April 07, 2007

Oregon State: "Just how the game is played"

Time after time the Beavers pull through.

9 to 8 OSU victory in eleven innings.

Oregon State: Time after Time

Lennerton walk of HR in the eleventh.

Johnny Drama! VICTORY!

Oregon State: Extra Frames

Extra frames here in Corvallis. Kunz on the bump still against the bottom three of the Trojan line-up.

Strike out number one.

Oregon State: Oh, Drama!

After the Barney double Mike Lissman (who I totally thought I jinxed) put a ball off the left field foul pole for a two run homer. 8 to 8 and new Trojan on the hill.

Speaking of Drama, anybody else psyched for Entourage returning tomorrow? I know I am.

Oregon State: Gotta love Oregon

You have to love this weather. It was pooring earlier, and now its sunny.

Beavers running out of options. Two quick fly outs in the bottom of the eighth. Lets see what Barney can do.

USC 8 OSU 6 in bottom of eighth.

Double down left field line by Barney with two outs.

Oregon State: Trojans "Squeeze" out another run

Duda double moves to third on sac bunt. Scores on a squeeze bunt.by Roberto Lopez. Then we got a catchers interference call. Runners on first and second one out for USC now up 8 to 6.

Oregon State: This is getting ugly, and by ugly I mean the play not score

Both third basemen have made the exact same error. Great play on a grounder and throwing it away up the line towards. With George on second after his double Canham hit a hard grounder at the third basemen who threw it under the bleacher down the right field line scoring George.

7 to 6 Trojans.

I am trying so hard to keep Trojans and Beavers clean.

Oregon State: Turpen Troubles

Turpen who was throwing great, lost it in the sixth inning. after getting two quick outs Turpen hit Stock with a pitch. Owen gets an infield hit to third George tries to get him and throws it away moving the runners. Duda walks followed by another hit batter. Turpen gets yanked and replaced by Anton Maxwell.

Maxwell hits his first batter walking in a run. Estrella up with the bases loaded two outs... GRAND SLAM. Followed by another single. Maxwell is done here comes Eddie Kunz.

USC up 7 to 5 in the sixth.

Oregon State: USC on Board

USC just scored in the top of the fifth. 5 to 1 after Buss doubled and was hit in by Estrella.

They are showing CWS highlights on the Big Money Scoreboard, see this is something I wonder what other teams are thinking about it is not distasteful but...?

(Eric, I just don't know what they are talking about half the time and thanks for reminding me that the Masters is on I think I will pull that up myself.)

Oregon State: Hoods Up

Rain is back. Hoods are up and we are still playing it is Oregon you know.

In the bottom of the fourth, Lechelt doubles down the left field line. George follows with a double of his own scoring Lechelt. Canham RBI single. 5 to 0 OSU after four.

Oh, and by the time I finished typing this the rain stopped.

Oregon State: Observations

Just a few things to note right now at the ball park.

1: Catcher Robert Stock of USC, is 17 years old. Kid is so athletic and smart he skipped his senior year of high school and got into SC.

2: Vasquez has a nice slow big breaking curve.

3: I wonder how opposing teams feel about the videos they play on the Big Money Scoreboard. Such as OSU beating USC in football.

4: I am MUCH MUCH younger then the other writers in the press box. They want to decorate with Farah Fawcett posters, is it sad that I know her only as a crazy lady who was at William Shatners roast?

5: Benny the Beaver finally has a baseball uniform.

Oregon State: Twenty Foot Stop

We have runs. Lechelt singles with two outs for OSU and moves up on a Drew George walk. Chris Hopkins with an infield single bases juiced for Canham. Canham delivers with a single to left center, scoring Lechelt and George. With runners on first and third Canham takes off on first movement stopping 20 feet short of second base, it worked as Hopkins snuck down the line to score. OSU 3 USC 0 after 2.

Big defense so far for the Beavs in the third. Wells made a great shoestring catch in right followed by a diving stop by Lechelt.

Oregon State: Clouds...

Well the rain stopped for now but there are some HUGE clouds above us right now. Thank God for the turf infield.

Matt Cusic 2B, Grant Green SS, Robert Stock C, J.J. Owen DH, Lucas Duda LF, Nick Buss CF, Michael Torres RF, Hector Estrella 3B, Derek Perren 1B
Anthony Vasquez on the bump

Chris Hopkins CF, Mitch Canham C, Darwin Barney SS, Mike Lissman LF, Jason Ogata 1B, Braden Wells RF, Dale Solomon DH, Lonnie Lechelt 2B, Drew George 3B
Daniel Turpen on the hill

Oregon State: Fingers Crossed

Well, Casey here once again. Linds is heading up towards home today to spend the holiday with the family. Bet that will please her mom. Mama Grogan was not to pleased when I told her I was not coming home for Easter, oh well.

Game has been pushed back 15 minutes to 12:15 due to good old Oregon weather. So those of you who want to see how this series winds up CROSS YOUR FINGERS!

