May 20, 2007

ASU-OSU: Devils sweep limping Oregon State with 8-1 win

Arizona State- 8 9 0
Oregon State- 1 1 6

Brian Flores pitched a complete-game one-hitter. Incredibly impressive.
ASU is now 41-12, 16-4 and clinch at least a tie for the Pac 10 title.
OSU falls to 36-16, 8-13 and has all its fans worried about no post-season.

I gotta fly outta here and get to the Portland airport. More tonight on Extra Innings.

ASU-OSU: Still raining, ASU needs just six more outs

It's Sun Devils 8, Beavers 1 here.

OSU hasn't found any bats all weekend. They still only have one hit off of Brian Flores. Conversely, if ASU keeps pitching as the Devils have been doing all weekend, that makes this team even more scary.

The Beavers No. 1 ranked defense has also committed four errors on the day as well. ASU, the No. 2 ranked defensive team, has committed just one error all weekend (I believe... I'll double-check).

ASU-OSU: There's Brett Wallace!... now ASU up 5-1

I'd been wondering where BW had been all weekend up here, now I know. The bat wielding monster just parked a two-run shot.

Rain still trickling down here. And there's still no room in the press box.

ASU-OSU: Welcome to the Rain Belt

It's right about noon here in Corvallis. The weather is a little on the crappy side right now. It's sprinkling and mid 50s. As you see below, the only dirt parts of this field are covered in tarp. The inimitable Norm Maves, from The Oregonian, reassured me that this is no big deal and the game will get off as expected at 1pm.

The field is that newfangled "field turf" stuff (what the hell is that like to slide on?). So it should earn its stripes today. This is the kind of weather this stuff was made for.

Goss Stadium/Coleman Field is a bit damp right now.

May 19, 2007

ASU-OSU: Be-Deviled again, ASU wins 3-0

Once again the Beavers waited until the 9th inning to get something going and put pressure on the Devils defense. But after getting the bases loaded with one out, Jason Jarvis came on to get a Jordan Lennerton flyout and a Scott Santschi strikeout to end the threat.

Josh Satow was masterful, going 8.0 innings, giving up just two hits and striking out eight.

Jared Bogany hit a two-run bomb in the 5th to supply all the runs ASU would need.

Arizona State improves to 40-12 and 16-4 in the Pac 10. OSU falls to 36-15 and 8-12.

Coach Pat Murphy says Eric Sogard is "as good as there is" in college baseball. Here he gets congrats for a 9th inning home run.

ASU-OSU: going into bottom of 8th, ASU still up 2-zip

Josh Satow finally allowed a hit in the 6th inning to Mitch Canham. But other than that, the lefty screwballer has been lights out, striking out seven and giving the Beavers fits.

This game is also haulin' ass time-wise, with nine outs left we've only played for an hour, 45 minutes so far. Of course, I know what you're thinking, I just cursed the game to go extras.

Good thing I don't believe in curses.

ASU-OSU: Bogany puts LSU... er, sorry, ASU up 2-0

(Sorry 'bout that... habit)

Former LSU Freshman All American Jered Bogany, now at Arizona State, golfed a two-run yard call here in the 5th to break the scoreless tie.

Bogany, who came in batting just .189 and having just played sparingly since early in the season, showed some of that flash and form that made him such a high-profile transfer this past January. Of course, when the new rules in college baseball go into effect, you won't see anymore mid-term transfers in Division I.

Josh Satow is doing his usual 68mph brilliance for the Devils. He's struck out four and has yet to give up a hit. Paterson has now given up five hits and had some good defense behind him. Bogany just got his strong arms and quick hands under that one.

ASU-OSU: 2nd weekend in a row... a 3 pitch inning

No score through three innings here. In fact, there's only been one baserunner as No. 9 hitter Joey Wong walked for OSU.

Last week I saw a three-pitch inning for Ohio State against Minnesota (which, ironically, was followed by a four-pitch inning from The U). Today, Arizona State went 1-2-3 with a pair of groundouts to third and a groundout to second by Petey Paramore, Jason Jarvis and Ike Davis, respectively.

Strange, huh?

ASU-OSU: Welcome to OSU-better-win-or-they're-SOL Day

... at least that's what people around here seem to be calling it.

It's game two here in Goss Stadium between the 18th ranked Beavers and the 6th ranked Sun Devils.

The two pitchers today will be ASU Junkballer Josh Satow (9-3, 2.38) going up against Joe Paterson (6-5, 4.12).

