Arizona)

It all comes down to this...

Arizona is only leading by one run, but as the music currently being played says, 'It's the final countdown' for Fullerton in this first game of their weekend series against Arizona.

Let's see if Arizona can pull this out or if Fullerton has something left in their bats tonight.

Cell phone etiquette 101 at Fullerton

Southern California drivers are known for their bad behavior of focusing too much on their cell phone conversations and not enough on traffic. At Fullerton, fans know better than to multi task like this at a baseball game.

For instance, instead of taking a call and bothering the person seated next to them, a caller will move from their seat to the concourse area where they can talk and their neighbor can still cheer or get upset with the umpire's calls.

Fullerton 1
Arizona 2

Top of the ninth

February 16, 2007

Fullerton responds in the bottom of the fourth

A double play gets Arizona out of the inning after giving up a run that tied the score at 1-1.

Let them eat sunflower seeds...

We're heading into the bottom of the second and still no score, but the crowd is getting animated over the free sunflower seeds being tossed out. While it is true that people do just about anything, including jumping out of a window for a free t-shirt, I wonder what would happen if the Fullerton marketing department would throw out a highly desired t-shirt? Would the crowd get more excited over a t-shirt than a Fullerton home run? Or, are free t-shirts so last year? Stay tuned...

Three up, three down in the first inning at Fullerton

Fullerton's Wes Roemer made quick work of Arizona with two strike outs and a pop fly caught in front of their own dugout to move into the bottom of the first.

Meanwhile, Arizona's Preston Guilmet responded with three quick strike outs on nine pitches to leave us scoreless going into the second.

Here we go again at Fullerton!

It's another beautiful night here at Goodwin Field, home of the Fullerton Titans.

Unlike last time, where it was brisk out, tonight is nice and warm at 69 degrees.

Fullerton's starting line-up has taken the field, the National Anthem is over and with my new favorite baseball game food, the cheesesteak, it's time to play ball!

Fullerton comes into tonight's game with a 5-1 start while visiting Arizona is riding high on a perfect 8-0 start.

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