April 06, 2007

Series evened up now

Well, despite good hitting from Mitch Canham and Darwin Barney (both went 2-for-4) the Beavs couldn't pull it out. They didn't necessarily hit poorly, USC just hit when they had more people on base. Green and Duda went 2-for-4 for the Trojans and Boxberger pitched a good game, striking out five in seven innings. Paterson, in contrast, struck out four in 7.1 innings.

OSU coach Pat Casey said in regards to it being a well pitched game, "it must have been, because we didn't put much up offensively."

"I think he had good command, I thought he really only had one pitch, but he threw it pretty well. We had opportunities and didn't take advantage of them," added Barney. "Paterson threw his ass off today and it's a shame we couldn't put some runs up for him ... We've gotta find someone to drive [runners] in."

In my humble opinion (which, as we've previously established, doesn't really mean crap) Paterson should have been pulled earlier. The eighth inning was kinda a disaster and I was surprised they didn't put Maxwell in earlier. But, these coaches know a lot more than I do, and Barney was right -- OSU HAS to hit the ball and get runners home if they want to win.

That's all for tonight. First pitch is supposed to be thrown tomorrow at noon. Turpen will start for the Beavs on the mound, so we'll see how that goes.


Beavs have one more chance

OK since Reyes got out of that inning unscathed (struck out one looking, one swinging and Cusick popped one foul that Canham grabbed to end the inning), I get to make fun of him a little bit.

I work at the Barometer, OSU's daily student newspaper. I used to be the sports editor and am now the managing editor. Anyway, Reyes came into the office in and fall and applied to work. But instead of writing "photographer" as his first preference for a position, he wrote "picture taker."

We didn't hire him, if you were curious. And it's not just because his vocabulary is clearly lacking.

Drew George, the third baseman, leads off for the Beavs -- think they've got something in them to get this win?

Another frosh on mound for OSU

It looked, for a second, like OSU was going to score and make a comeback. With Canham and Barney on, Lissman struck out and Lennerton came to the plate. But Lennerton hit one right to the first baseman and the Trojans turned a double play to get out of the inning.

Already there's another guy on the hill for the Beavers. Jorge Reyes needs this inning to go a lot faster than the last time OSU was in the field if he wants OSU to have a chance to pull even or even pull ahead.

Another run for USC

Make that a 4-1 lead for the Trojans.

Buss hit one in front of the leftfielder and Duda scored from third base, giving USC another run. Duda was then caught stealing second, which, naturally, involved a dramatic call from the ump.

I'm telling you, these college officials are just in it hoping to get on TV with all their diva-like calls. Really.

Barney leads off for OSU here in the bottom of the eighth, and rips one down the middle, putting him on base.

The Trojans also have a new guy on the mound, Robert Stock. Don't know much about him, except that Canham just smacked one down the first baseline, moving Barney to third. It was Stock's first toss to Canham.

Hits are 8-5 in favor of USC, in case you were curious.

USC takes lead

Alright, USC was finally able to capitalize with runners on base.

After a single from Green, Owen shot one between first and second that advanced Green to third. USC then put in Mike O'Neill, a speedy freshman, to run for Owen. Duda was up next for the Trojans, and hit one just fair inside the first baseline. Kahalehoe, the OSU leftfielder, had to grab for it twice and the Trojans scored two. USC now leads 3-1.

Anton Maxwell is now in to pitch for the Beavs, as Paterson takes a seat on the bench. Me thinks they left Paterson in one inning too long -- before tonight, Paterson had never gone into the eighth from what we can gather. Kahalehoe just redeemed himself a bit with a diving catch for the second out of the inning.

That was weird

Paterson had to be sweating a little on that one.

Cusick, the top of the USC order, hit one right between first and second base, and Green's double moved Cusick all the way to third. The Beavs then got two outs, but both runners were still on. Then Paterson and Canham decided to intentionally walk Bowden. Kinda.

Paterson threw his first pitch high and right and then threw his second right down the middle for a strike. We're not sure if it was on accident or cleverness. Nonetheless, it was weird. Bowden did get intentionally walked, we decided, and then Paterson struck out Buss swinging. And then I'm sure Paterson gave a huge sigh of relief.

Still tied at 1-1.

That's outta here

Third baseman Hector Rabago just slammed one over the fence with no outs, so now we're tied up at 1 apiece.

Ding ding

Ugh, note to self: do not park so close to the stadium.

In that last inning alone, there were two or three foul balls that we could hear hit cars. And I'm sure one of them sounded like it was hitting MY car. Please don't let it be true.

Nothing too exciting -- three up, three down again. USC has just one hit so far in the game and that came in the first inning. They also have two errors, one of which just came that got Barney on base. One out ... and The Man, Canham is up.

Defensive mindset

And Joey Wong just proved why he was the best high school baseball player in the state last year.

Wong stopped a nasty grounder from Bowden that got the Beavs out of the inning. Before Bowden, LF Lucas Duda ripped a triple all the way to the fence, so the Trojans were in position to tie up the game. But Wong's quick glove saved the day. In the press box, the talk among all of us sports writers is that Wong might be as good -- and potentially better -- than last year's Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year, Chris Kunda.

