February 03, 2007

Titans break on through to the other side

Fullerton lead off man Clark Hardman, who hit a paltry .224 last year, just broke the tie with his third hit of the game. Titans now lead 6-5 with Hardman on first and one out in the bottom of the 8th.

Nothing new here in Fullerton. Still 5-5.

Going into the bottom of the 8th. I'll post again when something changes.

Did I see that right? Mercer won? Crikies!

Strangest play... ever?

Well, okay not as strange as the hidden/throwaway ball trick Miami pulled on Wichita State at the College World Series back in the 80s.

But with a man on first, Fullerton's Clark Hardman lined a single to Stanford RF Michael Taylor. Harmless enough, right? Somehow, like something out of a Bad News Bears movie, Taylor 1- misplayed the ball, letting it get 10 feet past him. The runners kept running to second and third. 2- Taylor then went throw the ball and it slipped backward, out of his hand. The runners ran to home plate and third. And 3- He went to pick the ball up again, and he lost the grip again. So Hardman, initially given a single, scored on the play.

Maybe that's the "child" part of the Man-Child name I called Taylor in an earlier post. Sorry Michael, that wasn't nice, I know. Taylor was given two errors on the play.

That bit of strangeness was followed by a two-run double from Chris Jones. New game now as it's tied at 5. Stanford's Jeffery Inman is now being pulled from the game. Fullerton has men on first and second with two outs.

Bases loaded, no outs. Fullerton only scores one.

The Titans had a chance to get back into the game with the bags juiced and no outs here in the 4th. But an RBI double-play off the bat of Jon Wilhite and a groundout by Evan McAurthur put the stops to that. We go to the 5th with the Trees up 5-1.

Phelps' belt benches Kaplan

Stanford 3B Cord Phelps just ripped an RBI double to put the Cardinal up by a 5-0 score here in the 3rd inning. There are now men at 2nd and 3rd with two out.

Jeff Kaplan is now out of the game and replaced by Adam Jorgenson.

Just seems like Fullerton has very little fire about them. Stanford players are energetic and chirping in their usual off-beat fashion on the front step of the dugout.

The Man-Child puts Stanford up

6'6", 260-pound strongman Michael Taylor just sliced a ball that kicked up chalk down the right field line, plating a pair of runs and ending up with a triple. He would score on a groundout by Austin Yount a batter later.

Fullerton starter Jeff Kaplan, who Coach George Horton calls a Kirk Saarloos-type of pitcher, gets roughed up for three in the top of the 1st. CSUF due up now.

Fullerton walks away winners

After building an 11-run lead in the first four innings and watching Stanford try to stage a comeback in the fifth inning with three runs and then two runs in the top of the ninth, the Titans opened up the 2007 season with a 11-5 victory.

The 3,095 fans in attendance lived up to the LA fan reputation by starting to empty the stands after the bottom of the eighth inning, but it was the die-hards (or simply crazy) fans who braved the cold to watch the final outs of the game.

Fullerton wins the battle tonight, but with this being just the start of the weekend, Stanford is looking to even up the series tomorrow night starting at 6 pm. Expected pitching match ups for tomorrow are Fullerton's Jeff Kaplan and Stanford's Jeffrey Inman.

Into the stretch...

Here we are in the seventh inning stretch and Fullerton is holding steadfast with their 11-3 lead. The stretch is always fun with the traditional playing of 'Take me out to the ball game,' but following it with something from Green Day takes some of the specialness associated with this part of the game.

February 02, 2007

Non-traditional baseball food at Fullerton

I know I am breaking the tradition of eating a hot dog and popcorn at a baseball game, but with the thought (and smell) of cheese steaks and funnel cakes wafting through the air, my tastebuds have me craving something different.

Sure the click-effects controller is promoting the hot dogs with the not-so-subliminal message of 'Hot Dogs are Good' on the scoreboard, but after seeing the line and also tasting some of the latest additions to the menu here at Goodwin, I think they need to put up a different message that reads 'Funnel Cakes are Better.'

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