March 25, 2007

USC-ASU: My Gawd! What a finish! USC wins on Duda HR

Trojans 14-13.

ASU - 13 16 3
USC - 14 15 1

Super-frosh Jason Jarvis struck out Grant Green, then enticed a grounder from Robert Stock and appeared to have Derek Perren out on a third strike. But the 3rd base ump said he didn't go around.

Perren then slapped a single up the middle.

Lucas Duda, the dude who hit the grand slam earlier in the game, then calmly stroked a two-run home run over the right field fence to win the game.

Damn! What a game! I dig it.

USC-ASU: As I said, Devils three outs from victory

Rocky Laguna singled home the go-ahead run after Wallace's blast to tie the game. So now it's ASU 13-12 going into the bottom of the 9th.

Frosh wunderkind Jason Jarvis has just taken the mound too. THIS should be fun.

USC-ASU: Nevermind. Wallace hits home run for ASU. Now tied at 12

No wonder Brett Wallace is on my Player of the Year ballot so far. He just tied the game off of Trojan stud reliever Paul Koss on the first pitch of the 9th inning.

Now I have to hope my computer battery lasts until the end of the game.

USC-ASU: Three outs left for SC

Paul Koss comes in for the 9th inning of work to try to get save number 12 on the year.

Damn! Twelve saves? That's more saves than teams like Harvard and Columbia have played in total games this year.

Koss faces the top of the Devils lineup though. Do I smell another Grand Slam?

USC-ASU: For those of you NOT watching G'town-UNC

ASU has scratched across a couple of runs and now trail just 12-11 going into the bottom of the 8th.

USC helped on the one run they allowed in the 8th by issuing a walk and then having a poorly thrown pick-off attempt at 1st allow Petey Paramore move from 1st to 3rd. Paramore came in to score on Andrew Romine's second sacrifice RBI of the game.

I heard the G'town-UNC game is now going into overtime. Damn. Guess Jordan didn't hit the game-winner this time.

USC-ASU: Devils go to Hell in the 666th

GrandSlamFest continues here at Dedeaux.

Trojan lumberjack Lucas Duda just parked one with the bases juiced to bring USC all the way back and take the lead 12-9 as play continues here in the 7th.

The 6th inning saw ASU use four pitchers, commit two errors and issue three walks. In other words, a long-arse inning!

Robert Stock is now in the game to try to shut things down for the Trojans.

USC-ASU: bases-loaded foibles lead USC back

It's now Arizona State 6 - USC 4 after four full innings.

An RBI double from Hector Rabago scored Lucas Duda from second base. Then, with the bases loaded, ASU starter Brian Flores inexplicably tried to throw to a pick-off attempt at first, but sailed the ball over Brett Wallace's head, allowing two Trojan runs.

We go to the 5th and things are getting cold here quickly. Damn Southern California weather.

USC-ASU: Transfer karma's gonna get you

In this day and age of college baseball players transfering schools like they're changing underwear, ASU has become the poster boy program for 4-year transfers. Call it the Turtle Thomas influence.

While North Carolina transfer Matt Spencer (.407-4-24) and Texas pitcher Joey Parigi (2-1, 2 saves) have flourished at ASU, there are others that haven't:

Ryan Sontag
The Michigan State transfer was the Big 10 Freshman of the Year in '05. He hit .319 for ASU last year, starting 37 games. But this year he's hit .444, but had only two starts and 27 at-bats.

Jarred Bogany
Came to ASU for the Spring Semester after spending last year at CF for LSU. After a decent start, Bogany is now hitting just .182. He started 12 games early on, but with this potent lineup, if you don't hit in the .300-.420 range, you're on the pine.

Ted Aust
After going 10-2/2.62 at Villinova, he's only pitched 7.0 innings at ASU in four appearences.

Derik Olvey
This guy wins the "most transfers" award, hands down. He started at Notre Dame, then went to LSU and now is at ASU. But he gets double karma, having not pitched at all this year, and probably going to redshirt.

USC-ASU: Freshman to the rescue. Papadakis at the mic

USC got a single from Grant Green, a stout frosh SS, and an RBI double from 17-year old Robert Stock to pull within 4-1 after one inning.

Radio personality and "Joes vs. Pros" host Petros Papadakis, a former USC fullback, is now doing the announcing at the game. Musta been stuck in traffic and got here late.

USC-ASU: Getting started here with a grand slam.

At Dedeaux Field here - although football is on the mind of most here today.

With a spring football scrimmage going on behind us on Jones Practice Field, more people seem to be interested in seeing next year's run to the national title in pigskin than the baseball game here. And why not, I'm still not sure anybody will be able to score on that SC defense next year.

None-the-less, ASU quickly loaded the bases here with a walk and two bunt singles. Yes, this power team knows how to bunt too.

And guess what? Ike Davis just hit a grand slam onto the parking structure in right field. Ouch!

We just lost a large group of people to that damn football scrimmage now.

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