As you might remember, the Beavers lost a TON on the mound and a good portion of their infield, but Wong and other newcomers have filled in nicely.

OSU on scoreboard

There's a reason OSU has been winning so much lately. Well, actually, there are a lot of reasons, but one of them is Mitch Canham, who's off to one of the hottest starts in college baseball this spring. Coming into the game Canham was hitting .374 and he just came up big for the Beavs.

After a single and stolen base by Barney, Canham stepped to the plate and dropped one behind USC shortstop Green. Canham's single scored Barney, so OSU is up 1-0 as we start the top of the fourth.

Good DNA

Still no score ... each team got a guy on base, but neither could score.

Boxberger, the true frosh on the mound for the Trojans, has some good pitching blood in him:his dad, Rod, went 12-1 with a 2.00 ERA in the CWS in 1978 when USC won the title. He was also named the CWS MVP.

So this kid's got a lot to live up to.

Three up, three down for the Beavs in the top of three.

I'm not sure how much you've heard about the new scoreboard out here at Goss Stadium, but it's pretty fancy for a so-called "cowtown." They haven't done any instant replay (though its said to have "instant replay capabilities") so instead they show two things repeatedly. OSU's run to the national championship and the football team's 33-31 upset win over USC this last fall.

WIld pitch by Boxberger and Wallace is on base for OSU. Barney's up for the Beavs (who, for the record, is probably the nicest Oregon State athlete you could hope to interview).

Beavs have a chance, but no dice

OK, we're through 1 and no score. And man, OSU had a chance!

After Hopkins and LF John Wallace both grounded out, Barney got a single to get on base. Then, battling back from being two down, catcher Mitch Canham reached first on an error by USC shortstop Grant Green. Barney advanced to third, with Canham on first. DH Mike Lissman was hit by a pitch to load the bases, but first baseman Jordan Lennerton couldn't deliver. Lennerton struck out swinging, and according to the crowd, his second strike was a little questionable.

USC came out swinging but couldn't get anyone on base. It's probably a good sign for the Trojans though, if they're at least being agressive. In case you weren't around yesterday, USC started being agressive and getting on base a little too late.

Sunny weather again

OK, "sunny" might be a bit of a stretch because it's not exactly blazing sunshine, but it certainly isn't raining.

OSU and USC are gearing up for game 2 of the three-game series. OSU won 9-2 yesterday behind a great performance from outfielder Chris Hopkins. Hopkins went 2-for-4 with a double and 3 RBI and helped the Beavs cruise to their first Pac-10 win. USC pitcher Ryan Cook kind of fell apart on the mound, while OSU's Mike Stutes struck out six and improved his record to 7-1.

Coaches are at the plate, so we'll be under way soon. In the meantime, catcher Mitch Canham's rap, "O State Ballaz" is playing. Or was -- now it's Tim McGraw.

April 05, 2007

And we're outta here

Beavers win, 9-5. The Trojans tried to make it interesting by scoring Hector Estrella on Green's hit, but the last batter flied out and and OSU picked up its first Pac-10 win.

Okay, faithful readers, I'm out of here as well. I won't be headed to the post game press conference tonight because I have a good amount of homework, but I'll be back for the rest of the series tomorrow and Saturday. I hope you all didn't mind reading Casey's work while I was gone. Who am I kidding? You probably liked reading his work a lot more than you do mine -- that kid is a baseball nut! I was off on other assignments for CSTV, but now I'm back. Not just for baseball though ... occassionally I attend class.

Thank you and good night!

USC chips away in eighth

I was only out of the press box for like, five minutes, and so much happened! First, Oregon State turned a double play -- the stuff the Beavs are known for -- and then Owen hit his SECOND home run of the day, also knocking in Lopez. OSU is still up 9-4 and go tout of the inning without a lot of problems, but USC could pull off a miracle.

Mark Grbavac is in to throw for the Beavs. I always like when Grbavac does well because he went to Central Catholic High School, which was in the same conference as my high school, Sandy. The Mt. Hood Conference isn't exactly a powerhouse (with the exception of volleyball), so it's always nice to see MHC athletes get it done at the next level.

Beavs up 9-2

Lissman scored Barney on an overthrow to first base. Beavers now lead 8-2 with Lennerton at the plate.

Lennerton singles, and Lissman comes home from second. Make that 9-2.

Man, these USC pitchers can't catch a break. Shawn Olsen is in now and his first hitter was Lissman. Not fun for him.

In other news, there is a little girl yelling "Go Beavers!" at the top of her lungs who has been at it all game. I wonder if she's tired at all.

Wallace goes deep, Beavs up 7-2

Wallace just hit a double to the rightfield fence, scoring Hopkins.

And now Barney got on the hit board, scoring Wallace. You could be snoozing here in the press box and suddenly there is so much going on.

Encinas hasn't been on the mound long, but he's already falling apart. There's one out (in the top of the eighth in case you aren't paying close attention) and the Beavs have already scored two runs. OSU leads 7-2.

