February 24, 2007

Should Brummett pass Roemer on my Player of the Year ballot?

Game over. UCLA downs Fullerton 6-2 tonight. Tyson Brummett went the distance, striking out 11 and holding CSUF to just five hits. Great performance once again for the under-valued Friday night starter.

UCLA's bench had a lot of fire and they seemed to play with more and more confidence as the game went on.

Wes Roemer went seven innings with 12 strikeouts, but was hit early and often , surrendering 12 hits. I didn't think any team could hit him 12 times in one game. Roemer falls to 2-2 on the season. Brummett moves to 3-1.

Games two and three will be at UCLA tomorrow and Sunday.

Three outs left for Brummett, Bruins

Tyson Brummett keeps on dealing, leaving these cold Titan fans with little feeling in their feet. He just tossed his seventh strikeout of the game. He also finally gave up a hit to Clark Hardman, who was tossed out at second by UCLA CF Tim Murphy. Murphy actually almost made a great diving catch on the play, but had the where-with-all to get up quick and throw Hardmann out.

Going to the 9th, UCLA 5-2.

Okay, Roemer's been pulled, Kendall Rogers owes me 50 bucks

If you see Kendall missing a few knee-caps in the next few weeks, you'll know he welched on our bet and my Armenian friends paid him a visit.

UCLA leads going into the 8th now. Tyson Brummett hasn't allowed a base-runner since the 3rd inning.

Roemer starting to mow people down, but UCLA still leads

Into the 7th inning stretch here at Goodwin and it's still UCLA 4-2.

But Wes Roemer has gotten stronger as the game has gone on, getting seven strikeouts in the last three innings. He escaped a little trouble here in the top of the 7th when Tim Murphy sliced a double down the right field line (though I swear it looked like it hit foul) and advanced to third on a flyout. But he got Ryan Babineau to strike out to strand Murphy at third.

UCLA's defense has been impeccable, especially solid in the last few innings, and still hasn't committed an error yet tonight.

The small, small amount of Bruin fans (they don't travel at all) has to like their chances with Brummett still looking steady as well.

February 23, 2007

Damn. UCLA rattles Roemer, pulls ahead.

Here in the 4th, the Bruins go:
RBI single.
sac bunt.
RBI single.
RBI double.
Hit batsman.
That sequence allows UCLA to go up 4-2, going into the bottom of the 4th. Roemer has given up 10 hits so far. It is only the sixth time in his career he's given up double-digit hit totals... and again, we're just through four.

Fullerton pushes ahead, 2-1.

Amid a few stare-downs from UCLA pitcher Tyson Brummett, who did not like the walk he was called for on Titan No. 9 hitter Joe Scott, Fullerton scores twice in the bottom of the third to forge ahead here at Goodwin Field.

Scott came around to score on Nick Mahin's single. Clark Hardman, who laid down a beauty of a bunt single after Scott's walk, was knocked in by John Curtis.

Titans up 2-1. Temps getting cooler out there tonight. (The start time temp was announced as 55 degrees.

A Fitty dolla bet

Kendall Rogers and I have already made a $50 bet on whether Wes Roemer walks a guy in tonight's game. I'm on the side that says he WON'T walk anyone. Kendall foolishly took the stance that he WILL issue a free pass.

I'll keep you updated.

Oh, and keep in mind while Kendall is here in SoCal this weekend and if he decides not to pony up his losses (should he lose), I've got a good bit of friends that are in the Armenian Mafia. So this should be fun.

UCLA strikes early

Alden Carrithers outran an infield base hit and then advanced on a throwing error by Wes Roemer and a deep flyout to left field. Brandon Crawford knocked him in on a groundout. UCLA 1-0. Roemer got a strikeout to end the inning.

Fullerton coming to bat.

And Kendall Rogers, of Rivals.com fame, has already had a member of a chat room come to the press box and say he knows who he is. My guess is that Kendall's rental will have a flat tire by the end of the night.

From Santa Monica to Fullerton in 1 hour, 10 minutes

... astonishing, huh? Especially during Friday afternoon traffic.

Okay, I cheated. I rode my motorcycle to get here. Yeah, I know, doing the two-wheel thing on the L.A. freeways ain't exactly smart. But if I had to drive here, it would've been 2-to-2 and a half hours, easy. And don't worry, I'm grandpa conservative on my bike. Nothing crazy. Well, nothing crazier than riding a motorcycle is in the first place.

And I'm also freezing my hindquarters off too. Cool night out here at Goodwin Field. They're about to throw out the first pitch. So this should be fun. More when there's something to write about.

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