Three things to keep in mind about OSU's cold streak/nervous time for an at-large berth in the NCAA tournament:
1- The NCAA selection committee always CLAIMS to not pay attention to conference affiliation or records when they chose the field for the Big Dance. So even if OSU has something like nine or 10 wins, it shouldn't matter. (At least that's what they say)

2- Arizona State's Pat Murphy is on the selection committee this year. If he has any pull with these people or any say in the matter, I'm sure he'll give a good account of the Beavers when their name comes up in discussion.

and 3- OSU is still 36-14 and at No. 35 in the RPI. That's still damn good. Plus, win or lose against the Devils and at UCLA next week, that RPI is probably going to go up (either a lot or a little depending on how they do).

May 18, 2007

ASU-OSU: OSU makes it interesting, ASU still wins

ASU - 4 10 1
OSU - 3 6 0

The Beavers put together a good two-out rally, scoring a run and getting the game-tying run into scoring position. But frosh sensation Jason Jarvis got the final groundout to damn the Beavers.

Mike Leake went 8.2 innings and improved to 11-1. Jarvis gets save No. 8. Eric Sogard did his usual lead-by-example work for the Devils, going 3-for-5 with an RBI. He increased his average to .402.

Mike Stutes pitched pretty well, going 7.0 innings, giving up 10 hits and allowing just four earned runs against an offense that averages .532 or something like that.

Boy, Coach Pat Casey is as short-commented as a coach can be after a loss. Oregonian sports writer Norm Maves assures me that's just how he is after losses. Or as Norm put it, "He's like a junior in high school after a loss. He hates to lose. But that's why Oregon State is a national champion now."

ASU-OSU: Celebrity sighting in Corvallis

Still 4-2 Sun Devils as the 8th just kicks off.

Below, on the right side of the picture, you'll see my stealth photography ability as former OSU footballers Ken Simonton (who plays in Canada) and T.J. Houshmenzadah (Cincinnati Bengals... and hell no I didn't spell his name right) take in today's game.


After it started sprinkling here, those two prima-donnas took off for the exits. Babies.

ASU-OSU: What else, a train goes by Goss Stadium

After six full here in hippie-land, it's Arizona State 4-2. And yes, just like the doctor of college baseball has pointed out many, many times, a train just went by, marking yet another college baseball venue that has train tracks running along side it.

OSU's Mike Stutes hit the Devils' Kiel Roling to start the 6th inning for ASU. He eventually came around to score on a groundout by Michigan State transfer Ryan Sontag (typical quirky Pat Murphy, Sontag pinch hit for ASU's leadoff hitter Tim Smith).

The Beavers had men on 2nd and 3rd but couldn't get them across in their half of the 6th.

Two of my Player of the Year Top 10ers have been quieted - mostly.
ASU's Brett Wallace: BB, K, 5-3 and 4-3.
OSU's Mitch Canham: monster HR, BB, 3unassisted.

ASU-OSU: After three full, it's 3-2 ASU

An excuse-me half swing by ASU's Eric Sogard started the scoring for the Devils. The Beavers answered in the bottom of the inning when Catcher Mitch Canham hit an absolute no-reason-to-move shot over the new elevated bleachers in right field to tie the score.

ASU scored twice in the 3rdwith an RBI single by North Carolina transfer Matt Spencer and an RBI groundout by Kiel Roling. OSU answered again, with an RBI single by Mike Lissman. In his second at-bat, Canham walked on four pitches.

CSTV contributor Lindsay Schell CLAIMS she's going to come hang out at the game in about an hour, but I bet she's lying. I'll believe it when I see that Elvis is alive.

OSU starter Mike Stutes has been a little shakey so far. Behind him is the all-new scoreboard and elevated right field bleachers.

ASU-OSU: Just underway in the Pacific Northwest

One of my favorite places over the years is right here at Goss Stadium on teh OSU campus. We were all regaled with Mitch Canham's "O-State Ballaz" blasting over the loudspeaker as the pre-game warmups were going on.

Tonight it's ASU's Mike Leake (10-1, 3.72) against OSU's Mike Stutes (9-3, 3.52).

They've added a big bleacher section beyond the right field fence for this series and have also added a big bleacher section down the right field line (where I took this picture from) since I was last here in 2005. I'll include more pics later.

I may be a bit more sparse on the blog entries since the press box is packed and I'm sitting on a stool in a cramped room just off the main press box. But I am sitting with the inimitable Norm Maves, the writer for The Oregonian.

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