Encinas is gone, and Kevin Zelenay is going to warm up and see if he can stop the sudden barrage of Beaver hits.

Stutes done for day

With one runner on and two outs, Spencer just pulled Stutes in favor of freshman left-hander Blake Keitzman, who's from Roseburg, Ore.

Buss, the top of the Trojans' order, is at the plate right now. One runner on first ...

And ... we're in top of 7

Stutes is still on the mound for the Beavs and first baseman J.J. Owen is leading off for USC.

It's still nice weather, which is shocking. There's also a nice crowd, and the stands on the first baseline are almost full.

Owen smacked a home run over the fence, and Spencer, the OSU pitching coach, came out to talk with Stutes and Canham about it. Beaver lead 5-2. Stutes is still throwing though, with Michael Torres at the plate.

Torres just hit a single, but Stutes is going to see a few more batters it looks like. He could really use an out right here.

USC gets on board

Trojans finally scored as Matt Cusick hit a single, scoring Buss. Just one out, with Robert Stock on deck.

Are the Trojans mounting a comeback? I'm doubtful, because Stutes has done pretty damn well on the mound this evening.

Starting top of six

I was wrong -- Cook is still out on the mound. We'll see how long this lasts.

Okay in other news, since it was all over the Oregon media today, OSU unveiled a new athletic logo yesterday. This one doesn't have the "U" in it. It's similar to USC's, but (obviously) with an "O" and an "S."

Personally, I believe it's really ugly.

Canham's up ... pops one up. And Lissman flies out to end the inning. Lissman has absolutely ripped two shots, but both them them have been right to an outfielder. Nick Buss starts off the inning for USC at the plate.

Hopkins delivers

This kid deserves the player of the game award, in my counts-for-nothing opinion.

Hopkins just dropped a hit between the left and centerfielder, scoring Lennerton and Kahalehoe. Beavers are now up 5-0 with Wallace at the plate. Count's 2-1 ... I'm thinking this will be Cook's last inning.

Yikes! Wallace just fouled off a pitch that almost hit me! And when I say me I mean it came within 10 feet. Really, if it was going to hit anyone, it would have been the writer from The O. Or maybe the play-by-play guy, Mike Parker.

Wallace struck out, so we move onto the top of the fifth.

Canham walks

Cook walked Canham and then called his catcher to the mound, so I thought he might be losing his stuff. But USC got out of the inning when Lissman flied out. In the press box, we thought Lissman's shot might be going over the fence.

OSU still leads 3-0 and we're just about to start top of 4.

Beavs get on board

It worked! My plea for someone to score was answered. Hopkins got ahold of Ryan Cooks' pitch and hit one past the shortstop, knocking in a run. Then he (barely) stole second.

And Wallace hits a shot down the third baseline! (This is so much more fun to type as it's happening.) Hopkins crossed the plate.

And in the time it took me to type that, Wallace also scored on an error. What an exciting few minutes for all the Beaver fans here. Suddenly, OSU is up 3-0. They're finally getting ahold of the ball, stealing (USC overthrowing a few times is also helping) and getting to home. It's a good thing Wallce reached second on a balk because he's not exactly, uh, fast.

Canham's up now. 1-1 count ... really enjoys hitting with a full count. Talk about thriving under pressure.

Someone, please score

Alright, we're through 3.5 innings and ... nothing. USC's got a few guys on base, but can't score. Nick Buss reached first on a shot to left and Anthony Vasquez knocked one past Stutes but the Beavs scooped it up and hit first base before the Trojans could do any damage.

Koa Kahalehoe (what a name ... you wanna try to pronounce it?) just got hit by pitch, so he's on first now. Maybe OSU will finally be able to get on the scoreboard.

No score after 1

Oh my God. I feel like I've gone back in time. That stupid "Put me in coach, I'm ready to play today" centerfield song is playing! Are we in Omaha? What's going on?!

Stutes started for the Beavs ... three up, three down.The writer from The Oregonian that's in the press box -- who was in Arizona to witness the massacre -- said OSU made more plays in that one inning than they did the whole weekend in Tucson. Man, it must have been ugly.

Hopkins and Lissman both ground out and Barney struck out.

Corvallis: It's 75 degrees

That's right my friends, you read it correctly ... 75 degrees! In Oregon! In April!

It will probably last approximately 17 minutes longer, so I'll enjoy it while I can.

The defending champs are back home after a rough road trip to Arizona. The Beavers got swept by the Wildcats, 5-4, 8-2 and 17-14. It was a rough weekend. But now OSU is back home against the USC Trojans who are currently 1-2 in Pac-10 play.

Beavs are taking the field right now and USC is standing around swinging bats. Let's play ball!

March 18, 2007

Oregon State: Post Game OSU 3 - USF 2

Jordan Lennerton

He gave me a slider that was up and I am happy he did because it gave me a chance to see what he had. Once I had two strikes on me I tried to cover the plate. He throw me a slider that came in and I drove it to right field. That’s what every baseball player dreams about. I love being up there with the crowd behind me, my team on the top step and everybody supporting me.

