February 24, 2007

UNC Picks Up Sweep

SBU let the game slip away from them late in the game, falling 9-2 to the Tar Heels.

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Sunset In Carolina

Well Stony Brook is hanging in here in Game Three of the series, with UNC leading things 4-2 heading to the 7th inning. SBU has almost as many hits in this game as they did in the first 18 innings of the series, as they have put up six on the board, after putting up seven in the first two games combined.

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First Lead Of The Year

Thanks to senior Rob Leonard, SBU has its first lead of the 2007 season in the Top of the 1st in Game Two.

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Glare Is Brutal--2-1 UNC

My eyes are yelling at me for forgetting my shades as I sit in the press box. The glare coming in from the bright sky is just torture here at the ballpark. I'm glad I don't have to deal with it while up at the plate.

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Let's Play Two

Welcome back to Boshamer, as Stony Brook is taking infield practice before the first game of two here on a gorgeous Saturday. Sunday's game was moved up to a half-hour after this one due to impending weather. So we get home much sooner than thought!

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February 23, 2007

Breaking It wide Open

UNC has put up another three spot here in the 7th, and there is still nobody out, to take a commanding 9-1 lead on Stony Brook.

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Woodard Is Human

UNC starter is human afterall, as he has given up his first run of the season on a homerun by SBU's Mike Tansey to cut the UNC lead to 3-1.

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Two Batters In, 1-0....

UNC takes the lead...After SBU got its first runner aboard on the season thanks to an error, they weren't able to move Robbie Leonard up, and now two batters into the bottom of the 1st, UNC takes a 1-0 lead with back-to-back doubles.

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Welcome to Boshamer

Hello everybody and welcome to Boshamer Stadium where we are about 45 minutes away from the start of Stony Brook's season, as they will take on No. 3 North Carolina to open up. In case you haven't been following, I am embedded with the Seawolves, and have been for the last 13 hours or so when we left Long Island a little after 1pm on Thursday.

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