Pat Casey

We just needed to be focused on what it takes to win. Today in the statistics of baseball USF did a much better job, but on the scoreboard we got the win.

Drew George

I was just looking to hit a single but he left it up and I got barrel and drove it to the gap far enough for Mitch to score. I wasn’t trying to strike out obviously.

George on being home
It was pretty sweet. Being a local kid I know what its like to be in the crowd and be a Beaver supporter. Now to get to give back to the community that supports us it is pretty sweet. It means a lot to me.

Tommy Peale 6 strikeouts, 1 hit, 1 earned run
Luke Sommer homerun

Daniel Turpen 7 strikeouts, 2 earned runs
Drew George game tying double
Jordan Lennerton walk off single

Oregon State: WOW!!!

That is all she wrote. Lennerton with a walk off single to win the game and secure the sweep. Be back soon with stats and quotes.

Oregon State: Here comes something exciting

To quote ESPN commentator Lee Corso

Not So Fast My Friend

Anderson just walked Ogata bringing up Jordan Lennerton.

Oregon State: George says "not yet"

WOW Drew George double off the wall scoring Canham. Tie ball game and Grandpa Casey is PUMPED. The Dons have put Brian Anderson into the ball game with two outs and the winning run on second.

Oregon State: Stipovich looks for save

Stipovich is in for the Dons looking for the save. Rally caps are out and Mike Lissman just hit a deep fly ball that was brought down by the wind into the glove of Sommer. Canham takes ball four with two outs the Beavers have a runner on.

Oregon State: Beaver fans get angry

The hometown fans are hostile. A fan directly behind the plate is calling for the plate umpires head right now.

Oregon State: Fast Eddie Ready to Operate

I am starting to get bored here in Corvallis. Watching SIU whip on Virginia Tech is ten times more exciting then this game has been. The home plate umpire has been making plenty of questionable calls on balls and strikes. OSU has had the bat taken out of their hands on a series of at bats.

Eddie Kunz in for the ninth to stop the bleeding.

2 to 1 USF up on OSU.

Oregon State: Here comes Sommer

7.2 innings and 96 pitches is all Turpen had to give for OSU. With the Beavers down by a run freshman left hander Blake Keitzman is now in the game to face Luke Sommer, who has had a HUGE series in his home state.

Oregon State: Brooms go back the janitors closet

Time to put those brooms away. The Beavers can not catch any breaks right now. At least the Ducks won in the tournament.

USF 2 OSU 1 after 7.5

Oregon State: Dons Do It Again

Dons squeak out another run off of Turpen. An RBI single back through the box by Derek Poppert puts the Dons ahead 2 to 1.

Now in the bottom of five with eight hitter Santschi stepping into the box.

Oregon State: Dueling in Corvalley

You have to love you some Dropkick Murphys at the ballpark. We have a pitchers duel here in Corvalley.

OSU 1 USF 1 after 3.5

Oh, and the sun is out. I give it about a half hour maybe an hour if we are lucky.

Oregon State: Beavs need Bandages

Beavers are getting dinged up by USF pitcher Tommy Peale. Peale has hit three straight Beavers after getting Canham to fly out. I guess Peale is not used to throwing in the Oregon rain. Which seems to have stopped for the time being, this is Oregon though so it probably will be back.

Santschi just hit a ground ball to the second baseman scoring a run.

1 to 1 tie in the second.

Oregon State: Sommer hits the seventh homerun of the series

Luke Sommer did it again, solo homerun off the Big Money Scoreboard. Everyone thought it bounced off the wall including Sommer who thought he had an easy triple. The outfield for OSU and the first base umpire knew it was out however, and Sommer trotted home after a quick run for what he thought was a triple.

Oregon weather is here as it is starting to sprinkle, with this new FieldTurf we should be good to go. The Beavers do not look like they are ready to go. OSU is sleepwalking out on the field. Looks like the No. 5 Beavers already had the brooms ready to go.

USF 1 OSU 0 after 1.5.

Oregon State: Sun is starting to come out and line-ups

Based on the weather reports from the other bloggers I am not the only one who is a little cold. But seriously it was SO nice here the past few days, stupid Banana Express weather system.

I totally forgot to mention yesterday that it was Oregon State head coach Pat Casey’s birthday. As The Oregonian’s Norm Maves put it, yes a man named Patrick Michael Peter Casey can be born on St. Patricks Day.

Okay time for lineups…

USF, Joey Railey 2B, Jonnie Knoble LF, Derek Poppert 3B, Luke Sommer, RF, Mitchell Bialosky 1B, Daniel Morales C, Brian Chavez SS, Blake Nelson DH, Lucas DeLong CF, Tommy Peale P.

OSU, Darwin Barney SS, John Wallace CF, Mike Lissman LF, Mitch Canham C, Drew George 3B, Jason Ogata DH, Jordan Lennerton 1B, Scott Santschi RF, Joey Wong 2B, Daniel Turpen P.

OSU wearing cream old school style jerseys, Canham wearing Joe Patersons number because apparently they do not have his number 11 in that style jersey, he wore the number 33 of Mike Stutes last weekend.

Oregon State: Whinnie the Pooh kind of weather

I am kind of depressed looking out over the ball field here in Corvallis; it’s kind of dark and gloomy. Luckily it is not a blustery day just dark and gloomy, sorry Whinnie the Pooh. The Pac 10 Championship Flags on top of the Big Money Scoreboard are blowing on towards the field from right field. The sun is trying to sneak through the dark clouds past centerfield. I am starting to regret wearing shorts and flip flops though.

OSU is taking infield now so I should have lineups soon enough. I think by the end of the year I may get sick of the Mitch Canham aka Mitchy Slick rap songs. As long as they do not pop up on my iPod then I should be okay, I think it is one of those situations where you uncheck a song or two on iTunes.

March 17, 2007

Oregon State: Post Game

No. 5 Oregon State Beavers 9 University of San Francisco Dons 2
Beavers get a series win and look for a sweep tommorow.

Jonnie Knoble 2 RBI and a homerun

Darwin Barney triple
Mitch Canham 2 for 2, 2 RBI and a homerun
John Wallace 2 for 3, 3 run homerun first of career
Joe Paterson 6 innings pitched 4 strikeouts

Wallace on first career homer-

Yeah, it feels great because I’ve been close a few times. It feels good to finally get one out.

On team-

We are starting to get into a grove. Everyone in the lineup is starting to hit it.

Canham on team hitting-

It’s good to see us come out excited and it’s fun to see the fans jump up and go crazy with us. Even they were a little tired after the first inning. The turf makes us hit line drives.

On six homeruns in two days-

I don’t know man. I haven’t seen the ball fly out of here like that in awhile this early. Good piece of hitting, getting the count and putting a good swing on it. Good weather and good swings.


We did a nice job off the shoot. We were hoping we’d be a little more consistent in the middle innings

Oregon State: OSU 9 - USF 2

John Wallace named player of the game. Will be back soon with stats and quotes.

Oregon State: Goss Stadium + Warm weather = Launching Pad

The total is now six. OSU catcher Mitch Canham just hit a BOMB over the got milk sign. I am not even going to try and make the obvious pun here. It was the second homerun of the weekend for Canham.

Stipovich got Hopkins out quickly and then surrendered a double to Lissman. The first hit against Stipovich put Lissman aboard setting up the two run jack by Canham. Stipovich may be done after this inning. But, that is just a guess on my part.

By the way, freshmen releive Jorge Reyes of OSU just had a fastball clocked at 91 miles per hour. Not bad for a tall scrawny freshman.

OSU 9 USF 0 after seven and a half.

Oregon State: 8-6-4-3 Double Play

Surprisingly I am not the only one wearing green here at Oregon State. I think it is safe to say that most of the green is either USF faithful or people who do not want to get pinched. I guess now is a good time to do my style watch. OSU wearing their traditional OSU hats, white pants with black piping, black stirrups with white sanitary socks, Orange tops with black lettering outlined in white. The Dons are sporting grey pants, black socks, black jersey tops with a little green over the number on the back.

Paterson is at 86 pitches after five and a half. The past half inning he gave up two hits for the third straight inning. The lead off batter reached on a single. DH Blake Nelson jacked a ball deep into center but speedy Chris Hopkins was camped under it for the first out. Bialosky had already gotten to third base on fly. Hopkins to Barney to Wong to Lennerton a traditional 8 to 6 to 4 to 3 double play.

Oregon State: Local Boys Come Home

Anyone in Beaver Nation knows how exciting that final fly ball was in the National Title game last season was and they know how exciting it was to hear Mike Parker make the call on the radio. I have to tell you though seeing Mike Parker watch a video of him making that call is ten times more exciting and emotional. I just got to do it for about the third time this season and it is a treat.

Drew George just flew out to center on a ball that would have cleared either the right or left field walls. George is looking for a hit to extend his streak to seven games. Not bad for a kid who grew up a little over ten miles away in Lebanon, Oregon dreaming of being a Beaver. Speaking of a local boy come home, designated hitter Jason Ogata a graduate of Westview High School was the OSAA 4A player of the year during his and my senior year 2005. Ogata began his career at LSU but transferred back home, not a bad decision to come back and play for the champs.

Stipovich just set the Beavs down in order. OSU has been hitless since the sidearmer entered the game.

OSU 7 USF 2 Five Complete

Oregon State: Revenge is sweet

Well glad to hear that we have umpires in Chapel Hill as well. Hope you have awesome weather like we do here in Corvallis.

Apparently last week someone in the crowd was saying how awesome it would be if a Beaver hit a homerun off one of the trains that make their way past the right field wall. Well I personally think it would be even more awesome if they managed to hit a ball off my dormitory. That would probably be about a thousand or so foot homerun. I think it is doable, legend says Mickey Mantle hit a ball from Los Angeles to San Diego. It apparently landed in a train car though. If that is probable so is a thousand foot bomb.

The Beavers are for sure getting revenge on the loss they received from the Dons last season.

OSU 7 USF 1 Top of five.

Oregon State: Musical Frat Boys

Now that was a GREAT game of musical chairs down the right field line. Four frat boys sprinted around three inflatable chairs the music stopped and then there was three. Music starts and stops and we have two. Just as the music stopped in the final round grey shirted frat boy yanked the chair out from underneath orange shirted frat boy. Orange shirt frat boy hit the ground and flipped over into the chair still winning the game.

Here in the fourth Paterson gave up a single that was followed by a bleeder infield single. The Beavers held the Dons scoreless.

After three and a half, OSU 7 USF 1.

Oregon State: Sidearm Southpaw in for USF

Funny how the fans stop complaining when their own team is up 7 to 1. Dufloth has been chased out of the game finally. 2.1 innings pitched and 65 pitches in that short appearance.

Now on the hill for the Dons is sidearm southpaw Cole Stipovich.

OSU 7 USF 1, one out in the bottom of the third.

Oregon State: Wallace put's one over the Wall

After a Mike Lissman walk Canham stepped into the box and that is when the crowd let Dufloth have it. In the process of giving Canham a 1 ball 2 strike count, Dufloth threw over to first at least six times. Despite its necessity to the game of baseball pick off throws really seem to upset home crowds. Dufloth gave George a free pass on four straight pitches. George is looking to extend his hitting streak to seven games during this afternoon’s ball game.

The Beavers are trying to chase Dufloth out of this game quickly. After loading the bases with the walk of George, Ogata knocked a two RBI base hit followed by an RBI single by Lennerton. This brought the Dons head coach out to the mound. With two on John Wallace got that homerun he just missed yesterday, the three run bomb was the first of his career. After the homerun the Dons finally sent a pitcher and catcher to the bullpen. Joey Wong followed the homer with a base hit and a stolen base. The Beavers batted around the lineup and leadoff batter Darwin Barney ripped a RBI triple off the wall. On his fortieth pitch of the first inning, Dufloth got Wong to pop out for the third out of a long inning.

OSU 7 USF 1 after one complete, homerun total for the weekend is up to five.

Oregon State: The umpires are back

The defense for the Dons is as follows… Pitcher Jason Dufloth, Daniel Morales behind the dish, Mitchell Bialosky on first, Joey Railey at second, Derek Poppert at third, Brian Chavez shortstop, Knoble in left, Lucas DeLong center and Luke Sommer in right.

The umpires in the stands are back again on a few questionable ball strike calls against Beaver batters. After all that though Lissman draws a walk off of the herky jerky delivery from Dufloth.

Oregon State: Knoble knocks one out

Another beautiful day here in Corvallis, not a cloud in the sky over the ball field but there are a few sparse clouds in the distance. Pretty good crowd on hand with the bleachers that OSU borrowed from Pebble beach just about full down the right field line. A few ROTC guys are tailgating past the right field foul pole. As much as I hate to say it, I am decked out in green right now supporting my Irish heritage… not USF. This is my second ballgame of the day after watching the Beaver softball team beat South Dakota State 8 to 0 this morning.

On the hill for the Beavers southpaw Joe Paterson and Mitch Canham behind the plate. The rest of the defense has Jordan Lennerton at first, Joey Wong at second, Drew George at third, Darwin Barney at short, Mike Lissman in left, Koa Kahalehoe in center and John Wallace in right.

Dons leftfielder Jonnie Knoble took the second pitch of his at bat deep to left field over off the top of the batting cage. The homerun is Knoble’s first of the season.

Darwin Barney just made a diving catch on a dying dove over the third baseman.


March 16, 2007

Oregon State: 1-2-3 OSU Win

Chris Hopkins and Mike Stutes named players of the game. Will be back after I migrate back to my room with some quotes and stats.

OSU 11 USF 1

Oregon State: Reggie Theus and the Alaskan Assassin

We are watching the Texas and New Mexico State game on my computer during breaks in the game and just pulled an International Movie Data Base search on Reggie Theus. Theus was an actor on the show Hangtime a Saturday morning show I watched when I was a little younger.

Lennerton just had his second double of the day, knocking in run number 11 for OSU.

The umpires in the seats are starting to feel like the home plate umpire, wants to go watch some March Madness. Fans are getting on the umpire a little more then they were earlier. I don’t care about the tourney much now; my bracket is destroyed by now.

Now on the hill for OSU the Alaskan Assassin, Anton Maxwell.

OSU 11 USF 1

Oregon State: It is a family game in Corvallis

USF new pitcher, Alex Kalogrides in for the eighth inning. Beavers are making a few changes as well. Replacing Hopkins is Joey Lakowske, the son of Oregon State’s women’s golf coach. Following Lakowske will be head coach Pat Casey’s son, Brett.

Oregon State: Canham goes yard

Mitch Canham just christened the new scoreboard with a bomb off of it. Canham's solo shot was followed by a double by pinch hitter John Wallace off the top of the wall.

OSU 10 USF 1

Oregon State: LaVonda Sighting

We have a LaVonda Wagner sighting. OSU women’s head coach has made an appearance here at Goss Stadium.

Lonnie Lechelt led of the sixth inning with a single. After two fly outs by Wong and Barney, Hopkins picked up his fourth hit of the game a double to right field knocking in a run. Lissman followed with a RBI single. After stealing a base Lissman was knocked in by a Jordan Lennerton pinch hit double to left center.

USF pitching change, in comes John Quine.

Oregon State 9 San Francisco 1after 6

Oregon State: Beavs score three

Whenever the Goss Stadium crowd gets quiet, just flash highlights from the National Championship win and the crowd will go crazy. And they just flashed highlights on the new big money video screen in right field.

Bottom of five and Hopkins is now 3 for 3 after he reaches safely on a swinging bunt. For some reason Bialosky decided to try and take it himself rather then flip it to Poreda, who may have gotten the speedy Hopkins out. This little mental error opened up a can of worms, or runs. With bases loaded Canham hit a shot off the mound into centerfield. Canham’s single was misplayed by Knoble in center scoring three more runs for the Beavs. OSU 6 USF 1 after five complete.

Oregon State: Uni Watch

Whoever is running the music here at Goss Stadium knows my weakness. A little “Billie Jean” can put a smile on anybody’s face… especially mine.

OSU is sporting a new set of home uni’s for the second series opener in a row. White pants with orange piping up the sides matched with jersey tops that are most definitely Nike. White tops with orange armpits, black numbers outlined in orange. Lettering on the jersey and on the new hats is in the new Oregon State font and on the hat is the new OS logo to be used by athletic teams. Shhh! don’t tell anyone though, the logo and lettering is not being officially revealed until April, despite being worn by baseball, softball and the wrestling team. Oh well.

The Dons are sporting grey pants matched with a green top with yellow arches on the shoulders. Letters are green outlined in yellow. Reminds me of my high schools rivals Rex Putnam High here in Oregon, but I guess it could be compared to a certain University of Oregon.

Oregon State: Land of a thousand umpires

As there is at every baseball stadium, Corvallis is housing thousands of umpires. After Stutes hit two Dons he appeared to strike out Sommer on a pitch eerily similar to the one Sommer put out of the park. The one umpire whose opinion matters called it a ball, leading to a full count strikeout by Stutes. OSU 3 USF 2. After 3.5.

Oregon State: Hopkins Homers

For the second week in a row a Beaver hits his first homerun in the Orange and Black. Hopkins popped a ball high into the air that drifted just over the tall left field fence for a solo homer. That was all for the Beavers in the bottom of the third. OSU 3 USF 1.

I am LOVING this weather. Short sleeves all around, sunglasses and yes the sun did bring the ladies out to Goss Stadium at Coleman Field.

Oregon State: Welcome Home Luke Sommer!

Stutes began the second inning strong getting two quick strikeouts. The third batter to face Stutes was Luke Sommer. Sommer from Canby High School in Oregon has met up with Stutes since the eighth grade in games between Lake Oswego High and Canby High. After a ball and a strike, Stutes piped his third pitch and Sommer was ready. Sommer hit a bomb over the right field wall. Stutes finished the inning off with a third strikeout. OSU 2 – USF 1.

Oregon State: Beavers strike first

Good crowd on hand as OSU picks up its first run. Stutes goes 3 up 3 down on 19 pitches. Barney leads off with a single past the second baseman followed by a push bunt single by Hopkins. Lissman steps in as the SFU first baseman crashes and the third baseman stays home, Lissman lays it down the third base line everyone is safe.

Ogata goes 1-2 and drops a swinging bunt down the first base line, Barney head first slide beating the diving Dons catcher. Wells reaches on a fielder’s choice. Canham hits a hard ground ball to first. Bialosky steps on the bag and goes home, Lissman’s head first slide sneaks a finger onto the plate past the catcher, and we have our first argument of the day. OSU 2-0.

Oregon State: O-State Ballaz ready to take on the Dons

About half hour to first pitch, and OSU has started infield. It is a beautiful day in Corvallis, OR. Then again, any day in which you can wear shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops in Oregon is a beautiful day. Today it is nice and warm the lawn behind my dorm room was covered with sunbathers when I left to ballpark. I will continue to listen to Beaver catcher Mitch Canham’s rap songs while I wait for starting lineups.

March 08, 2007

Oregon State: Beavers open at home with 9-2 win over Evansville

Sorry to the readers, I was unable to get internet access at the ballpark so here is a quick summary.

The Beavers (15-3) got a big 9-2 victory over the Evansville Purple Aces (9-5) tonight at Goss Stadium at Coleman Field. The Beavers were sparked by junior first baseman Jordan Lennerton who hit his first homerun as a Beaver in his first at bat in Corvallis.

A strong pitching performance by Beaver starter Mike Stutes got the Beavers into the seventh inning with an 8-2 lead over the Purple Aces.

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